Multiband Compression and Trashy Sound not that there's anything wrong with that
Old 14th December 2009
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Multiband Compression and Trashy Sound not that there's anything wrong with that

So I have this guitar instrumental track that I want to sound like a trainwreck, just loud and energizing. I use Adobe Audition and there's a thing in there called Izotope multi-band compression.

It kinda does what I want if I turn it down enough so it isn't doing too much, but everything that goes through that particular plug-in seems to be converted into a glassy early-solid-state kind of tonal balance.

That unanticipated effect probably actually kinda helps but there's too much of it.

I realize I'm talking about lo-fi here but does anything that I'm describing suggest any approach or tool that I might like better? I mean trashy but not that trashy?


Old 14th December 2009
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How about some MSLPTCPMBP?

(M/S linear phase time compensated parallel multi band processing)

Try playing with the X-over control in the multiband. If monitoring is up to scratch, you'll find the Xover to impart a strange distortion wherever it lands. Sometimes once in the fullmoon it's just the ticket. Most times it's a question if finding an area where the Xover does the least harm.

Most of the time multibands are off. Unless they're needed. Try starting with one band, perhaps two, but as a general starting point, there's no need to run the full mix through a Xover network.

(to adresss a typical concern: it's probably linear phase and that nulls, though only when there's no processing. the Xover is funny when there's processing going on. the linear phase filters create artifacts in themselves too).
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