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I work at my college radio station. We have a bunch of people who really care about the sound of their show, and that's great....

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JohnDrake 41 minutes ago
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How is your MOTU 16A holding up for you today? I've been thinking about getting one myself since I've heard good things about...

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Nyroh 1 hour ago
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There’s a Midas Venice F32 Mixer for sale locally for what seems like a decent price. My main use for a mixer is 1) live drum...

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Ricky3278 2 hours ago
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It has to be a wireless mic, probably tucked under the shirt? I can't see a transmitter on his body though. What else could it...

In The Mix
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Frankie Mumbles 2 hours ago
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Female vocal. Singing style mostly soft, on a quiet side. Is dynamic mic like SM58 going to be sufficient (never tried)? Or...

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N1Greg 2 hours ago
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Hi, all. Quick question... 1. Can you hit the AD converter directly with your own external preamps? 2. Anyone using...

I play in a ban
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JLast 5 hours ago
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Here's my scenario: I'm running through and Audient ASP880 and iD44 into my computer and taking lines out into my Behringer...

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jcowan 5 hours ago
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TITLE SHOULD READ: Recording electric guitar with no amp. Is DI or through my mic preamp enough these days? There are lots of...

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JLast 6 hours ago
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hello, i currently have a focusrite scarlet with outputs connected to a soundcraft ghost. now when i track with a NEVE 511...

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JLast 6 hours ago
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Hey all, I’ve been trying to dial in exactly the next leap in my gear chain and wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on some of...

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FoodProduct 8 hours ago
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Hey Gearslutz, I'm trying to get our x32 to be an interface. I'm using a Mac and Reaper for my DAW. I've selected USB in the...

Ham of Truth
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bluestarfighter 9 hours ago
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Hello, I have been looking for a home studio mixing/recording pair of monitors and been directed towards the Genelec 8310 but...

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Matti 9 hours ago
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Hi people, I have been looking at a few 'affordable' analog consoles recently, some A&H stuff, Amek, D&R etc, so by...

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mattiasnyc 10 hours ago
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These mikes get suggested every now and then as decent pencils for cheap. Does anyone have them? What do you use it for?...

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RandomPerson 12 hours ago
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Since the new Presonus series was released, I can see quite some StudioLive 24.4.2 or 16.x.2 offered on ebay. For a setup...

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inorx 12 hours ago
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My initial thought was to buy one good set to use for both. It would need to be closed due to tracking. But semi-open or open...

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makinao 14 hours ago
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So with the lockdown and all I've become fairly bored and figured it's probably not the worst time to look around and try and...

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chessparov2.0 16 hours ago
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Hi All, I have been asked by my cello teacher to try and find a good (and cheap) USB microphone that she could make her...

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3rd Degree 19 hours ago
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Well the time has come. I’ve switched to Pro Tools 12 and I’m still using my Digi 002 I want to purchase something new...

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CISUM 20 hours ago
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Hi! I thought it most appropriate to post this here in the low end theory, as all my builds are focused on maximum impact...

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sameal 21 hours ago
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Hi Gearslutz members, I pose this with a certain hesitation for asking this potentially silly question, but figured people...

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kcswimjk 23 hours ago
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When you record direct to your DAW you are getting exactly what your mic is picking up. Right? Why not simply use plug in to do...

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italo de angelis 1 day ago
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I've got into recording a few years ago. First I mastered bass tone. Then I got guitars dialed in decently (both acoustic and...

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rboy 1 day ago
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I`ve noticed some songs won`t play entirely right on my small bluetooth PEAQ speaker. I`ve tried the same songs on other...

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Thq 1 day ago
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...there are a few higher-end LDC mics that offer multiple voicings, but I've never seen one this affordable...anybody have any...

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legato 1 day ago
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So, I've been going crazy lately Researching and researching about mics and all the little differences and comparison videos and...

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chessparov2.0 1 day ago
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HI Ive decided to add a sub to my set up.. I currently use a pair of Studiospares Seiwin 8A (8") nearfields. Any...

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alfgarcia 1 day ago
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Hi, I have a treated room for recording, I treated it with oc703 and I have a pair of RCF AYRA 6. Recently one monitor died due...

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vashuba 1 day ago
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I'm really liking the pre amps of new budget minded audio interfaces like the Audient and the SSL2. Currently I'm using a...

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JLast 1 day ago
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Now that Octavamod is down, who's the best mic modder out there for 2019? So back in 2012 after tons of research, I got my...

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ardis 1 day ago
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Hello! I found an Alesis NanoCompressor for 100 GBP (120 USD), in good condition with minor cosmetic scuffs. It comes with...

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tINY 2 days ago
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Would you guys rather spend $1000 on a used Blue Kiwi or $1000 on a Neumann TLM 102 & a WA76 Comp? I'm looking to record...

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DistortingJack 2 days ago
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hi slutz, hope you're keeping safe. Presently have an Apogee Duet, which I really like for recording &...

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macb3th 2 days ago
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Hi guys, I'm considering the behringer x touch compact and faderport 8 for studio one 4 automation. Where I live, I can get the...

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FlamingOnion 2 days ago
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Hi everyone, Going to try an L10, but I'm curious how many of you have been successful with either Midas 500 series...

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kslight 2 days ago
Avatar for Fred187

Been lucky enough to get my hands on one of these machines again. A real prize piece, at that. I've owned one before, and they...

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Dokterrock 2 days ago
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Hi all, any suggestions on a budget shockmount for a Neumann u87? Thanks,ob1

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NoPro 2 days ago
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Hi everyone! So this quarantine has forced me to adapt my creative outlet. I normally play live with my band but since most of...

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JAT 2 days ago
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Hi guys, I can pick up some Beyerdynamic M81's (an M818 stereo set) for about 150 euros. Are they worth the money? I'm not...

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auguzt 2 days ago
Avatar for Nedrum

Hey Everyone! Apologies if this has been asked before but Im getting a bit lost! I have a Octopre that I am looking to...

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MrKahuna 2 days ago
Avatar for Kusstard

Hey gear fam! Used this platform so many times for info and thought I’d join to try and get some input on this. I have an...

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Kusstard 2 days ago
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I’ve got an Avedis MA5, and I need to rack it. I’ve read some reviews of the Bento 2 slot, where people had noise issues...

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DrScruggs 2 days ago
Avatar for mweilermpls

Okay so, it's been many many years, well 10, so I am starting all over from scratch. Looking for input and additions and ideas....

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JohnDrake 3 days ago
Avatar for Cloud Bass

Im currently in the market for new studio monitors. A little background info, coming KRK Rokit 8 gen3s I love them for what I...

Cloud Bass
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Monk u 3 days ago
Avatar for gasolin

I want a little more power from my hifi system (85db sensitive speakers) 125-150 watt in 8 ohm so i always have enough clean...

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Avatar for gasolin
gasolin 3 days ago
Avatar for mattrico

Just in case anyone is seeing these out in the market for sale and is wondering how they sound (and also how they compare to the...

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mattrico 3 days ago
Avatar for eldon2975

Products – iSK Pro Audio Has anyone here tried those HD-9999 headphones ?

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Avatar for mattrico
mattrico 3 days ago
Avatar for Dohreetoh

So I just realized that I still have this sample of a cheap Chinese shotgun mic kicking around on my computer. It costs the same...

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Dohreetoh 3 days ago
Avatar for B i e b e r

Hello Does the UAD Arrow contain the same converters & preamp as the apollo twin duo? I'm thinking about purchasing one....

B i e b e r
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Avatar for Universal Audio
Universal Audio 4 days ago
Avatar for ckargi

Hi everyone... I am looking for budget soundcard for home mixing with headphones mostly. These two(UR12 & Audiobox96) are...

replies: 8 views: 254
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ckargi 4 days ago


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