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Avatar for Blast9

Hi friends.... Heads up re the "newbie" sub forum, aimed at anyone just starting out. ...

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Avatar for Blast9
Blast9 1st February 2011
Avatar for Brian M. Boykin

I’m posting this here for my Low End buds. I paired an Ashly SC-40 and SC-50 as a recording chain. Both electric guitar and...

Brian M. Boykin
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Avatar for Brian M. Boykin
Brian M. Boykin 26 minutes ago
Avatar for guitarjack

tl;dr: Both Yamaha's very clear and informative sounding, the HS7 lacks a bit on the lower frequencies which the HS8 does not....

replies: 10 views: 619
Avatar for guitarjack
guitarjack 32 minutes ago
Avatar for Jackpunch

Apologies, its been 15 years since I recorded any music and I'm now confused. I have a Tascam dp24sd as my recorder (I do not...

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Avatar for Jackpunch
Jackpunch 39 minutes ago
Avatar for trigg

Hi guys, I’m looking for a simple yet effective way to record my upright piano in the living room, while still getting a good...

replies: 9 views: 593
Avatar for trigg
trigg 1 hour ago
Avatar for sspace

I’m thinking about taking a plunge and buying a high quality mic that is versatile to use on vocals, electric guitar amps,...

replies: 93 views: 2,881
Avatar for MoarAudioz
MoarAudioz 1 hour ago
Avatar for goom

I have some Waves compressors like the 76 that are just too slow to squash some transients I'm trying to tame, unless I'm doing...

replies: 8 views: 469
Avatar for MoarAudioz
MoarAudioz 1 hour ago
Avatar for centi

Hey all, Wanted a change of pace, so I'm selling my Rokits (RP5 G2) and buying comparable monitors. Just got the JBLs (new...

replies: 3 views: 1,477
Avatar for Bonzo4880
Bonzo4880 1 hour ago
Avatar for pdiddy boy

I was just on line checking out a few commercial studio's and came accross this link. Now reading the spec sheet of what the...

pdiddy boy
replies: 55 views: 4,336
Avatar for livingloud
livingloud 2 hours ago
Avatar for Nocode98

Hello - I have an Audient ID14 and I love it. My only issue with it is I cannot bipass the preamps in the future when I plan...

replies: 0 views: 63
Avatar for Nocode98
Nocode98 3 hours ago
Avatar for Trve_Kawaii

Hi, I'm looking for a good first mic for fiction (on a booming pole), cheap and polyvalent, and I wonder if the Oktava MK012 is...

replies: 2 views: 208
Avatar for Trve_Kawaii
Trve_Kawaii 5 hours ago
Avatar for rojaros

Hello, I sometimes need to just use my iPhone 6s+ with a lighting microphone (Shure MV88). I saw somewhere on the internet...

replies: 10 views: 657
Avatar for piper
piper 7 hours ago
Avatar for DanRather

does anybady know the CAD that was discontinued but sounded very close to the u87

replies: 79 views: 18,255
Avatar for mutetourettes
mutetourettes 7 hours ago
Avatar for goom

How do you get it to sound less lifeless and noisy?

replies: 22 views: 846
Avatar for pedroh
pedroh 7 hours ago
Avatar for Bezverh

Hi guys! Im a huge fan of MXL v67i ! I like the vintage tone of the mic. The mids works amazing for me. Im vioceover actor and...

replies: 7 views: 323
Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 15 hours ago
Avatar for IonicBreed

Has anyone had any luck using sm58's on toms?

replies: 50 views: 10,206
Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 20 hours ago
Avatar for Jeffguitar

I mean, we have the technology. I was looking at simple 4 track cassette recorders on Ebay, god, the prices have gone up. A few...

replies: 567 views: 13,043
Avatar for joeq
joeq 21 hours ago
Avatar for rov

I have seen these MBHO 219s get a lot of love with the SC and C versions, but I haven't seen anyone try their omni mics? It...

replies: 1 views: 499
Avatar for rov
rov 23 hours ago
Avatar for ArmorDarks

Hello to everyone and thank you for creating a nice audio-related community! Right now I'm choosing headphones and audio...

replies: 5 views: 313
Avatar for ArmorDarks
ArmorDarks 1 day ago
Avatar for nothingexpert

Hi guys, I am interested in opinions on how best to clock my setup. I currently have: Focusrite 18i20 Focusrite...

replies: 7 views: 254
Avatar for nothingexpert
nothingexpert 1 day ago
Avatar for YeloLeo96

Hi guys, I'm upgrading my home studio setup and am now looking at the best options for studio monitors. I'm going to be...

replies: 0 views: 127
Avatar for YeloLeo96
YeloLeo96 1 day ago
Avatar for kidvybes

...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

replies: 5,654 views: 586,510
Avatar for Mr Funk
Mr Funk 1 day ago
Avatar for clockochre

Hey everyone, lately I've been looking to replace the Mackie 1202 VLZ pro in my studio with something that has few more channels...

replies: 24 views: 1,542
Avatar for Tomiboy
Tomiboy 1 day ago
Avatar for CosmoHack

Hello everyone, I am an Echo Audiofire 8 user. I need more preamps and I came across the Behringer ADA8200 (ADAT channels) and...

replies: 0 views: 112
Avatar for CosmoHack
CosmoHack 1 day ago
Avatar for Bigbuzzum

Hey guys, I used a older Cad Vsm tube mic on vocals awhile back, and loved its full, rich sound. What is a good...

replies: 24 views: 6,628
Avatar for BudgetMC
BudgetMC 1 day ago
Avatar for mcanicos

Which monitor could be a replacement for the yamaha msp7 without having to invest a large sum of money? I have thought that the...

replies: 0 views: 132
Avatar for mcanicos
mcanicos 1 day ago
Avatar for sirabhorn

Hi there, I love the Langevin CR3A. There is many of them in studios around town but it's becoming harder and harder to...

replies: 0 views: 129
Avatar for sirabhorn
sirabhorn 1 day ago
Avatar for delco7

Has anyone gotten delivery of an MTK yet. What's the latest word on a ship date. Where are all the threads on this subject? Are...

replies: 998 views: 180,646
Avatar for dissideo
dissideo 2 days ago
Avatar for yuppy_114514

I'm going to buy the new microphone. However,I'm still beginner about microphone. That's why,I need a lot advice to buy new...

replies: 3 views: 316
Avatar for Wolfgang Tatum
Wolfgang Tatum 2 days ago
Avatar for ravecity24

I’ve got $400 to spend. I’m looking for a cheap 90s groovebox to pair with my MD. The more “tracks” and polyphony the...

replies: 0 views: 131
Avatar for ravecity24
ravecity24 2 days ago
Avatar for andrewj

Anyone tried the Fame microphones? They are sold via Musicstore in Germany/Europe!

replies: 40 views: 34,491
Avatar for rockmanrock
rockmanrock 2 days ago
Avatar for Jamfactorystudio

Hi guys. First post here but I've been a long time 'reader' I play live with a drummer who uses a metronome. I use a T-Rex...

replies: 12 views: 1,678
Avatar for PedalCloud5
PedalCloud5 2 days ago
Avatar for 227861

This is a really strange question but, I have pieces of paper on my computer desk and I kept finding somehow they looked as...

replies: 15 views: 5,601
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 2 days ago
Avatar for goom

I want to be energy efficient and not buy a 500-1000 watt amp for dinky little mix-cubes. Only considerations are fan noise....

replies: 0 views: 148
Avatar for goom
goom 2 days ago
Avatar for ThePhonetic

I go to University of Maryland; this is for a professional writing project. Any responses would be appreciated. Link: How do...

replies: 3 views: 313
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 3 days ago
Avatar for nick.

I'm looking to buy a mini k47 to replace my AT2035 but I see that it doesn't have that extra little kick after 10k that a U67...

replies: 8 views: 306
Avatar for MoarAudioz
MoarAudioz 3 days ago
Avatar for Timshults

Which headphones would you recommend for a drummer?

replies: 6 views: 433
Avatar for BIG BUDDHA
BIG BUDDHA 3 days ago
Avatar for boniver

Hello, I'm making a small projects on youtube, that involves narrating, and i dont have a decent gear to do that, and i don't...

replies: 31 views: 1,114
Avatar for BarcelonaMusic
BarcelonaMusic 3 days ago
Avatar for Blissy

Hey All, Anybody ever had any experience with the Soundtracs FME Console? Thanks B

replies: 0 views: 160
Avatar for Blissy
Blissy 3 days ago
replies: 8 views: 4,901
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 3 days ago
Avatar for Jeffguitar

Started doing a blues song with it right away but at first I didn't feel happy. I got this to pair with my Grace 101 pre, and it...

replies: 45 views: 9,401
Avatar for gamba66
gamba66 3 days ago
Avatar for navin advani

My (built in 2016) PC has the following configuration: Motherbaord: Asus Z170 pro with Intel i7 RAM: 16GB Graphics card:...

navin advani
replies: 9 views: 470
Avatar for stella645
stella645 4 days ago
replies: 415 views: 67,515
Avatar for Luca S.
Luca S. 4 days ago
Avatar for bareknucklejones

Hey guys... I know many Ramsa WR threads are out there but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on WR-T820 vs Yamaha...

replies: 4 views: 373
Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 4 days ago
Avatar for rojaros

I thought I'd share the result of my research about recording digitally to the SPDIF inpt of the Tascam DR-680. Because I...

replies: 7 views: 1,382
Avatar for alexlykos
alexlykos 4 days ago
Avatar for slimjim5792

Hi all, I feel like this is such a dumb problem/question but I'm absolutely stumped. I own a iRig Keys Pro 37 key MIDI...

replies: 8 views: 1,149
Avatar for Ryan_IK
Ryan_IK 4 days ago
Avatar for pquinn

Has anybody tried this yet? Its going for $5 for existing customers.

replies: 2 views: 682
Avatar for sokoleski
sokoleski 4 days ago
Avatar for zohomoho

Anyone have experience with them? Especially the CK12. It looks as though they are OEM capsules that they skin and tweak...

replies: 2 views: 360
Avatar for Strick9
Strick9 5 days ago
Avatar for digimatt

Hi everyone, here´s a question about the Behringer ADA8200 DA conversion only. I´m interested to know how you guys would...

replies: 2 views: 1,823
Avatar for Nyroh
Nyroh 5 days ago
Avatar for pacifique

which one sounds brighter? (consdiering that v67i is using bright mode) and which one has more warmth as well as more mid-upper...

replies: 1 views: 916
Avatar for Bezverh
Bezverh 5 days ago
Avatar for siike92

Hey Gearslutz! Over the past 2 years I've been developing a low cost ($120) paraphonic synthesizer module called Dark Arcade....

replies: 14 views: 767
Avatar for Subverter
Subverter 5 days ago


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