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Below I am sharing something that I send to my mastering clients when they inquire about targeting LUFS levels for streaming...

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slutbox 8 hours ago
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Dear friends and colleagues, it's with great sadness that I have to inform you my studio has been burgled, here in Los...

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lowland 1 week ago
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We have a new sub-forum titled "Mastering for Beginners" (see above) Some of the past threads will be moved there...

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Riccardo 22nd November 2013
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1) Please search the forum prior to posting. Many topics have already been discussed ad infinitum. This will avoid clutter and...

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Riccardo 11th October 2007
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Hey Guys, I’m Ohad Nissim, a mixing and mastering engineer from Berlin. Not so long ago I had the pleasure of mastering...

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ohadnissim 2 hours ago
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I am trying to decide between the Dangerous Convert-2 and the Crane Song Solaris. I see lately that the Dangerous Convert-2 is...

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choisam20 2 hours ago
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Hi there fellas, a friend just asked me about mastering for YouTube Kids, I´m not an expert but I told him that supposed to be...

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Riccardo 5 hours ago
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I saw an add for Meter Plugs Loudness Penalty, I've seen a handful of products like this but never used any. What's attractive to...

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johannburkard 16 hours ago
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Following some links here and there, looks like a WL10 Pro is near to be released and already pre released to random testers. But...

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BIG BUDDHA 17 hours ago
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Hello, I'm shopping for a pristine 2 channel DA converter just for monitoring purposes. Since I've read for years about it I'm...

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Saxnscratch 17 hours ago
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Hi! I am in the process of changing career from full-time engineering and mixing to mastering. I am well aware of most...

Kris Pohl
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lowland 21 hours ago
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Hello there, I'm trying to make a choice for my monitoring conversion setup and I'm really torn between the either the...

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Plush 22 hours ago
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Hey there,' Curious if any of you Soundblade users have experienced this before. I converted some 88.2 files using Sonic Studio...

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S_mask 1 day ago
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I’m slowly switching from a hybrid mixing rig to a mastering rig. So I’m thinking about selling my protools HDX with 32 I/o...

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TanTan 1 day ago
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Short backstory... I've been doing some mastering with Multiplicity and Essence. I could tweak those two in my sleep and I'm...

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DAH 1 day ago
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Hi A lot of mixing engineers have gone digital ITB only, are there mastering engineers that did the same and simply left the...

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thermos 1 day ago
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Hello, I'm considering buying the new Lynx converters or an Apogee Symphony MKii. Did you ever hear them side by side...

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mattcollen 1 day ago
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Not great news for the vinyl industry. According to the article, after a projected total loss, leaves one other lacquer...

Waltz Mastering
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DAH 1 day ago
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Hi folks, Anyone got or used a HCL Thermos? From what I gather it's a 4 band parametric mastering EQ based on the Barry Porter...

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jproc 1 day ago
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I post this here because Prism Sound Lyra 2 is considered a mastering interface in the magazines and selling sites. Here i...

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Maxime Wathieu 2 days ago
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For Mastering Purposes: I have a limited budget (6-8k) to get myself a nice Analog EQ and compressor used EQ: I'm thinking...

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Hippocratic Mastering 2 days ago
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Let's talk about the custom EQs at Bernie Grundman's. There's surprisingly little info out there about them. Best as I can...

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DBarbarulo 2 days ago
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Do any of you handsome and knowledgeable folk know where to buy some vinyl blanks in different colours? It's difficult enough...

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Thomas W. Bethe 3 days ago
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Picked up Katy Perry's "One of the Boys" album on CD and downloaded Taylor Swift's big single "You Belong to...

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Folkie 3 days ago
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Fellow Gearslutz Members, Greetings of the day ! Can anyone guide me on how Brian Big Bass Gardner, ex engineer at Bernie...

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cl-audio 3 days ago
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Hi, I'm a bit confused as to the effect of the "channel link transients / channel link release" functions in the Pro...

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SmoothTone 3 days ago
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SSL Fusion


There's a new product by SSL called the Fusion. I got to use it briefly and was pretty impressed with it. I would have liked...

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Analogue Mastering 3 days ago
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this thread spits off from here in the Kite thread. what I am trying to find out here is: 1) use of Pultecs (and clones) in...

peter sikking
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Franco 3 days ago
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Hi Folk! I'm using a cranesong Hedd quantum right now, but I would like to have 8 channels. I'm looking for a...

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VitalianoZ 4 days ago
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I am actually having cognitive dissonance about this next post because I want to keep this box a secret weapon but the more...

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Hendyamps 4 days ago
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Hi, I am searching for the best native Vari-Mu emulation (or with a similar glueing without compressing too much behaviour)...

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ardis 4 days ago
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I would assume at the mastering stage open back headphones are the best choice since they provide more open sound. Which do you...

Glenn Bucci
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dankin 4 days ago
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So been looking at limiters like Elevate that have a clipper stage. Problem is I don't like it on anything at any ratio. Yes you...

Carl Freeland
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VitalianoZ 5 days ago
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Hello Guys! Recently i move to a Lynx hilo as my main converter, lovely sound! The thing is that i feel like there is no...

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MattVCO 5 days ago
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well any news and price info on this item ..... it would be a nice option next to my console .... would love to go parallel...

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Paul_G 5 days ago
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Here is a review from Absolute Sound about my speakers. I think it says it all about why they are such great speakers for...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 5 days ago
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Hello and -help!- to all TC M6000 Users! --EDIT: detailed descrition in #8 below Since yesterday i can not load old scenes...

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echoRausch 5 days ago
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For a clean EQ at the beginning of chain what's your pick? Maselec MEA-2 vs Focusrite 315 Vs GML 9500 thinking to put a...

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JimmyBoyZ 5 days ago
Avatar for SharpKillerCable

For me, the Sontec Mastering EQ was always the "Holy Grail," greatest equalizer I ever heard etc because of the way...

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SharpKillerCable 5 days ago
Avatar for lowland

I couldn't see a thread about the new TDR Slick EQ M in the mastering forum, so thought I would start one. TDR SlickEQ M -...

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anyone else hearing this unintentional distortion at 1:02 on Kacey Musgraves new single 'Butterflies'? (right side more than...

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Monsieur_R 6 days ago
Avatar for bojobojo

Im finding it hard to find out information on what exactly is the time domain, and how to manipulate this for mastering purposes,...

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Gusss 6 days ago
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I´m looking to get a Tubecore 3U ME for bus duties and mastering 4x4 music. People say tubes are too slow for EDM but it has...

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gnotgnot 6 days ago
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Just thought I'd share this bizarre story. I did a mastering for a band last year. The album is pretty long so it's a double...

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_barnee 6 days ago
Avatar for spankjam

Hello there, I still own a trusty 16 channel lynx Aurora Converter and was wondering if the RME ADI-2 Pro FS would be an upgrade...

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spankjam 1 week ago
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In his video on Sterling Sound website Ted Jensen says "There's plugins I wouldn't wanna be without" At 0:26, 0:30 and...

replies: 5 views: 1,045
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JimmyBoyZ 1 week ago
Avatar for YungUlv

Hei, I've been thinking about starting to use the Kramer Master Tape and the Abbey Road Vinyl in my master chain. I mostly...

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Avatar for Bob Olhsson
Bob Olhsson 1 week ago
Avatar for SmoothTone

Files here:!InggRS4K!ztYVoN9G7H46yqF7TBYlOw]Mastering Compressor Comparison The compressors include: ADT...

replies: 480 views: 88,359
Avatar for Few Knobs
Few Knobs 1 week ago
Avatar for teebaum

thom wettstein and I have compared a few eq's to each other. next to my eq's knif soma knif eksa gyraf g23-s tube tech...

replies: 76 views: 10,499
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JimmyBoyZ 1 week ago
Avatar for thedreampolice

He has an all outboard workflow and I figured you guys would be in to it. Check it out...

replies: 7 views: 953
Avatar for tengu
tengu 1 week ago
Avatar for Trakworx

Does it really matter? Is it just the noise floor or is there another sonic difference? I don't notice any significant...

replies: 25 views: 1,067
Avatar for SmoothTone
SmoothTone 1 week ago
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Out of curiosity, I tried to look into what is offered in this regard by the iZotop’s mastering assistant, and something...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 1 week ago
Avatar for RogerFoote

Started work in earnest on our latest product the MTB-1. It is a stereo processor that will have multiple ways of modifying...

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Avatar for RogerFoote
RogerFoote 1 week ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

I was on version 8.0 previously, and was not crazy about it. So I have stuck with Samplitude for mastering. I recently upgraded...

Glenn Bucci
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Justin P. 1 week ago


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