TLs Maximizer - Opinions
Old 26th October 2008
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TLs Maximizer - Opinions

This is a free brickwall thingy I came across. And I had a listen...(I'm not a real Mastering guy, but hey).

I really liked it especially the body option. I compared it to the sonnox and kinda thought it's cool and I can get use out of it.

It's VST only, however here's the link:

TLs Maximizer 1.1 !!!!!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Old 28th October 2008
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had used that much for loudness of single tracks when starting off and doing electronic music. used it moderately but much, always reduced the highs a pinch afterwards.

it felt way better than waves l1, the golden bit smoother. one of the very few big freeware exceptions.
Old 31st October 2008
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I used it quite abit in the past. I also remember liking more than waves L1 in most cases. But its quite old now and hasnt been updated and today there are much better alternatives however none of them are free so TLs maximizer still has its place as the best free limiter IMO.
Old 6th January 2009
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Mmmm. I'm just having a go with it now.

Can't find an instruction manual for it though - anyone got any ideas?

I think I've got the right idea, but when I set the output to -1db and boost the gain I can still get the 2buss to clip light to come on. I thought the whole point of a limiter was that this wouldn't happen?

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