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Avatar for moogybase

hey, any opinions on this Behringer mixer ? I'm seriously thinking of getting one tomorrow Cheers

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Avatar for moogybase
moogybase 13th April 2004
Avatar for mattasbob

I am always interested in cheap gear people find that have a cool tone. Esp. pres and eqs. and guitar pedals I have a bunch of...

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Avatar for mattasbob
mattasbob 31st March 2004
Avatar for ajcamlet

I'm interested printing some mixes to a 1/4" deck, for the sound. I dont really want to archive the mixes on tape per-se. ...

replies: 16 views: 2,661
Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 8th March 2004
Avatar for miziq

Have anyone tried TUBE ULTRAGAIN T1953 and how it compares to others like foucusrite, avalon etc. Seems good for the price..

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Avatar for Boogle
Boogle 8th March 2004
Avatar for miziq

Hi, i`m trying to set up 2 mic direct live acustic recording setup. For now im getting marantz cd recordes as some payoff for...

replies: 0 views: 3,142
Avatar for miziq
miziq 27th February 2004
Avatar for captain54

Budget monitor question here... I recently picked up a pair of Behringer Truth's from american musical when the...

replies: 19 views: 12,837
Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 14th January 2004
Avatar for Madrummer

I am currently in the market for a Behringer Mx 3282a and was just wondering if it is at all possible to get a meter bridge for...

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Avatar for Madrummer
Madrummer 25th December 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

This was on the table at the close of day two. In a snowstorm no less. Not seen in this picture is the empty champagne bottle...

Jay Kahrs
replies: 31 views: 4,298
Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 19th December 2003
Avatar for Jules

I am planning a B room to center around a 001. I need to stay with PT operation as I will be moving projects betwwen A & B...

replies: 55 views: 5,450
Avatar for Jules
Jules 2nd December 2003
Avatar for shaun thomas

i was thinking it would be cool to build some of my own mic pres. i did a search of this site and found some info on companies...

shaun thomas
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Avatar for shaun thomas
shaun thomas 22nd October 2003
Avatar for Saucyjack

Just got one of these on loan to play around manual What exactly do these units do to audio? I'm assuming it plays...

replies: 8 views: 5,474
Avatar for thethrillfactor
thethrillfactor 15th October 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

I bought a used Danelectro baritone last night. So, here's the stupid question. How is it supposed to be tuned? Is the low string...

Jay Kahrs
replies: 32 views: 6,226
Avatar for shaun thomas
shaun thomas 30th September 2003
Avatar for jsiyer

have the chance to buy an otari mx70 1" 16 track machine (unused but lying in storage for 6 years), for little or...

replies: 9 views: 9,079
Avatar for stuntmixer
stuntmixer 8th September 2003
Avatar for Mr Funk

I'm not sure if these have already been taled about??? 1. Luna looks interesting? $200...

Mr Funk
replies: 0 views: 1,581
Avatar for Mr Funk
Mr Funk 8th September 2003
Avatar for the_mouse

both of these monitors are available 2nd hand near me for a good price. The RRP new is pretty similar, but I can't listen to...

replies: 3 views: 2,322
Avatar for rockum
rockum 3rd September 2003
Avatar for dylanr

Kind of an odd thread heading... but here goes. I'm looking at getting a pair of 13" Zildjian Mastersound hihats for some...

replies: 15 views: 5,459
Avatar for dylanr
dylanr 12th August 2003
Avatar for fatty

(moved from another thread) this new el cheapo d.i. from behringer looks like a cool product. it can be set up as 2 seperate...

replies: 2 views: 1,972
Avatar for ExistanceMusic
ExistanceMusic 26th July 2003
Avatar for PlugHead

Anybody actually made one? (a la Fritz, etc.) I was reading michael w's post of his last project, and rekindled my desire to...

replies: 12 views: 6,944
Avatar for PlugHead
PlugHead 6th June 2003
Avatar for HaB

Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been recording my own material for years, and learned on old 1/2"...

replies: 40 views: 6,325
Avatar for sonic dogg
sonic dogg 4th June 2003
Avatar for covert

I occasionally, hell frequently, look at equipment lists for various studios, with an eye to what they have that I don't. I'm...

replies: 42 views: 6,337
Avatar for covert
covert 19th May 2003
Avatar for kosi

I'm building a new studio in the moment and want to have a cool place to record my vocalists. Any ideas about materials and...

replies: 16 views: 10,029
Avatar for ExistanceMusic
ExistanceMusic 28th April 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

Had one of those days. Everything sounded like poo IMHO but the band was into it, and while A/Bing to other stuff the sounds held...

Jay Kahrs
replies: 34 views: 4,492
Avatar for Jay Kahrs
Jay Kahrs 3rd April 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

That chocolate donuts and orange Gatorade don't taste good when consumed together. What have you figured out recently?

Jay Kahrs
replies: 51 views: 5,982
Avatar for Jules
Jules 1st March 2003
Avatar for rubykitty2000

There is no other way to explain what is happening in my studio lately. Any advice would be appreciated because I'm on the verge...

replies: 15 views: 2,242
Avatar for Jax
Jax 17th February 2003
Avatar for guittarzzan

Hi, I know this isn't an ideal drum room by a long shot, but is it possible to get some workable drum tracks in this size of a...

replies: 16 views: 5,177
Avatar for drummerman15
drummerman15 14th February 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

I've been using Tannoy PBM6.5's as my main nearfields for about three years so I think I'm pretty used to them and my mixes...

Jay Kahrs
replies: 44 views: 7,981
Avatar for mml
mml 13th February 2003
Avatar for Messiah

I've got a pair of these as my "I don't give a **** about 'em" pair of monitors to take about with me when I need them....

replies: 1 views: 2,434
Avatar for 7rojo7
7rojo7 12th February 2003
Avatar for Ol' Betsey

C'mon I need some DI's. Give me some hints. Give me some clues. Not your bog standard DI's but the one's that make you go...

Ol' Betsey
replies: 64 views: 15,526
Avatar for dave-G
dave-G 8th January 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

Dave, since all of you Nashville cats bring everything you need to a session and hand the engineer an XLR, how do they deal with...

Jay Kahrs
replies: 18 views: 3,129
Avatar for Roland
Roland 17th December 2002
Avatar for vudoo

Hi all, I'm looking to get some mics for room when tracking my drums. So far i have 2 Shure KSM32 for overhead, SM57...

replies: 9 views: 3,715
Avatar for samiam
samiam 18th October 2002
Avatar for vudoo

Ok guys i'll be getting a pair of either one of these mics...wich one ?? it'll be used for room mic. Thanks

replies: 2 views: 2,821
Avatar for e-cue
e-cue 15th October 2002
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Moved: Namm 2012!!!!

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1st January 1970
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1st January 1970


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