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Low End Theory

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Avatar for Blast9

Hi friends.... Heads up re the "newbie" sub forum, aimed at anyone just starting out. ...

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Avatar for Blast9
Blast9 1st February 2011
Avatar for perple

I have the SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2 passive volume control and switch box. I know this gets some love round these parts. In theory,...

replies: 49 views: 17,180
Avatar for DanDan
DanDan 28 minutes ago
Avatar for TrojanekGA

Hey all, Could really use some help/suggestions after too many hours of research. I'm stepping up my studio gear and have...

replies: 5 views: 382
Avatar for Art Chi
Art Chi 1 hour ago
Avatar for Jaked4ge

I am looking at overheads for under 300 a pair. I was looking at the Sennheiser E614 and the MXL 993 and was wondering how they...

replies: 19 views: 726
Avatar for Vern
Vern 1 hour ago
Avatar for ayskura

Hi Gearslutz! Here I am wondering if anyone here could help me with some advice. I'm (re)setting up a studio/rehearsal room...

replies: 20 views: 8,945
Avatar for Vern
Vern 1 hour ago
Avatar for SnickSound

ART TransX Microphone Preamp | Sweetwater Dual mic-pre with Jensen input transfo (but nameless output transfo), variable...

replies: 52 views: 3,695
Avatar for Vern
Vern 1 hour ago
Avatar for Fret

Hey gang, Quick one here. I have in my mic locker three budget LDC Microphones: 1. SE Electronics se2200a Large Diaphragm Mic...

replies: 13 views: 624
Avatar for shufflebeat
shufflebeat 6 hours ago
Avatar for Borz

Hello All, I am looking for a microphone to record solo cello but also be versatile so I can use it for other instruments as...

replies: 26 views: 1,023
Avatar for TinyCrossfade
TinyCrossfade 8 hours ago
Avatar for Trebor75

I hooked them up to my Apollo in stereo just for fun and tried them on some different sources in a mix I'm working on, like drums...

replies: 8 views: 532
Avatar for lame pseudonym
lame pseudonym 9 hours ago
Avatar for M.S.P.

I was thinking of picking up something to input drum midi easier and just happened to see these. Yah, they are kinda cheesey, but...

replies: 1 views: 153
Avatar for cavern
cavern 10 hours ago
Avatar for delgue

I'm looking to get a recorder that I can leave overnight in the deep woods and hope to pick up unique sounds. Think wolves,...

replies: 7 views: 338
Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 20 hours ago
Avatar for govname

Any suggestions? Here’s my set up. Analog Four as master Korg es-1 as slave Modular skiff to A4’s audio in+cv...

replies: 0 views: 194
Avatar for govname
govname 22 hours ago
Avatar for WeirdMusician

Hello! So, I am looking to build up my PA setup a bit more to actually do some (more or less) proper live sound with my limited...

replies: 1 views: 276
Avatar for WeirdMusician
WeirdMusician 1 day ago
Avatar for chrischoir

Hi Does nay one here use a Summit Audio 2BA-221 with bass?? can it distort bass well? thanks

replies: 3 views: 303
Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 1 day ago
Avatar for UWStudios

Hi Everyone! I own a small studio and thinking to start recording on it. I don't have a mixer and thinking to buy one...

replies: 7 views: 16,257
Avatar for Fanger Pappet
Fanger Pappet 1 day ago
Avatar for SunkenCity

So I Bought some Edyne pres the other day, I have been eyeballing em for a while and someone put a pair up for a good deal lower...

replies: 2 views: 436
Avatar for adumbfish
adumbfish 1 day ago
Avatar for destructo

I'm looking to buy new headphones (edit: actually just picked up hd600s for $286) and a headphone amp and I've narrowed it down...

replies: 2 views: 400
Avatar for destructo
destructo 2 days ago
Avatar for t0ad

Hi all, I've been recording guitars (mainly for preprod purposes) for some time now on a most minimal setup (guitar->usb...

replies: 34 views: 925
Avatar for 12ax7
12ax7 2 days ago
Avatar for Fremen Warrior

Hi folks! I just bought a Audient ID14 for my little home studio and now im searching about a good (and not too expensive)...

Fremen Warrior
replies: 1 views: 353
Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 2 days ago
Avatar for Van Handpan

traded music lessons on my handpan for this beauty but cant keep it due to sheer mass. unfortunately im taking it to bananas at...

Van Handpan
replies: 3 views: 384
Avatar for BrassElephant
BrassElephant 2 days ago
Avatar for Fret

Hey guys, Any of ye had any experience with the ‘discontinued’ shure sm85?

replies: 0 views: 309
Avatar for Fret
Fret 2 days ago
Avatar for thecity

Hi, can anybody tell the exact years when the 1604 VLZ, 1604 VLT PRO, SR24-4, SR24-4 VLZ and SR24-4 VLZ PRO have been...

replies: 4 views: 2,068
Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 2 days ago
Avatar for goodkeys

Hello everybody For my new speakers - the superb Geithain RL 906 - I'm looking for a small, inexpensive monitor controller....

replies: 36 views: 19,366
Avatar for wormcycle
wormcycle 3 days ago
Avatar for delco7

Has anyone gotten delivery of an MTK yet. What's the latest word on a ship date. Where are all the threads on this subject? Are...

replies: 942 views: 159,550
Avatar for benxiwf
benxiwf 3 days ago
Avatar for 323496

I have come across this very strange problem with my Roland Studio Capture. When setting the mic gain, there's a hum that...

replies: 21 views: 2,713
Avatar for JackCiarniello
JackCiarniello 3 days ago
Avatar for Konan

Hi everyone, I'm currently using some shure SM58's as my main recording mics, and I do really like them both, one is pre 1984,...

replies: 22 views: 745
Avatar for LADLS
LADLS 3 days ago
Avatar for musicalavtech

After doing searches of this forum's vast knowledge-base, and experimentation, I know not to use a DI box for reamping. It can...

replies: 4 views: 447
Avatar for musicalavtech
musicalavtech 3 days ago
Avatar for MartinCooper

I don't like using headphones. Could you recommend me a small usb speaker or similar to always carry on my backpack? Anyone...

replies: 5 views: 503
Avatar for beepo eugen
beepo eugen 3 days ago
Avatar for jertum

Hi everyone. Although I've been reading the forums for a while now, this is my first post. I'd really appreciate your help with...

replies: 27 views: 997
Avatar for Lance Lawson
Lance Lawson 3 days ago
Avatar for beepo eugen

Hello since it's my first post here i will introduce myself :) I'm Eugen, from Romania and i like to compress and...

beepo eugen
replies: 5 views: 389
Avatar for beepo eugen
beepo eugen 3 days ago
Avatar for tibrocks

Hi all, I wanted to ask your opinion on how those 3 mic preamps that I'm looking at compare? Behringer Pre-Q - solid state,...

replies: 9 views: 590
Avatar for Macky
Macky 3 days ago
Avatar for Fret

Hey Guys, This is my fisrt thread and hope ye can help me out. I am a recording and mixing hobbiest, who like many of you,...

replies: 9 views: 496
Avatar for Fret
Fret 4 days ago
Avatar for analysis230

Hi everyone, I am a complete noob to the podcast/audio recording scene. I was considering investing in scarlett 2i2 as my first...

replies: 4 views: 331
Avatar for analysis230
analysis230 4 days ago
Avatar for Jaked4ge

I am going to be recording alot of drums in the future and my Fastrack Ultra 8r isnt cutting it. I need something nice with 8...

replies: 31 views: 972
Avatar for digibird
digibird 4 days ago
Avatar for ChrisFitzgerald

First post in a while here. I have done a search and have learned a few things but would like to narrow things down. Hope I am in...

replies: 7 views: 1,252
Avatar for Scratcher
Scratcher 4 days ago
Avatar for DrAudioBot

seems they're available in the US. does anybody have them and can compare to the originals? curious.

replies: 38 views: 6,173
Avatar for Transilmania
Transilmania 4 days ago
Avatar for gomezderiquet

hi all, i've searched the threads and hope i'm not duplicating. please feel free to redirect (or mods, please relocate thread if...

replies: 3 views: 272
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 4 days ago
Avatar for tonez

Just wondering how the APS Klasik's sound? How do they translate and are they pleasing to listen to. I'm tired of my Adam A7X...

replies: 105 views: 9,818
Avatar for Martel80
Martel80 4 days ago
replies: - views: -
Avatar for wrgkmc
wrgkmc 4 days ago
Avatar for Mehm

Hey all, I am wanting to replace an old Sapphire interface. I'm not recording drums or more than 2 mics at a time. I do...

replies: 2 views: 378
Avatar for Mehm
Mehm 5 days ago
Avatar for Johnmack

Does anyone have any experience with the Alto ZMX862 mixer, I've been searching the web for reviews, but can't find...

replies: 4 views: 7,427
Avatar for gfmucci
gfmucci 5 days ago
Avatar for chrisjones

I have two that comes with the red wooden box. And also one of the deluxe version. Anyway just found this on ebay: VINTAGE Pair...

replies: 14 views: 4,706
Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 5 days ago
Avatar for Fret

Hi Guys, Im looking to upgrade my preamps for my drum recordings, particulary Overheads and Drum Room Mics, but I can't choose...

replies: 0 views: 51
Avatar for Fret
Fret 6 days ago
Avatar for nt2a

It was my first preamp. I had a pci audio card that i connected it to by m-audio as well. it supposedly has 75dB og gain which is...

replies: 46 views: 5,072
Avatar for kodebode
kodebode 6 days ago
Avatar for Briac

I would like to use the monitor outputs of my Scarlett 18i8 audio interface to feed into 4 headphones. After some research (I'm...

replies: 13 views: 614
Avatar for WorldPowerLabs
WorldPowerLabs 6 days ago
Avatar for W30Slut

Hi, Are there still Roland W30 users? I want to create a dedicated Roland W30 site with tips and tricks, new school sounds,...

replies: 16 views: 6,215
Avatar for danu1997
danu1997 6 days ago
Avatar for rafferty

Hi guys, I´ve been reading the forum researching all the MXL v67 mods you guys have done. This month i got one as a gift (a hi...

replies: 17 views: 543
Avatar for Moon Unit Sound
Moon Unit Sound 6 days ago
Avatar for Nosajjao

Hello, I've been recording and mixing at my current level for about 3-4 years with a decent amount of equipment and...

replies: 44 views: 1,140
Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 6 days ago
Avatar for Veritas521

Hey gang, Long time lurker here, never posted before, but I've recently gotten the opportunity to open my own studio. Things...

replies: 27 views: 1,028
Avatar for SwitchesAndDials
SwitchesAndDials 6 days ago
Avatar for Konan

hi everyone, just a quick question regarding the Scarlett 2i4. I'm using one or another SM58 I own to record vocals, but I...

replies: 8 views: 499
Avatar for cyberman
cyberman 1 week ago
Avatar for shanetsh

Hey guys, i just got Id22 and Mico in the mail today. And i have to tell you that i am rather disappointed by its headphone amp....

replies: 49 views: 6,099
Avatar for Dallon426
Dallon426 1 week ago


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