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Below I am sharing something that I send to my mastering clients when they inquire about targeting LUFS levels for streaming...

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Trakworx 5 hours ago
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Dear friends and colleagues, it's with great sadness that I have to inform you my studio has been burgled, here in Los...

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lowland 4th October 2020
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We have a new sub-forum titled "Mastering for Beginners" (see above) Some of the past threads will be moved there...

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Riccardo 22nd November 2013
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1) Please search the forum prior to posting. Many topics have already been discussed ad infinitum. This will avoid clutter and...

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Riccardo 11th October 2007
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I would assume at the mastering stage open back headphones are the best choice since they provide more open sound. Which do you...

Glenn Bucci
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RoundBadge 34 minutes ago
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Following some links here and there, looks like a WL10 Pro is near to be released and already pre released to random testers. But...

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Thomas W. Bethe 1 hour ago
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It seems that the idea to record, store and process audio at very high sample-rates has become fashionable. More precisely,...

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TurboJets 1 hour ago
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Hello, Despite this wild time we live in, I am able to purchase a few items to expand my setup. I have a solid signal chain...

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SwitchesAndDials 2 hours ago
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Cant wait to find the time to put this up against Equilibrium. Most likely won't switch to it, but I've wanted one for...

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justjoo 9 hours ago
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I've only used Waves L2, Ozone 8/9, and Fabfilter Pro L2. Ozone sounds most transparent, but a bit thin. Fabfilter has better...

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OTRM 14 hours ago
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Does anyone know what the audio resolution is between engines when using the internal routing in the tc Electronic System 6000...

Rick Fisher
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Rick Fisher 22 hours ago
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At the suggestion of Dom @ Smoothtone picking up on remarks I made in the 'Extreme Highs and Lows' discussion, your thoughts are...

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coreyspencer 23 hours ago
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An AE friend of mine recently attended a mastering session with Ted Jensen. The music was Hard Rock. The mastered tracks are...

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Ben F 1 day ago
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I'll start with a standard GS disclaimer: I don't get anything for this. I've just been a beta tester and this thing is...

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Glamdring 1 day ago
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Hey fellow Mastering Engineer, here's something new for you :) 1951 Mastering...

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AudiotalesDesign 1 day ago
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Hey guys! I'm a 16 Y/o High School Senior from Asia, so yesterday I paid a visit to my college counsellor, over 75 ivy league...

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mcgilroy 2 days ago
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Try yourself, Go on spotify, turn off volume normalise and download any top 100 tracks. 99% will have intersample peaks...

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Greg Reierson 2 days ago
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I submitted pretty a nice voiceover for a promo video. The voice track was in mp3 at 1 536 Kbps; 48 000 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo, which...

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Greg Reierson 2 days ago
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Just wondering??? We weren't busy and then we were super busy and now the phone hasn't rung with a phone call from a new...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Brent Hahn 2 days ago
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Hi guys. I know there have been similar threads to these, but I thought it might be interesting to do another one updated to the...

Bob CG
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cheu78 2 days ago
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I'm in the market for a Vari Mu. I'm interested to know if anyone has had the opportunity to demo this unit and A/B it against...

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denork 2 days ago
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Hi Sonnox Limiter is on sale. I am doing my own mastering in the box. It sounds great to me compared to the other ITB...

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noah330 3 days ago
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Hey, i’m planning on getting a 2 track tape machine just for mixdown so i can send around for analog mastering. The tape...

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MoTech 3 days ago
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please post you favourite reference songs for mastering purposes. they should obviously have a great tonal balance and also cover...

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Philbo King 3 days ago
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So hopefully this time round I won't be buying premade. I want sixteen 2 meter XLR cables for connecting processing hardware to...

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Bob Olhsson 3 days ago
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I have my 250 ex at a tech and turns out the schematic he has is for a 250 A and he doesnt feel comfortable doing the mod until...

planet red
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Adam Dempsey 3 days ago
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Hi there, I will have an API 5500 soon, I was wondering if anyone with this combo have found a favorite way to connect...

Deleted 9f8a14f
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Slange00 3 days ago
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I’m slowly switching from a hybrid mixing rig to a mastering rig. So I’m thinking about selling my protools HDX with 32 I/o...

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David Hoatson 4 days ago
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My monitoring environment is not perfect. 'Feels good to say that out loud :lol: It's pretty good though, and I've been in the...

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Transco 4 days ago
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I've read the threads on the forums about the Amari and there really isn't any answers about this machine. There's one guy who...

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aschinoff 4 days ago
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This seems like a long shot but i'm getting desparate! I've been searching the web for information on a major problem...

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Avantmidi 4 days ago
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as we all know streaming services are using loudness normalisation these days. but it doesn't really work since when listening to...

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Jerry Tubb 4 days ago
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Hello everyone , I am wondering if Peter Reardon is still the owner of shadow hills industries. As I m interested in the...

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Thomas W. Bethe 4 days ago
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Aah the good old monitor controller dilemma. The feature set of both Crookwood (C1-4AX) and Imperium (2u) is quite different, so...

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OTRM 4 days ago
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hey there, caused by a discussion with macc, I am doing R&D for a full-function passive mastering EQ, basically building...

peter sikking
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peter sikking 5 days ago
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Jules 5 days ago
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Wondering how you guys deal with powering on/off gear that does not have a front power switch? When mounting units such as the...

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n0nspaz 5 days ago
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I have the Trinnov Optimizer MC on test at the moment. Trinnov Audio Very interesting box. Very deep. Seems to do amazing...

Darius van H
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ezrashanti 5 days ago
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Hi, you may be interested to know that a new important update of DSP-Quattro, an audio editor, audio mastering, plug-in...

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Jerry Tubb 6 days ago
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With the risk of boring everybody to death (already started a few threads on Facebook mastering forums). Does anybody still use...

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darkalex 6 days ago
Avatar for TheLateNight

In the never ending quest to one day know what I am doing, I have a question regarding how my mixes are transferring to other...

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hedgehognrown 6 days ago
Avatar for arnoldorodeo

Hi, I definitely love Unisum. But it's hard for me to understand the submenu (Multiband detector) and how to correctly...

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macc 1 week ago
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Softube - Weiss DS1-MK3 well now.

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alecness 1 week ago
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Hi, I'm considering a new eq for my Mix Bus. I rarely Master anymore, but I prefer running a mastering grade eq for various...

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ashmundo 1 week ago
Avatar for iMixOTB

Hi everyone, I'm running into an unusual problem with my new setup, which is a hybrid mix and mastering one. I recently got a...

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iMixOTB 1 week ago
Avatar for DeadPoet

Hi all, I've just received a master back and was hearing "something" in the width/height of the track. When opening...

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DAH 1 week ago
Avatar for MattGray

I don't usually do these sort of posts, but I feel as a longterm member of this board that I must make this review public....

replies: 19 views: 4,699
Avatar for christojo
christojo 1 week ago
Avatar for Barncore

I've been demo'ing them lately and i don't understand why they aren't more talked about and highly regarded. I'm no audiophile by...

replies: 27 views: 19,312
Avatar for TonStrom
TonStrom 1 week ago
Avatar for Carl Freeland

Just wondering what other MEs approaches and thoughts are about below 20Hz and above 20khz For example you have a track that...

Carl Freeland
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Avatar for Greg Reierson
Greg Reierson 1 week ago
Avatar for listen2benp

Hey all! So I've been trying to improve my masters for what feels like forever but recently I was able to make progress using...

replies: 41 views: 3,276
Avatar for UnderTow
UnderTow 1 week ago
Avatar for pilamon

Hey guys, I have a neve 5060 console and I love the way it sounds when I push the mix into the reds, it gets a nice colored...

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Avatar for Jerry Tubb
Jerry Tubb 1 week ago
Avatar for darkalex

Hey Guys, I had a question about ITB processing, for engineers who master in the box or hybrid, how do you make sure the...

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 1 week ago
Avatar for Macaroni

Is the UAD Ampex ATR-102 still the best tape emulation for mastering? Are there any close or better alternatives? What say...

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Avatar for oceantracks
oceantracks 1 week ago
Avatar for eternalsound

I'm not even sure if "the curious" pass through this forum anymore, but I was wondering what the "layman's"...

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scraggs 1 week ago


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