Downgrade My MPC1k?
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Downgrade My MPC1k?

I've got the 1K, which I've had for 3 years and I love it.

However, I find that it has too much functionality. Can you believe dat?

When I pick a sample, I toss into Pro Tools to tweak it, then put it into the MPC to Kre8 the loops (4/8/16; whichever i need). Then I track the loop out into PT, and do the sequencing from there. Then I move on to the rest of the recording, mixing, etc..

I'm Thinking that if I sell it, and get an MPC500, I'd be better off. The 12 pads, 12-levels, 4-layer voicing, one hit/on pad, EQ, and compressor are on the 500, right? Plus, I'd be able to haul the little thing with me for some production on the road.

Can I get pros and cons from y'all? Any and all help would be appreciated.

Been checking into the MPD32...looks almost perfect. Anyone ever use this with Pro Tools? What problems did you encounter?

Old 16th June 2011
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I heard about some issues with the MDP series and Protools. May want to do a search on it here or over at the digidesign user conference.
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