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Set it and forget it! The ELOP Limiters make your job easy. The principle of operation is based around using a rectified sample of the audio to shine an LED (Light Emitting Diode) onto an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor). The photo-resistor in combination with a fixed resistor simply act as a changing voltage divider to attenuate the signal-- like a smart volume control. A similar principle was found in the older Teletronix & Urei LA-2A, LA-3, and LA-4 units which used a slower electro-luminescent panel-light on a conventional LDR encased in a light-tight enclosure.


Universal LA-2A or Manley ELOP?

Vocals? The CL2B is great. But ELOP is outstanding. The LA2A has the vintage spirit. (and that hf roll off... noisy...) About the price: 1ch of LA2A = 2ch of ELOP. (=D)

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What's a piece of gear that gave you the Wow factor

...whole thing down. I haven't decided whether I'm ever going to put a final finish on it or not. The ELOP picture is right after I decided it was studio-ready. Eva Manley's gear, like D.W. Fearn's, is welcome in my studio anytime.

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