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30th June 2020
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Below I am sharing something that I send to my mastering clients when they inquire about targeting LUFS levels for streaming...

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Trakworx 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Thor

Dear friends and colleagues, it's with great sadness that I have to inform you my studio has been burgled, here in Los...

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Lazzaretto 26th May 2020
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We have a new sub-forum titled "Mastering for Beginners" (see above) Some of the past threads will be moved there...

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Riccardo 22nd November 2013
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1) Please search the forum prior to posting. Many topics have already been discussed ad infinitum. This will avoid clutter and...

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Riccardo 11th October 2007
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I'm actually in the full passive monitoring path and manual point to point gear connection, but i'm getting old and lazy. So i...

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S_mask 51 minutes ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

I would assume at the mastering stage open back headphones are the best choice since they provide more open sound. Which do you...

Glenn Bucci
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DAH 1 hour ago
Avatar for Trakworx

Trying to sound loudest in a normalized playlist. Is that becoming the next loudness war? Even though streaming loudness...

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Riccardo 5 hours ago
Avatar for dogoftears

I've been on the waiting list for a Cranesong HEDD Quantum for over 14 months. My VK rep seems to have no idea what's going on,...

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parisminzer 12 hours ago
Avatar for Jerry Tubb

Anyone tried a New Mac Pro Tower as a DAW yet? I’m thinking of doing a big upgrade this year, probably the rack version which...

Jerry Tubb
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FabienTDR 16 hours ago
Avatar for Hippocratic Mastering

Just thought I'd start this thread for people to note down any hardware EQs they come across that have true stereo control: i.e....

Hippocratic Mastering
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bgood 17 hours ago
Avatar for rallycapmusic

Hey guys! Question: I have songs that im putting together as an EP. About 7-8 songs. 3-4 songs are around the same level. The...

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rallycapmusic 17 hours ago
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Hi. External word clock generator still must have in pro mastering house in 2020 or not? I'm talking about multiple converters...

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deedeeyeah 21 hours ago
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I am looking for a good stereo mastering EQ to complement my Tegeler Audio EQP-1 for EDM and Techno mastering duties,...

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biksonije 1 day ago
Avatar for Portubong

Hi I am interested in know the difference between these great equalizers, maybe there isn`t anybody that test both, but I would...

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Mootiv 1 day ago
Avatar for DanTheMan06

Hi guys, Most of my work has been ITB as it is less expensive but I always thought that one day I will go mostly hardware. I...

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Avatar for Robb Robinson
Robb Robinson 1 day ago
Avatar for Buss-me

Trying my hand at more serious mastering. Recently I got the SPL IRON and ELYSIA APLHA(plugins). Both seem pretty...

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OTRM 1 day ago
Avatar for Brent

Recently I've been getting back into headphone listening at home. I picked up a set of Audeze LCD-4z, running them via a Prism...

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Avatar for DBarbarulo
DBarbarulo 1 day ago
Avatar for peter sikking

this thread spits off from here in the Kite thread. what I am trying to find out here is: 1) use of Pultecs (and clones) in...

peter sikking
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Avatar for macc
macc 2 days ago
Avatar for audiomaster

Hi folks, Anyone got or used a HCL Thermos? From what I gather it's a 4 band parametric mastering EQ based on the Barry Porter...

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copiapoa 2 days ago
Avatar for Raaphorst

Never thought about this but sometimes I make 24 bit masters and use these to create mp3 files. It lacks dithering, right? Never...

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Raaphorst 2 days ago
Avatar for szegedin

What is a good way to deal with the banter between musicians between songs, when you want to bring up those levels in a smooth...

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Andy Le Vien 2 days ago
Avatar for bcgood

I'm just gonna leave this here..

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Avatar for Martel80
Martel80 2 days ago
Avatar for Trakworx

Interested in Overstayer. But which one for mastering? Overstayer Modular Channel Overstayer M-A-S Overstayer NT-02A I'm...

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Avatar for Robb Robinson
Robb Robinson 2 days ago
Avatar for MainTime

My Lavry has CH1&CH2 Data outputs. Are these SDIF3 outputs? Best regards, Alex.

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MainTime 3 days ago
Avatar for JimmyBoyZ

Hi, I'm using 2 computers The mix goes out using converter 1 to my mastering chain I have an aux output on Converter 1 that...

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classified 3 days ago
Avatar for Robb Robinson

Ive decided to make my own console using some of Wayne Kirkwood's modules. With exception of the MS and Elliptical circuits...

Robb Robinson
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Avatar for Robb Robinson
Robb Robinson 4 days ago
Avatar for Deleted 2c9d885

If anyone has more measurements/reviews/internal pictures of some mastering converters or the main chips they use or even measure...

Deleted 2c9d885
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Avatar for miguelmarques
miguelmarques 4 days ago
Avatar for GarlicJimmy

Hi friends I'm mastering an album which requires gapless playback, all the tracks flow into each other and overlap at the start...

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msmucr 4 days ago
Avatar for Leon88

I was just watching some of my meters and noticed there they were still hovering around -200db when paused so investigated the...

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classified 5 days ago
Avatar for bcgood

This has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee lad. I recently purchased the CD and although I really don't like the CD...

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Avatar for burns46824
burns46824 5 days ago
Avatar for Hippocratic Mastering

Hi all, I've been a Mac user since I started mastering (about 7 or 8 years ago). Back then, coming from my production...

Hippocratic Mastering
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Avatar for Mike Caffrey
Mike Caffrey 5 days ago
Avatar for qkrzazzang

I'm in the midst of deciding between either.. Does anyone have experiences with both?

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Deleted 2c9d885 5 days ago
Avatar for zak7

Hi I am testing different Spectrum analyzers, SPAN, Izotope Insight1/2, the Ones in Fabfilter ProQ, the one in AirEQ...

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Avatar for Good Times
Good Times 6 days ago
Avatar for OTRM

Hey, guys - Just wanted to get your thoughts on getting that last little bit of sweetness out of a master.... Speaking in...

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Avatar for DBarbarulo
DBarbarulo 6 days ago
Avatar for Aperus

I've done this 8 times (albums) and should know the answer to this but for some reason I'm struggling this time...

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Avatar for Greg Reierson
Greg Reierson 6 days ago
Avatar for chopstickkk

This looks interesting... Balance Analog Magpha EQ plugin. — Balance Mastering Not sure what constitutes 'true...

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Avatar for robshrock
robshrock 1 week ago
Avatar for Trakworx

I recently started rediscovering this plugin, experimenting with some of the presets as starting points, and getting some...

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Avatar for Robb Robinson
Robb Robinson 1 week ago
Avatar for kirito

Hello everyone, I saw there is no topic about this plug-in. I just bought it recently and i use it in conjunction with...

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Avatar for msoficial
msoficial 1 week ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

I was not too excited about trying out another plug in EQ even though their hardware products are very good. After trying out...

Glenn Bucci
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Avatar for Adam Dempsey
Adam Dempsey 1 week ago
Avatar for Solid Mastering

Hello ME fellows, I would like to know which processor you use for upward expansion and where you usually use in your HW...

Solid Mastering
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Avatar for SongShark
SongShark 1 week ago
Avatar for Joe_caithness

Cant wait to find the time to put this up against Equilibrium. Most likely won't switch to it, but I've wanted one for...

replies: 145 views: 15,371
Avatar for OTRM
OTRM 1 week ago
Avatar for Leon88

Just wondering what other good methods you guys have to removing DC offset on the master? I've tried using various filters,...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 1 week ago
Avatar for Crizdee

Hi, Delivered Digital and Vinyl masters for an album about a month ago. Got an urgent email on friday evening from the label...

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Avatar for jono
jono 1 week ago
Avatar for 1jordyzzz

Hi Sorry i'm new to mastering. Currently i master my tracks using ozone 8 (previously ozone 5). I mix and master all ITB, no...

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Avatar for gee the bass
gee the bass 1 week ago
Avatar for Cassar Audio Lab

Hi, I'm interested in Neumann W495/STB/PEA, i'm looking for sample, someone here can tell me more about this eq and/or send me...

Cassar Audio Lab
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Avatar for Surbitone
Surbitone 1 week ago
Avatar for Edward Shnapper

Hey guys, first time I've come across this, to this degree. The first kick which hits when the song begins is accentuated and...

Edward Shnapper
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Avatar for Carl Freeland
Carl Freeland 1 week ago
Avatar for teebaum

as no digital tape emulation really satisfies me and i have little experience with hardware tape emulations, i would like to ask...

replies: 130 views: 29,413
Avatar for polybonk
polybonk 1 week ago
Avatar for polybonk

It says on the promo material: "The IRON compressor works as a feedback compressor when set to the variable-bias tube...

replies: 2 views: 602
Avatar for polybonk
polybonk 1 week ago
Avatar for TanTan

Hi, I'm moving to a new studio soon and in the market for new monitors, i do both mixing and mastering in my studio so I'm...

replies: 22 views: 5,114
Avatar for Applaudious
Applaudious 1 week ago
Avatar for matskull

I’m slowly switching from a hybrid mixing rig to a mastering rig. So I’m thinking about selling my protools HDX with 32 I/o...

replies: 93 views: 12,643
Avatar for matskull
matskull 1 week ago
Avatar for burns46824

I've definitively concluded that 24 bit uploads sound better than 16 bit uploads on Spotify. Now I'm trying to determine if...

replies: 28 views: 1,908
Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 1 week ago
Avatar for db9d9

Was wondering if any MEs have tried the Hilbert detector in the new Black Rooster KH compressor. I think the use of the Hilbert...

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Avatar for db9d9
db9d9 1 week ago
Avatar for GuitarRuss

I'm mastering an album and all is going well except one tune which has the bass guitar really, really low in the mix. There's no...

replies: 39 views: 7,833
Avatar for phillus
phillus 1 week ago
Avatar for Deleted eaed1be

I'm looking at a pair of Titans or the STC for mastering duties.Has anybody tried both or have both? I really like the look of...

Deleted eaed1be
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Avatar for Justin P.
Justin P. 1 week ago


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