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An industry standard for professional mastering studios, the Mastering Version of the Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor employs metal-film resistors loaded onto beautiful Grayhill sealed gold-contact switches for absolute repeatability, accuracy, and reliability. 1/2dB steps ensure precise and subtle adjustments. This is what defines mastering. High Pass Side Chain mod now comes standard. Proudly from our beginning, we at MANLEY LABS have been closely involved with numerous mastering facilities around the world. For these most demanding engineers in our industry, we have created specialized products such as our all-tube tape repro head amps, digital converters, high-powered vacuum tube monitor amplifiers, through to custom monitoring consoles, all the way up to complete facility design and installation. The Mastering Version of our Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor incorporating detented and logable steps built with 1% metal film resistors on sealed gold-contact Grayhill switches is available. NO, we will not mod a "normal" unit to the Mastering Version.


I'm done buying hardware EQ's, comps and reverb; plug ins are that goo

...the rack tho. I like using a hardware compressor and eq on the 2 bus, as well as the uad manley vari mu.

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Nebula must have

Looking for a nice Manley Vari Mu for Nebula. Is that available? I do have the Rythmeinmind vari mu which isn't a manley afaik and it seems HO did a mojo preset that I haven't tested.

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2Bus Hardware Decisions

I can confirm that the Miad's work exceptionally well alongside the Silver Bullet. (I have a pair. Wish I had more....) To me, it looks like you're pretty set aside from another EQ. The only other thing I'd consider if I was in your shoes would be a Manley Vari-Mu. Cheers,

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