ESI - nEar08 eXperience hiss
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ESI - nEar08 eXperience hiss


I have recently bought a pair of ESI nEar08 eXperience monitors. I am quite satisfied with sound quality, but I have couple of questions about these.
There is a constant hiss coming out of tweeters. Speakers are disconnected from an audio interface. Just plugged in power. It is not very loud and is only heard from small distance(< 20cm) so it's not a big problem. Is it a normal? Some normal amplifier hiss? Or there is some kind of a problem with it? And secondly, when I connect them to an audio interface(M-audio Fast Track Pro) with balanced (XLR-TRS) cables, a quiet discontinous whistle is added to the hiss. If anyone has similar experience may be able to share it.

Old 17th March 2012
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this look like a power issue. try to put it on another plug of the house with 'extentions' etc..
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