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Sound Forge Audio Studio 13

Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 13
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This is audio editing… for everyone. The all new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13 has the tools, the features and professional effects you need for any audio task, be it recording, editing, restoration or mastering. Record top quality podcasts, digitize and restore your old records and tapes, prepare CDs for duplication, master your music for broadcast or streaming, create video soundtracks. Professional audio editing is just a few clicks away with SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. Read more: Follow us: Google+ | Facebook


MAGIX releases SOUND FORGE Pro 12

...acquired from Sony in 2016, MAGIX has been reviving the entire product line, releasing SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 and SOUND FORGE Pro Mac 3. Now SOUND FORGE Pro 12 is sure to set a new benchmark in precision audio processing. This important milestone release also marks the audio master's 25th anniversary. SOUND FORGE Pro...

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Quickest Ways To Measure Integrated LUFS Values?

Nugen Audio LM-Correct Sound Forge Pro 12 or 13. There are probably others. Neither of the above are cheap. LM-Correct will adjust the level of a file to a specified target integrated loudness number. It will apply an inter-sample peak limiter if necessary. But you can also just measure without modifying.

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