Modding microphones: where to start?
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Modding microphones: where to start?

I'd like to modify a cheap microphone. What would be an cheap and easy project to start? I'd like to mod a Behringer C1, but I can't find any mods for that mic.
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Cheapest and often easiest mod is to pull out the inner layers of the headbasket. That can have a pretty noticeable effect on many mics.

After that you move into replacing caps, capsules, and transformers, which is considerably more involved. Then next thing ya know you're hangin' out at ProdigyPro and making your own circuits from scratch. GroupDIY - We break stuff...and occasionally make stuff.
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Yes Group Diy (prodigy pro) is the best if there are 3 layers of mesh pulling one out will usually help...also replacing the capsule to fet capacitor will usually be the first thing to upgrade, then the output capacitors.

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