Is it really necessary to Master a Loop based song ?
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Is it really necessary to Master a Loop based song ?

I'm working with Logic Pro 9 and WaveBurner. These compositions are all Loop based, except from some guitar tracks sometimes thrown in. I noticed when I brought the AIF file into Waveburner there wasn't much improvement overall to the sound.

I'm also trying to adopt a open-minded view about mastering. I see waveforms of todays files and they're MAXED and LOUD. Yet, I hear skilled engineers say "bring it back some" and NOT make it so loud.

So anyway, aren't loops already optimized ? Do I really need to Master these ?

Any thoughts on this appreciated
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"Optimizing" and mastering are two very different concepts. You would master a collection of songs regardless of genre or production.
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You are not obliged to do anything.

However, no matter how well the audio on the loops had been prepared in the first place, the moment you start combining loops with other loops the game has changed completely.

And like Riccardo points out, it may be the context within a collection of other works that makes any additional processing seem worthwhile.
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