Best $400 vocal mic pre
Old 27th May 2012
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Question Best $400 vocal mic pre

I've got a Rode NT1A going into an ART Digital MPA II mic pre going into a Roland Quad Capture USB interface.

BUT the vocal sound I get skipping the ART mic pre and going right into the Quad Capture sounds almost exactly the same as using the ART mic pre!!!

So of course I'm wondering: is the Digital MPA is a worthless $400?

OR, am I doing something wrong?

Any thoughts or suggestions as to a better $400 mic pre to use in my chain would be appreciated!!!

Old 27th May 2012
what about upgrading your mic instead?
Old 28th May 2012

You'll start to hear differences when you turn the gain up to the edge of clipping.... If you want a mic pre that will make the mic+room+voice sound obviously different, you'll have to use a much cheaper pre-amp.


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