Slate digital VTm input calibration?
Old 7th May 2013
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Slate digital VTm input calibration?


Anyone help me out? Have been searching all forums for weeks now trying to find a conclusive answer ad to why the input gain on VTm is set to minus 15db as standard, yet the default on vcc is minus 18db?

Just about got settled with minus 18db across my system now using kleighelm gain at start of each strip but whilst I know you can change the calibration for vcc and vtm I'm guessing its set to that default for a reason?

But yet the reason has me stumped as if you use both plugs as advertised ie VTm>vcc on channels then your always going into vcc too hot?

Very confused so please be kind?

Steven Slate? Care to share the wisdom which I clearly lack?

Many thanks to anyone who can help

Old 7th May 2013
Use the input/output knob and dail in the sound you like, simple as that. You don't have to worry about calibration at all. For instance, sometimes I like to slam overheads into red, while other times the needle to barley moves, no rules, use your ears.

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