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The much sought after ML10 used the original Tannoy SRM-B/SGM-B 10" Dual-Concentric rolled-rubber-surround paper cone driver with the Mastering Lab Crossover. Manley and The Mastering Lab jointly-commissioned the last ever production of this famous driver to build a limited run of the ML10 before Tannoy discontinued the SGM10 p/n 2558R driver around 1992. The beefy, dense, non-resonant cabinet was constructed of 1 1/2" thick MDF finished in black formica with either 1" thick solid walnut or cherry sides. These sides served to protect the corners of the cabinet. (There do exist some early ML10 without the solid wood side bumpers and yes, we observed folks dinging the corners of the formica slamming into walls and doors which is why we added the solid wood side bumpers!) The Crossover was The Mastering Lab's creation. They had been retro fitting the crossover into little plastic boxes banged on the back of stock Tannoy SRM-B/SGM-B 5/8" ply cabinets before this joint project came to light. The idea was we would design and build strong and heavily braced new cabinets 15" Wide X 10" Deep X 22" Tall weighing in at 50 lbs. each, order the drivers and build Doug Sax's crossover into these ML10's with proper production techniques, all with the crossover controls mounted on the front for the first time, and Bi-ampable/Bi-wireable recessed five way binding posts on the back. The dream speaker was born. People really started crying when they all sold out! The ML10 offered point source localization combined with absolute time alignment, low distortion and phase coherence. Amplifier power of 100 to 200 watts was recommended. Designed to provide the recording engineer with a highly accurate yet musical tool, the ML10 is now a highly sought after collectible. Used, they are selling for much more than the original retail price of $2950.00 USD. We have seen them selling for over $4000/per pair. Sooooooooooo.... we created the ML 10A follow-up design to "keep the dream alive". We went on with another then-current production Tannoy 10" Dual-Concentric rolled-rubber-surround paper cone driver (7900-0267) #2598 as found in the 1992-1998 Tannoy Stirling hifi model. A new crossover had to be used with the newer driver to compensate for the different balance of woofer to tweeter efficiency in the newer driver. Approximately 50 pairs of ML10A were produced before we decided to discontinue the ML10A project.


Manley/Tannoy ML 10 monitors

They used Yamaha 2002 amps in the development of that crossover, which was designed by Stephen Haselton. DC

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Antelope Orion 32 Multichannel Converter

...presets accidently from the front of the unit with the volume up and make fire from the speakers. Manley ML-10's. Do you have any idea how expensive that is? I hope it is the crossover and not the drivers, which are nearly impossible to replace. WATCH OUT FOR THIS!!!!!! ...

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Dangerous Source upgrade from low end monitor path. MIND BLOWN.

...when the Dangerous ST came in years ago. They just make GREAT stuff. Also, when we got our Manley ML-10 speakers, our masters translated so much better, it sounded as if we got tons of new gear. Monitoring path is everything in this music game. BTW, REALLY liked the sounds you're getting.

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