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Hi Folks, As you may have noticed, we've split the very lively "post your lyrics here" thread into individual songs...

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Strange Leaf 15th January 2014
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Hi everyone. I enjoy writing songs, but in general am better with tunes. Here is a sample of my...

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synthetic 5 days ago
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Posted in wrong forum.

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dkeatscary 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Rolavine Warning some violence in the song, Dead Stick Rage x mixed by paul. Cold Tight Dead Stick...

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ejanuska 4 weeks ago
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Hi! To what extent do you follow grammar rules while writing lyrics? (in English). English is not my first language, and I...

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beenwiser 6th September 2020
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Theme is purposefully vague (Searching) All you do is write one line maximum 10 words word imagery is good and try to be...

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beenwiser 6th September 2020
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In all my music creation process, writing the lyrics is always the part that makes me wanna run away. Major reason why I didn't...

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beenwiser 6th September 2020
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Staring out the window in the dark Same old empty feeling in my heart Images embedded in my head still remain and keeps...

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wkamen 9th July 2020
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I've been looking around for exercises or some sort of path to writing lyrics in a more open and honest way. I feel as though my...

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Quality 28th June 2020
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Hi GS Lyricists! Here are some that I've been crafting over the past week. Tell me your thoughts; criticisms; and most...

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RoyFan 16th June 2020
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Robo 5th May 2020
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'In Reality' I feel like I got no where to go Like I am all alone But in reality I have so many people around me I'm...

Praise Draco
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matt pinchin 18th December 2019
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I'm completely new here, and was wondering just where I stand on the lyrics front, cuz that's always my favourite part of a song....

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Rolavine 21st November 2019
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Many institutions do more than frown on self-plagiarism. What do you think; is it ok to plagiarize yourself?

s wave
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s wave 3rd January 2019
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Hi Guys, we are planning to produce a song and we are looking for a lyricist from India who can write in Hindi, Punjabi,...

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rpr12 26th July 2018
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Hi all - I'm intrigued about ways to do a decent alt/grunge scream vocal without killing the voice. It seems frank Black has...

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terrible.dee 17th June 2018
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In Search of Your Feedback Hi all, A friend of mine said, I "should lay a chill tone on the hook... Like layer...

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FreshProduce 23rd May 2018
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I always find writing lyrics a very hard thing to do...sometimes drives me crazy, constant struggle. Although I already must have...

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NoVi 29th April 2018
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Hi all, A friend of mine said, I "should lay a chill tone on the hook... Like layer another set of chill vocals on it......

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rossbanter 28th April 2018
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Hey guys! I know it`s kinda basic and not really what this forum is for, but i trust you guys more than other forums :) I`m...

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FreshProduce 22nd March 2018
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Just words at this point. I usually write hearing a melody but this time it hasn't come yet. Maybe its just a poem?...

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thenry333 4th March 2018
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My first post here in the lyrics section. I am one of those people that starts with lyrics when writing my songs. I tend to...

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FreshProduce 30th January 2018
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Many find Fall to be a magical season. I set out to try and capture its...

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ben_allison 23rd November 2017
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I entered the above title, (How to Pronounce Equations for Physics?) and I thought I hit the jack-pot: the very first link went...

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Bitsmith 6th October 2017
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Don't think i've ever posted a lyric here so I figured why not! Am That I Am I’ve seen the rainbow Under her pillow...

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creegstor 23rd August 2017
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Let me know what you guys think on lyrics, flow, delivery, etc. 2nd verse dedicated to my mom....

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MikeMello 16th August 2017
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Wassup y'all. I'm no producer but I am a lyricist. I'm 23 y.o. kid from Dickinson, Texas (south of Houston metro). Check me out...

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VikH 8th August 2017
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This is my first contribution in the lyric writing forum, cheers yingyang Locked away in a room with someone else I’ll...

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RedBaaron 7th July 2017
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I'd be thankful for some critique on these. English is not my mother language but I want to get to a point where that doesn't...

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OnTheRocks 4th July 2017
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Hi there! Thought you guys might be interested in this songwriting webinar on 06/24/17 - it’s about learning how to get...

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jcapp88 21st June 2017
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Hi guys, I would appreciate some grammatical comments on my lyric below also I would appreciate your feedback about my lyric over...

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Noisewagon 17th June 2017
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here an old one of mine to keep this Forum Going .. cheers john Peace lyrics i see her everyday don’t even know her...

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jwh1192 18th February 2017
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Here's an old lyric that got an honourable mention in American Songwriter magazine. Thought i'd share and see what people...

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B. Elliott 17th February 2017
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Hey guys! Recently released this song of mine. I had a really fun time producing it and trying to make electronic music a bit...

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Birdie07 6th December 2016
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first time poster in this section here... lets see if anyone can help me to have a look at these lyrics for a new original of...

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jonas_k_strand 9th October 2016
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Hi there! Thought you guys might be interested in this songwriting webinar on 10/22 – it’s about learning how to write...

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jcapp88 29th September 2016
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Hi there! My name is Joe and I see that a lot of songwriters are looking for collaborators (songwriters, top line writers,...

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jcapp88 24th August 2016
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So, I have these lyrics here for a while and have been wanting some second opinion. I'm free to constructive criticism, so...

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JustJon 20th July 2016
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I like politics. I write long political bars and can never flow. I need to go back to the basics and somehow learn to use my...

A White Rebel
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JustJon 20th July 2016
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hey guys, Quick newbie question! Does the flow of the second line of one bar, have to be the same as the flow of the...

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JustJon 20th July 2016
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Hi everyone! I am only new to this forum and relatively new to song writing and recording. I have recently uploaded my very...

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Dchrisanthako 17th July 2016
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Hi everyone. English is not my native-language (I'm Greek) but since english is today's common language I wanted my first song...

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Dchrisanthako 12th July 2016
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Herr Weiss 9th July 2016
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All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Brave Warriors Never Yield Unpublished Work, Copyright © R....

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WildOneTruss1 3rd January 2016
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Right, I'm the guy who doesn't like to write lyrics (will also reply in my thread again...), here's my latest attempt. Not a...

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texasguitar903 3rd January 2016
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I've been wanting to write something for the season. I'm still not sure if I want the title to be, "I Hear Her Sing" or...

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IdiotStick 26th December 2015
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I was in LA last week (I work in the movie business) and just finished this today, which pretty much sums up my feelings about...

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BrooksReagan 24th December 2015
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This was written a few weeks ago and I am working on the music now. Would appreciate any feedback. I hear this as heavy rock a la...

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IdiotStick 10th November 2015
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Hey guys, i'm looking for an experienced lyricist to write lyrics for our band: SARIOLA.DE - Home of extreme dark...

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sxman 7th November 2015
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Hi guys! I really liked the response I got on the last lyrics I posted so here's another one! I might have some...

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AuldLangSine 5th November 2015
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Soooo, I'm reposting to see if I can get anyone to respond on the lyrics. Part Of Her Past...

replies: 9 views: 2,097
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Rockinrob 11th October 2015


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