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The MANLEY all-tube microphone preamplifiers are available in 2-channel or single channel versions, primarily intended for use with modern capacitor (condenser) microphones. Now, 40 to 60 dBs of gain, enough for most ribbon mics, are selectable in precise 5dB steps by varying the amount of overall negative feedback on the GAIN switch. This is a very interesting feature indeed, allowing you to change the slew rate (speed), placement, and tonal balance of the sound from mellow and "tubey-er" through to faster, punchier and more aggressive. See "Notes on Variable Feedback" for more info. Tube complements are common to both models: 1 x 12AX7EH hand-selected for lowest noise, and 1 x 6414 for each high-current output stage. Each unit is painstakingly hand wired using silver solder and audiophile-grade componentry. Double shielded custom-built power transformers and custom-built high capacity reservoir capacitors demonstrate our modern power supply design approach. The front panel 1/4" DIRECT INPUT jack makes these preamplifiers serve double duty as a pure tube line stage for instruments such as bass, drum machines, and keyboards when you need to get your tunes through some tubes before hitting a sterile digital recorder. Total gain in this mode becomes 20dB less than indicated on the GAIN switch. Both transformer coupled balanced and direct (via humongous metalized film MultiCaps) capacitor coupled unbalanced outputs are provided giving you the choice of audiophile-purist or big iron sounds. Perennial shoot-out winners, our single-ended preamp designs have become favorites among top engineers and home recordists alike looking for "that rich Manley sound with the tight bass and the top end that goes on forever" which begs to go direct to tape. It's a BIG sounding micpre!


Who is using Manley gear?

Varimu. Mostly for mastering, very little gain reduction most of the time. Dual mono mic pre. It was my first real preamp, it's smooth and neutral. Nice on overheads.

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ART trying to make... not crap? (TransX Mic Pre)

You're funny... Please post a short list of preamps built into prosumer interfaces (which it seems is what the vast majority of people use)... I had an mpa ii re-tubed with jj's that sounded very close to my la610s I get that it's "cool" to be a gear snob and all, but, apparently it's also hip...

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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions give a quick example of using the SB on their front end? Can it be used like a dual mono mic pre or is it more of a “sweetener”? I am looking to add some outboard gear after improving my monitor situation and am very intrigued by the SB.

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