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When you record direct to your DAW you are getting exactly what your mic is picking up. Right? Why not simply use plug in to do...

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Raaphorst 53 minutes ago
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I have a simple setup. Audient iD4 into my iMac. This noise occurs when Im monitoring a microphone and when I monitor an...

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To Mega Therion 1 hour ago
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Hi, I have a treated room for recording, I treated it with oc703 and I have a pair of RCF AYRA 6. Recently one monitor died due...

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To Mega Therion 1 hour ago
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Hello, for mixing and production purposes only which of the two will translate better mix for clubs and big sound systems. As...

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To Mega Therion 1 hour ago
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Would you guys rather spend $1000 on a used Blue Kiwi or $1000 on a Neumann TLM 102 & a WA76 Comp? I'm looking to record...

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b0se 1 hour ago
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Looking for a good 414 style mic in around the sub 400/unit price. Multipattern is a must, however cardiod, omni and figure 8 are...

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mamm7215 2 hours ago
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I've got into recording a few years ago. First I mastered bass tone. Then I got guitars dialed in decently (both acoustic and...

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Dr. Mordo 3 hours ago
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Hi everyone... I am looking for budget soundcard for home mixing with headphones mostly. These two(UR12 & Audiobox96) are...

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MrKahuna 5 hours ago
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Been lucky enough to get my hands on one of these machines again. A real prize piece, at that. I've owned one before, and they...

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Fred187 9 hours ago
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Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've been slowly learning the basics of engineering/recording with a very...

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jdier 10 hours ago
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I'm getting a preamp for my SM7B and I learned about this guy. Based on specs and a few posts I saw online, people seem super...

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oxband 15 hours ago
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...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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Progger 16 hours ago
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Who is this product for? People with Dynamic (or Ribbon) microphones that have a problem with mic recordings being too quiet or...

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Luca Giordano 16 hours ago
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I just pulled the trigger and it's now in the mail. From the specs seams promising: Cardioid: Self-noise: 14.0 dB(A)...

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RandomPerson 17 hours ago
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Just a mixing engineer and music producer from the far east here, No professional singing skills at all, and forgive me for...

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Dohreetoh 20 hours ago
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Hey GS! Long time lurker, first time poster, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Basically, I started my first...

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NickRhymes 22 hours ago
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Alctron mics look pretty amazing for the price. Anyone used one? sSgI6vy94ZE owy0T5GpKjY

Eric Stravinsky
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Eric Stravinsky 23 hours ago
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Hi guys, I can pick up some Beyerdynamic M81's (an M818 stereo set) for about 150 euros. Are they worth the money? I'm not...

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auguzt 23 hours ago
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Anybody here use Superlux mics? Besides the S502? I'm interested in the S241 and the CM-8HC condensers. And maybe their ribbon...

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Felix233 1 day ago
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I've read several times about yesteryears much used studio technique of driving reel-to-reel tape hot for some analogue clipping...

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TheLastByte 1 day ago
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Good Morning, I'm looking for a little help reconfiguring my set up a bit. Last night I purchased a Warm Audio buss...

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TheLastByte 1 day ago
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Hey gear fam! Used this platform so many times for info and thought I’d join to try and get some input on this. I have an...

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tame1 1 day ago
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I've been testing the R24 as a backup device for my ProTools setup (basically, An original OctoPre feeding a Digi002 via ADAT,...

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psychedelic 1 day ago

Anyone heard them? Dirt cheap. Cheaper than Golden Age...and that was dirt cheap. Probably not great for Golden Age, who as a...

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mrufino1 1 day ago
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Just got my Neumann TLM 103 and I find it absolutely amazing with my Blue Robbie tube pre! The tube I’m using at the moment is...

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pencilextremist 1 day ago
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Hello. I did check if someone had asked this question before and im pretty sure no one has so here goes. Regarding...

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CJ Mastering 1 day ago
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Okay so, it's been many many years, well 10, so I am starting all over from scratch. Looking for input and additions and ideas....

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elegentdrum 1 day ago
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hi everyone, i have to take a raydat rme to be able to connect 4 preamps via adat toslink. i wanted to know using the expansion...

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Danny83 1 day ago
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I am curious what’s in YOUR mic locker?? Mine: Oktava MK319 (Russian ) CAD E100 (American) ...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
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Hi folks, this is my first post so be gentle. I have searched for similar but can't find someone with quite the same problem. ...

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paulsadler 1 day ago
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Hello, Looking to set up a 5.1 system in a room that 1100 square feet, 40 ft wide by 27 ft. drywall room, 10ft ceiling. It is a...

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mattiasnyc 1 day ago
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I know this gets posted A LOT but I thought id ask too. I sold all my gear at some point (Hands were tied) So i'm trying to...

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CJ Mastering 1 day ago
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Does anyone use the DRP-5? If yes, for what do you use it and how do you like it? I saw they can be have pretty cheap and would...

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Astero Idea 1 day ago
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Hi everyone! So this quarantine has forced me to adapt my creative outlet. I normally play live with my band but since most of...

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chessparov2.0 2 days ago
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How's it going I ordered a x0xb0x black monster just before the new year from x0xsh0p/sound imperium. I bought it through ebay...

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euchas 2 days ago
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So I have 4 mics at my disposal - Aston Origin LDC, stereo pair of Oktava MK-012 SDC, and a Shure SM57 dynamic. I have 3 mic...

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Gab_Azz 2 days ago
Avatar for RandomPerson

- Zoom U44 + Zoom Exh 6 - Focusrite 4i4 - Arturia Audiofuse (although I cannot find out what is the weight of it) Any...

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RandomPerson 2 days ago
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Hi All, At first I was going to just let this go, but I feel others should know the complete and utter hell I have gone through...

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bill5 2 days ago
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I am trying to record guitar tracks direct using the Daking Mic Pre IV instrument ins. When doing so my guitar will make a...

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neogardguitar 2 days ago
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Female vocal. Singing style mostly soft, on a quiet side. Is dynamic mic like SM58 going to be sufficient (never tried)? Or...

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pimket 2 days ago
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I've been trying to get my hands on a good hardware visual spectrum analyzer and put it under my monitors so that I can just see...

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MowingDevil 3 days ago
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Hi peeps, Here comes a bit of a novel, but I thought someone else might also benefit from the details. So, I am in the process...

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To Mega Therion 3 days ago
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Hi! Anyone have any experience using the Sony SRP poweramps of the late 90s to power a pair of passiv monitors? The specs looks...

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Zebra_PD 3 days ago
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My dedicated Daw is Win7. I just ordered an SSL2+. Hoping I can run it bug free in win7. Is anyone out there running SSL2 on...

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Sylvain 4 days ago
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Hi everyone, sorry for my English, I'm using google translate, it's my first post and I signed up because I find GS very active...

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Danny83 4 days ago
Avatar for ElectricZombie

Hello, I recently purchased an FMR PBC-6A off of Reverb and unfortunately it arrived with no power supply! It says 9V but I tried...

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JLast 4 days ago
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I have a typical bedroom studio setup. Right now, my Yamaha HS7's rest on Auralex MoPads at each end of my flat desk. I want...

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VenVile 5 days ago
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Hi slutz, hope you're all keeping safe. Just ordered an Antelope Zen Tour on impulse at a very good price. Is this an...

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VenVile 5 days ago
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curious about em. i noticed that all their mics just got about 50% cheaper a few months ago or something. there's hardly any...

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eldoke 5 days ago
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Hi, everyone ! The title says the essential, I think, but more details are probably needed. I'm rather poor on mics, actually :...

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cubic13 5 days ago


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