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The Onyx Blackjack uses Cirrus Logic® converters offering 114dB dynamic range (A-weighted) – a specification other companies sometimes charge thousands of dollars to achieve. Our preamp circuitry is aligned precisely with the onboard analog-to-digital conversion to always provide you with the most headroom and the lowest noise and distortion possible. Featuring a true analog monitoring path directly from the preamps to your studio monitors and headphones means you can track while listening in either mono or stereo to the direct analog source with zero routing. Not only that, it also means you can adjust your buffer settings to maximize your computer’s processing ability.


Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker

... 0,2 dB (R) Corr Depth: 20,5 dB (L), 22,2 dB (R) Difference: -45,0 dBFS (L), -46,1 dBFS (R) Mackie Onyx Blackjack (kegn51) 2,9 dB (L), 2,9 dB (R) Corr Depth: 30,5 dB (L), 32,3 dB (R) Difference*: -45,1 dB (L), -44,5 dB (R) Metric Halo ULN-2 (DownSideUp) Corr Depth: 25,3 dB (L), 26,9 dB (R) Difference:...

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Airwindows Console5: AU, Mac and PC VST

...still making less than minimum wage here. I just have kick-ass 'poor skills'. I may not be quite Steve Albini, playing blackjack to pay for Electrical Audio, but it's the same kind of thing: musicians should have these tools, and I can't justify restricting them to only folks that can pay top dollar (much as...

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Mackie USA Preamps!?!?

Hello all, and good morning from Chicago. I am using a Mackie 1404VLZ-Pro mixer and a Mackie Onyx Blackjack in my home studio. I have an AT 4033CL and a Shure KSM44A and I THINK I prefer their sound when I use the Premium XDR preamps on the mixer and then sending the Main...

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