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The guitar pedal thread
Old 20th September 2002
The guitar pedal thread

OK what you got?



1) Hot cake
2) Boss Chorus Ensemble (Jazz Chorus FX in a heavy green pedal)


SansAmp bass pedal
Everything good..

Let's go!

List: Have & Want

Try to tick to pedals and "noise enhancers", leave Di's out of it...

Old 20th September 2002
Lives for gear
Tim L's Avatar

These are the haves:
  • MXR distortion+ "81"
  • MXR phase 100 (late 70's)
  • Sansamp Bass DI
  • Boss BF1 flanger
  • Morley "Bad Horsie" wah

And some want's
  • Delay pedal... just dumped the one I had because of the noise.
  • Anything Fulltone !
  • Anything cool!
Old 20th September 2002
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar

you cant go wrong with the entire moogerfooger line.

but there are just too many damn pedals that are cool to even contemplating on listing.

big muffs

you kinda just gotta become a collector of them.... get one or two every month. they are "cheap" anyway.
Old 20th September 2002
Lives for gear
imacgreg's Avatar
Ok, here's the list:

1. Modified Crybaby Wah-wah
2. Boss Tremelo
3. Boss Digital Delay w/tap fs
4. Old school proco Rat
5. Old DOD Phasor
6. Boss Flanger
7. Boss Chorus
8. Homemade Fuzz Face
9. Ernie Ball Volume

I really want one of those old style digitech wammy pedals.
Old 20th September 2002
Gear Addict
cymatics's Avatar

Got a few others that are at my practice space. BTW, the 'fish' pedal is a Boss Super OD.

- jon
Old 21st September 2002
Lives for gear
Midlandmorgan's Avatar

original Dyna Comp; original TS 808; Boss Blues Driver and CS3; Vox wah; Nobels ODR1; Ibanez 305, TK999, ADL...too many, really...need to get a ReAmp...

Best kept secret is the BK Butler rack model BlueTube almost always a preamp for DI, and works great as a processor when looped in a line level...
Old 21st September 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar

Danelectro Octave Fuzz
Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus
Tech 21 GT2 Sansamp, Comptortion, XXL
Ross Phaser
DOD Fuzz, Grunge, Gonkulator
Boss SD-1 overdrive, Metal Zone
Ibanez digital delay

Want? Just about anything cool. I'd like to get an ADA or MXR flanger, a regular octave pedal, EQ and maybe a few more distortion pedals. Most of the EH pedals are pretty sweet.
Old 21st September 2002
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar

you know how many people have tried to walk out of my studio with that digitech multiplay? i wont give that one up ever.
Old 21st September 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
Dano Pepperoni (sounds like a quiet Phase90)
sad I only own one pedal

Tube Screamer (or the one made by the people who made the original)
Big Muff
Mesa tube guy in that picture above
Good Flanger (any thoughts)
and many others
Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Maniac
Mats Olsson's Avatar

TC Electronic Line Driver/Booster/Distortion
TC Electronic Chorus/Flanger/Pitch Modulator (old)
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman (first edition)
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix WahWah
Ibanez Tube Driver
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress (old)
Electro Harmonix Octivider (old)
Electro Harmonix Pan Pedal (old battleship, can be used as a vol pedal)
DIY A/B box

Old 22nd September 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
Originally posted by Drumsound

Mesa tube guy in that picture above
Good Flanger (any thoughts)
I tried the Mesa V-Twin a few times and wasn't all that knocked out with it. It sounds like a pedal rather then an amp IMHO. With that said, I love my Dual Rectumfryer. For a good flanger look at the EH box, the MXR or an ADA reissue if you can find one. I tried the Danelectro mini flanger and it sounded cool but I want something that's made better and a little cooler like the MXR because after all, I am a gearslut. I also have a Dunlop Crybaby wah around. Forgot to mention that the first time out.
Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
Originally posted by Jay Kahrs

I tried the Mesa V-Twin a few times and wasn't all that knocked out with it. It sounds like a pedal rather then an amp IMHO. With that said, I love my Dual Rectumfryer. For a good flanger look at the EH box, the MXR or an ADA reissue if you can find one. I tried the Danelectro mini flanger and it sounded cool but I want something that's made better and a little cooler like the MXR because after all, I am a gearslut. I also have a Dunlop Crybaby wah around. Forgot to mention that the first time out.
Who is EH? Electro Harmonix? I love the Small Stone and Big Muff. I've got a friend with the Mesa, I'll borrow his first.

I will never buy a Wah. I hate those things!
Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Maniac

Why do some people say to stay away from the line-6 racks but that they like the pedals?
Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Nut

Originally posted by Drumsound

Good Flanger (any thoughts)
The Fulltone Choralflange is by most reports pretty stout...

Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Addict
cymatics's Avatar

Originally posted by Jay Kahrs

I tried the Mesa V-Twin a few times and wasn't all that knocked out with it. It sounds like a pedal rather then an amp IMHO.
Yeah, I liked it a lot more when I first got it. It doesn't see too much action these days. The clean channel is poop, but the distortion channels can be useful for the right application.

- jon
Old 22nd September 2002
Gear Maniac
vsl666's Avatar

Talking i love stomp boxes

my new fav is
EH attack splits the sound into lo/hi and then #
changes the attack time if each seperatly,,,sounds
boring but its very very usful

screeming tree
q tron
electric mistress
brown sauce
mutron phazzzzz
univibe ..makes it louder pedal ...dunno name
soul preacher (comp)
black finger (hippy comp)
that cool wah with the dip switches...
coloursound fuzz wah
colour sound wah
colur sound phazzer
colour sound sustain

NEEDS (not wants)
small stone
a nice tape delay that is not a roland
alaphas moogfoogers


but a nice amp is first

fuuck fuuck

Old 23rd September 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
Originally posted by Drumsound
Who is EH? Electro Harmonix?

I will never buy a Wah. I hate those things!
That's the one. EH is just so much eaiser to type. I love my wah pedal. It's a nice thing to have around and if you don't like it now you will in another few years when it comes around again. As a guitar player if I'm going to have one pedal on stage at a gig it's going to be my wah pedal.
Old 23rd September 2002
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar

man... dean ween with just his strat, wah, and mesa combo amp is just retarded.... just sounds like to wah i have ever heard.
Old 23rd September 2002
Gear Addict
muddy's Avatar

the t.c. elect's chorus/flanger is still, imho, THE grooviest pedal (WE-L-L-L, maybe after the old e.h. 16, or whatevah it was called, second delay) ever made. and more so (the chorus, in particular) for what it doesn't add; it's the only pedal that manages to pull off those 2 efx transparently. with it's parameters at their lowest settings, it always seems to lift (i'm speaking clean guitar settings here) the overall sound; quite magical what it does for the top end. mine (bought in the late 70's) finally saw the ghost. i need to get another. the bitch is, they STILL go for around $300 bloody bucks, new!

the other pedal (that i also no longer own) is the boss sd-1; you know, the little yellow monster with only 3 knobs. this was, bar none, the greatest box for overdriving a tube (ONLY!) amp. you needed two to achieve metal-like distortion (and it was really in the sustain, rather than the distorto dept., that it approached those proportions), but it had this notch in the mids that gave it an undeniable definition, the kind that you always tend to lose with distortion/fuzz boxes.

my setup is rather simplistic these days. from a strat, into a digitech whammy (yeah, i need a good wah pedal!), into an aquilar db900 (the only thing keepin' this mofo from being the best pedal on the planet, is the fact that it ain't a pedal!), into an ashly sg100 (gate), into an fmr rnc1773 (sorry, but it just sounds better before, rather than after, the preamp), into a tech21 trademark60. i have a digitech dsp 256xl (yeah, i need a good multi-efx unit, but i only use it live.) patched in between the pre & power amps. i'll eventually get one of t-21's power engine 60 power amp combo's, so's i can run a stereo setup live. gotta tell ya, this setup rocks!!! quite versatile, without sacrificing one style/sound over another. the db900 is really what glues it all together.

what i'd like to get:

a great wah (maybe the clyde jobby?)
another tce chorus/flange
one of those oberheim (now gibson?) echoplex digital pro's
an eventide sumfin' or other (eclipse? their shite is so-o-o dear!)
a little labs pcp distro (oh my gawd!)

what i WILL get:

a set (to replace the currently installed lace holy grails) of chris kinman's ( ) trad avn noiseless pickups!!!

Old 23rd September 2002
Lives for gear
adam_w's Avatar

Jekyll n' Hyde (there's a picture in an earlier post..looks like a metal shield - two tube screamer circuits - TOGETHER ! )
Shred O Matic (valve/diode/both filth pedal)
Small Stone
Dan O Wah (totally insane..looks like a car.. wah/ "distortion" (the term is used lightly here..) /octave thing)
Zoom 3030
No name Auto-Wah which doesn't wah, more like produces subsonic shit that makes your speakers pop out of the cones or
else does something else quite evil


Everything, mate ! I'm on a pedal renaissance !

currently have a stiffy for :

old boss chorus - the 80's are coming back !
digitech whammy
big muff

Had a guy in recently with a pete cornish spaceship lookin' pedalboard the size of a small car - what a beast ! LED's the size of your fist !
Old 24th September 2002
Lives for gear
sonic dogg's Avatar
have owned em all...traded some of em for a broke...pedals still work...

have now
old old old boss tone control ..kills
boss ce-2 chorus...eck
boss cs-3 compressor....ick
ibanez ts-9 original
vox wah pedal da best of all
nady sonics overdrive....ka-ching!
ibanez la metal . this one sucks the air out of a room through a big marshall or sumpthin
boss me-30 multi effects...okay for the occasional live gig where you dont want to take up half the stage
leslie model 20 through a 1962 ampeg....oh yeah this aint a pedal...
theres a couple others in boxes somewhere....they must suck cause i dont miss em.....mostly i play through the fender blues jr. with a wire...thats one cable...maybe a tuner...

want want want

only one thing
carl martin that 'busy' light....peace
Old 24th September 2002
OK, my (small) collection

A couple of years ago I bought a bunch of cheap stuff from (their physical store, not online), so have the following:

* DOD phaser. I found that digital phasers sound too thin; this has a raunchy quality that I'm used to that the digital stuff doesn't have

* DOD "Juice Box" distortion. Very subtle distortion; I 'm thinking of using this with my digital decks to simulate some of the distortion an analog deck gives you.

* Danelectro Daddy O. Nice, "tubish" sound.

* I also have a Peavey and an Ibanez distortion; I don't like the sound of either.

What I used to have:

* A really nice DOD Chorus 690 (I think that was the name) made in 1981 which lost its ghost 12 years ago or so

* A MXR flanger which I got for $20; it was OK, but really noisey (nasty 60hz hum). I'm surprised they still sell these new. I lost it a few years ago.

* A Boss RV-2 reverb pedal. The original 12-bit version from the 1980s. Nice reverb, but with really bad digital quantization noise. Only decent reverb for $200 or less in 1988 (it was either that or the Alesis microverb)

* I used to use my brother's Boss BF-1 flanger a lot; it was nice but hissy if I maxed out the delay time and the regeneration to get a metallic-type delay (my favorite effect with this unit).

- Sam
Old 27th September 2002
lflier's Avatar

Originally posted by etherize
Why do some people say to stay away from the line-6 racks but that they like the pedals?
Actually, I don't like to use that many pedals either. But the reasons I prefer pedals to something like a Line 6 rack are: 1) I prefer the sound of analog pedals, and 2) The Line 6 stuff mucks with the raw tone too much. The sound of the guitar plugged straight into my tube amps is what I love and anything that colors that sound too much does not make the grade.

That said... here are the effects I do have:

1) Ernie Ball Stereo Volume/Pan pedal. This thing is great, it's passive so it needs no battery and does NOT color the tone. I use it as a volume pedal with a single amp, but also use it to run a dual amp (clean/dirty) setup. It rocks.

2) Maestro Echoplex. I'm sooo happy that Dunlop has started making new tape cartridges for these things again. I used to have to re-spool regular 1/4" tape onto the cartridge when I needed to change the tape... boy did THAT suck.

3) Vox Tone Bender fuzz box

4) MXR Distortion Plus (don't use it much these days)

5) Cry Baby wah (don't use it much either - but you know, you can use a wah as a radical tone control too, you don't have to really use it as a wah)

6) DanElectro compressor - I only use this with my Rickenbacker 12-string

7) Years ago I used to have an original Big Muff which I LOVED, and then it crapped out on me. So I mentioned this on another forum and a guy on the forum just MAILED me an extra Big Muff that he had. For FREE! Is that cool or what? I haven't put it through its paces yet but I will this weekend fer shure!

That's about it. I try to keep my signal path as clean as possible so as not to fuck up the tone... so oftentimes I'm only hooked up to the volume pedal unless I specifically need an effect for a certain song. I'd rather change guitars or amps if I need different tones.
Old 27th September 2002
Gear Addict

A boutique overdrive pedal called Centaur, made by a little basement company called Klon. Remarkably transparent, it just sounds like YOUR amp overdriving (a little or a lot), even on different amps! It's one of those pedals where you can set the knobs so it's doing nothing to the sound, then dial in exactly as much as you want. (I hate distorto pedals that are all or nothing.)

Rock on.

Old 28th September 2002
Gear Head


Korg DT7 tuner,
Fulltone Soul-Bender (fuzz)
Fulltone Full-drive 2 (od)
Vox "Clyde McCoy" RI wah
Ernie Ball mono volume pedal
Line6 DL4 w/exp pedal
Line6 MM4 w/exp pedal


Thinking about the EH reverb unit
A good A/B box
A Juicebox
Old 1st October 2002
I have:

Digitech Spacestation: Very underrated
Digitech Whammy 1: The original- essential
Boss and Ernie Ball Volume Pedals- Most essential Pedals ever.
Frostwave Blue ringer
A rackmounted custom job with an EH Big Muff Pi, Tibescreamer and a *secret weapon*

Also check out

What I really want is a matchless Hot Box.

Old 1st October 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
What is a Frostwave Blue ringer? Some kind of ring modulator I guess?
Old 1st October 2002
Here for the gear
chachi's Avatar

frostwave pedals

blue ringer info:

i have their MS20 filter clone, and despite being a little noisy in with the oscillation up, it's a serious secret weapon candidate. we used it in the last project i tracked to turn a couple tambourines into a full "drum set." just dial in oscillation at the right sounding frequencies and you can make a simple hit sound sorta like a bass drum, tom, etc. we called it the "little drum kit" sound sounds like a little drum kit.

others i have:
EH polychorus
zvex super hard on
boss octave
boss compressor (ce-2?)
some other crappy/broken ones i don't use much

others i had:
zvex wolly mammoth (enh...)
zvex fuzz factory (i just don't like DISTORTION pedals)
lovetone ? (way too much pedal, never knew what to do with it)
prunes and custard (fucking awesome. wish i still had it)
boss syb-3 (sounds like plastic)
dunlop rotovibe (enh...)

hey jules, what do you think of that hot cake?

Old 2nd October 2002
Gear Head

Lovetone Brown Source(these days this gets more work as a vocal distortion but it can be great on a cool botiquey type 70s guitar)
Lovetone Big Cheese <I do a ton of retro rock records and this pedal those bands fall in love with its a very extreme sound>
Boss DS1 <best bass distortion ever, I also do a lot of punk records and all the punk bands use this pedal but i always convince tghem to just use the dual rectifier>
Sans Amp Bass Driver<I use this for the high end in a bass sound very low my freinds think i am insane but i usually have 7 tracks of bass in a mix>
Sans Amp GTR Amp one<this is the one you know tchad blake made famous I NEVER use this I really should try it some more>
EH Memory Man<Using it as a vocal slap on what I am mixing right now, it makes a vocal feel sooooo much better>
Sherman Filterbank<everyone says this is a gyuitar effect I have used it for guitar like 3 times and the bands like it I hate it, i love it for yet again vocal distortion and snare drum it can do some cool shit>
MXR distortion <i like this thru fenders when you wanna go a little crazy>
ROTO VIBE< that effect alan moulder did on that one swervedriver song on mezcalhead where he synced this to the tempo and just used the sound of the noise modulating was the best, i do the same thing to space echo noise and stuff like that for space filler a lot thrus this thing>
Line 6 delay, Modulation, and Filter pedals <these work really well when your doing new metal or anything you want to be slick, I dont do slick everyday but i am still psyched with these>
Smokey amplifier<One solo every rock record i do goes through this as a pedal or as the amp>

The rest of the lovetone line more then anything
All those Axiom pedals
every fulltone pedal i worked with a guy who had a lot of them and up to the lovetones they were the best sounding pedal i have heard
Anyone have info on pedals by pancho and lefty? Contact? I saw jerry finn has pedals by them and ill be honest and say i worship jerry finn.
Every single fulltone pedal those up to the lovetones have the best sound i have heard
Old 2nd October 2002
"hey jules, what do you think of that hot cake?"

I bought it because I was told it surpassed the Tube Screamer. It works fine, and a good session guy I had in also turned up with one... I prefer amp distortion, but I hook this up when I am in difficulties.. Works fine. You will find that it has a great rep accross gtr news groups on the net. It is made by a memeber of the New Zeland one hit wonder band - Split Endz.

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