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Old 29th December 2012
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Originally Posted by rat010104 View Post
Do you know a DAW with a more neutral warpfunction ? Im doing lots of remixes and ableton meeses up my sound :(
To answer OP regarding Ableton Warp methods.

I've not done a DJ mix in Ableton in a while but I used to check every song when the mix was complete with either 'Beats' or 'Complex' to see which sounded better for that particular song.

To answer your question, Beats is the most neutral.

Beats is the simplest mode which involves slicing the song up. But it sounds the best and messes with the audio the least. But usually only okay for speeding the song up because it can leave audible repeats or stutters.

Complex is, from memory, a proprietry FFT method. Which sounded better to my ears than all the other methods on full tracks when the Beats method sounded like crap.

The main thing I remember is Complex had a slightly duller sound 10kHz and up. In my more OCD moments I remember dulling the Beats warped songs with EQ to match. Sigh.

A good quality limiter on the master will catch the overs generated by Warp functions, EQ, MP3 decoding etc.
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