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The guitar pedal thread Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 3rd October 2002
Gear Head

“Built by beautiful girls in…(I think it was Madison, WI)”

"...under controlled atmospheric conditions."

was the rest of that line.

Old 3rd October 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
What's so cool and special about the Korg A3? What does it do well?
Old 3rd October 2002
Lives for gear
Fibes's Avatar


I see you use the Vox tone bender... Sick unit instant Neil Young.

Have you ever slightly unplugged the input jack and used the unit as an oscillator? By manipulating the knobs you can get some cool tones.
Old 3rd October 2002
Gear Addict
mitgong's Avatar

Good stuff mentioned. Kent nailed it with the Experience pedal! And the A3 is a Lanois staple.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the EH Microsynth! That sucker makes you squint! Another winner is the EH Frequency Analyser (ring mod).

For those of you pining for a tape delay, try to find a Korg Stage Echo on Ebay or in someone's basement. It hits hard like an Echoplex, but is controllable (multiple heads) like a Space Echo, but with balanced I/O standard. Also, you can get 'em cheap because, well, they don't say Echoplex or Space Echo on 'em.

the Bixonic Expandora (sp?) is a very nice boost, too. it won't replace your amp tone, it will enhance it.
Old 4th October 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
Does anyone else have a DOD Gonkulator? It's a ring modulator and "Grunge" distortion built into the same pedal. Total freak-out R2D2 sounds are into there. If you try to play fast it just freaks out and you get lots of noise and glitches which can be a cool thing. I haven't put drums through it yet but I will one of these days.
Old 4th October 2002
Lives for gear
Fibes's Avatar

I use the Microsynth a bunch... I've also use the frequency Analizer quite a bit for the sick ring modulator thing. The MS is a dual octaver with filter sweeps and can thicken an anemic amp sound in a heartbeat.

If you go to and look under "thegam" you will hear the MSynth under the song Slowurm and the FAnalizer on the songs Kant keep me in check, Freewheelin (at the breakdown) and on the weird percussion on Something in here.

I must say the reissue units are ok but one of my vintage MSynths is the ****. The other old one tours with me...
Old 4th October 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
Originally posted by Kent

Jay Kahrs, just from the way that you describe the Gonkulator makes me want to run out and buy one in order to stick drums through it. If you don't get back to us with the Gonk vs. Drums low-down, I might beat you to it!
I'll try to do it next week. The problem is finding a project where I can get away with stuff like that.
Old 4th October 2002
Lives for gear
Fibes's Avatar

Originally posted by Kent
Just listened to Fibes' tracks. That is some great and demented ****, my brother!

Describe the audible differences between the old MicroSynths and the newer ones. I kinda thought that the newer ones didn't have as much depth or 'grease' to 'em.

Yeah grease is one way to describe it...

The filter section just doesn't sound right and the low octave doesn't have as much growl. I own two vintage ones and they are both very different as well. I dunno the new ones just seem a bit more plastic sounding.
Old 4th October 2002
Gear Head
Lars FM's Avatar

Got most of this years ago when i still thought that it would somehow make me a better or more interesting guitarist. Fact is that i almost never use any pedals when playing why i still have them is a kind of mystery to me.
Ibanez flanger (can't remember number but same series as ts-808)
Marshall drivemaster
Roland Bee baa (found 2 of them within 2 months in local shops and had to have both One of them see some regular use, very nice 70's lead sound when used as a booster in front of my 50w Marshall )
Roland space echo RE-501
Fender Reverb RI (not as good as a the reverb built-in in blackface amps)
Line6 DM4 (yes the "nowhere near the real thing" pedal but still capable of some evil OD/dist/fuzz sounds).
anything, just for trying it out, but i honestly don't think that i'd use it much, LP and an old Marshall is really all i need these days.
Old 5th October 2002
Gear Maniac
vsl666's Avatar

Angry hotfoot

i loved my hotfoot but i broke it madd

the a3 was ok in the early 90,s but after zoo u2 it kinda died for me..

the black finger is as you say horrid and noisiy absoluly fantastic
instant long hair...grggt

the wah wIth the dip switches is a REAL MACOY they are a bit pricey but very good
Old 5th October 2002
Gear Head

Here's the wah/dip switch confusion:

In the '60s, Vox marketed its Wahs as the Clyde McCoy models (no dip switches, obviously).

In the '90s, a company called Teese issued it's Real McCoy wah models, which were based on (and improved) the original Vox design. They have the RMC1 (a straight improved reissue [improvements being higher-quality components, true bypass circuitry, and consistency from unit to unit]), the RMC2 (which offers dip switches to tune the sweep range and "sweet spot") and the RMC3 (which has external knobs to accomplish what the dip switches do on the RMC2, and a few other niceties).

Then in the past year, Vox has "reissued" it's "Clyde McCoy" V848 wah, which offers true bypass. a better circuit than their V847 standard wah, and the ability to use battery or an AC adapter.

I own the Vox V848, but also like the Teese RMC wahs and the Fulltone "Clyde" models (which compare to the RMC2 and RMC3).

So, there are a lot of "Clyde McCoy"- sounding models out there, but only some have dip switches.
Old 6th October 2002
Gear Head
Lars FM's Avatar

Kent, anything you want to swap for a Bee Baa?

BTW, i think EH has reissued the Frequency analyzer recently, but haven't tried it out myself.

Old 13th October 2002
Gear Maniac
vsl666's Avatar

Unhappy allota wah

what allot of wah...i ment the rmc3..its fab but ive misplaced it

re black finger .. noise is anti poprollz

but mine broke and the chip inside it had the ident scratched of
at the factory so no one could copy it and i cant mend it so now its gone to pedal hevenrollz

the BROWNE SAUCE is a good idiocincratic enlgish pedal (lovetone)..tries to make you sound like keeph richards ..should you ever so desire ...

Old 14th October 2002
Lives for gear
Fibes's Avatar

Re: allota wah

Originally posted by vsl666
but mine broke and the chip inside it had the ident scratched of
at the factory so no one could copy it and i cant mend it so now its gone to pedal hevenrollz
You can put an "intelligent" meter on it and tell what it's doing. Also I'm sure someone out there could answer that question...
Old 14th October 2002
Gear Maniac
vsl666's Avatar

Question in telly gent

anything intelligent would be more then welcome round these parts...grudge
Old 18th October 2002
Gear Addict
mitgong's Avatar

I'm almost completely sure that another Microsynth example is Pagey's solo on "Fool in the Rain". Used subtley, which is hard to believe.
Old 18th October 2002
Lives for gear
Fibes's Avatar

I'm pretty sure that was an Arp Avatar but I could be wrong...
Old 20th October 2002
Gear Addict
mitgong's Avatar

Fibes: you may be right. I'd never heard of the Avatar before so I did a search. Cool! For all of you others out there, though, the M-Synth can make the sound of Jimmy Page's solo on "Fool in the Rain." You'll probably end up with something more extreme instead, however, because once you get started with that thing, it's hard to stop.
Old 27th October 2002
Lives for gear
drundall's Avatar

Got a lot.


a hotbox or something like it.

a maestro phaser

one of the new univibe style pedals that are coming out.

screaming tree
Old 27th October 2002
High End Moderator
mwagener's Avatar

anybody know where to get one of those Voodo tremolo boxes that can take a sync signal from a clicktrack?
Old 28th October 2002
There is a cool webite / dealer that JUST deals in pedals... anyone care to post up a link for it?

Old 28th October 2002
Here for the gear
sixpence's Avatar

well I'll start here with my first post....

Currently in my boring pedal collection...

Danelectro Daddy-O... Love this. It's my Fav OD pedal.. Someone up there has it too..
Danelectro Fab Tone... This is so brown... It's super fuzz even at low distortion settings... Great for stupid sustain!
Danelectro Cool Cat.. Really nice chorus.. take 2 9V batteries though. Power supply is a must...

(Okay I got these 3 second hand for £100 irish (damn I'm pining for the £punt here) about $130) but still I use them all.)

Crybaby Wah (left behind at a gig by some guitarist because it was "broken"). played with it and got it working.

Morley Wah... Just the basic model

Nobels Tremolo... Nobels are a cheap make of pedal that basically have whatever sticker you want on them.....The trem is way more versatile than the Boss one. Has 4 knobs and is switchable between sine, square, triangle and sawtooth waves..

MXR distortion.. currently broken. I've never had a spare chip and the pedal in the same location ever so this could be anywhere right now.

I've built a few different pedals myself but never put them in proper boxes but I feel a need coming on for a few sound manglers!

For what it's worth I do use a Line 6 Pod Pro with large pedal board for convenience...

I'm also playing with the Korg PX3B bass unit ( I know it's not a pedal.. but it got some wicked stuff in there!)

Anyway enough rambling....Sigh Lee got a free Big Muff.... Lucky girl
Old 22nd October 2005
Here for the gear



Boss, mt2, cs3, tu2, ge7, eh2, bd2, ds1, ph2, hm3, tw1, ce2, ce3, mz2, dc3, hr2,
Danelectro, Talk Box, Fish n chips eq
Ibanez, ts9, blubberwha,

Some rack fx n tape echo.

The perfect digital delay, at a price that fitts my wallet.
Anny ideas?
Old 22nd October 2005
Gear Nut


I know less than nothing about guitar pedals..

But I've always loved this guy's timing.

Old 22nd October 2005
Lives for gear
cdog's Avatar

Z Vex Super Duper
Stephenson Stage Hog
Teese RMC1 Wah
EH Wiggler
EH Tube Zipper
EH Electric Mistress
Boss OC2
Digitech WH1 Wammy

ModMax Phaser
ModMax Filter
Modmax Chaos
EH Stereo Polychorus
Foxrox Paradox TZF
Line 6 RotoMachine
Line 6 Echo Park
Line 6 Verbzilla

Eventide Eclipse
Kurzweil Mangler
Soldano SP77
VHT 2-50-2

Thats what I've "pared things down" to for my live rig, 2005.

My FX weigh more than my amp and cab.

But really, after I saw the guys in Woven, I knew I was an amature. The guitar players use about 50-60 pedals each.

And they actually put on a great show!

Old 22nd October 2005
Lives for gear
robmix's Avatar
I'm embarassed to say that I have more pedals than I could possibly list. This one area where I've gone beyond gearslut.

Must have's - anything by Zvex, Fulltone and Lovetone

DOD, kind of like the crack cocaine of the pedal world

Can't go wrong with EH, some of the Digitech pedals, the Bad Monkey was a nice cheap find. is kind of like a bordello - every shape, size, or color a man or women could ever want.

It's bad, really bad. Now when I buy a pedal I don't move on to another manufacturer until I've purchased their whole line.
Old 22nd October 2005
Here for the gear
AudioNinjaJosh's Avatar

Okay, so I have this Boss Phase Shifter pedal that broke a little while ago somehow. Instead of it phasing properly, it does this weird sweep thing where it hits this frequency that sounds like you're listening to a guitar being played through a long piece of PVC pipe. Good stuff.

Oh yeah, and a delay, a gate, and a Big Muff for severe, speaker tearing sustain. Good for a Nick Zinner-ish rock sound.

Oh, but a Zvex Seek Trem would be nice.
Old 23rd October 2005
Lives for gear
cdog's Avatar
Originally Posted by robmix

DOD, kind of like the crack cocaine of the pedal world is kind of like a bordello - every shape, size, or color a man or women could ever want.
Truer words have rarely been spoken

We should start a self help thread for FX pedal addicts.

But if you're gonna have a monkey, its not a bad one.

Its waaaaay better than the mic pre monkey

Sooo glad I shook that one.

Its much better to run credit card crazy on than, this I have learned the hard way.

Old 24th October 2005
Lives for gear
robmix's Avatar
Yup, everytime I get the uncontrollable urge to spend money, i.e. trolling EBAY fro something I "need", I'll cruise over to some pedal store and satisfy my thirst. Sometimes it's only about $30 . . . . .
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