Zoom R-16 and Audacity
Old 4th September 2010
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Zoom R-16 and Audacity

Hey folks, I just got a Zoom R16, have installed the drivers, and am attempting to use Audacity to record from it as an interface. However, whenever I hit record I get the "Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate." message.

Is anybody else using the Zoom R16 as a multi-channel interface? Here's what I've done so far to try and get this going. What am I missing here?

In Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O I have ZOOM R16_24 selected as my Recording device. I have tried 1 and 2 channels to no avail.
Under the Quality tab there, I have tried all three Default Sample Format options available to me (16, 24, 32bit), no dice. I have left the Default Sample Rate at 44100 Hz because the R16 says on the LED screen: "Sample Rate=44.1kHz"

Thanks a lot.
Old 4th September 2010
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Old 4th September 2010
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Thanks for the quick reply vierge. I don't believe the R16 has the ability to change its bit depth, the manual just instructs you to set it to 24bit in the software. I assume Audacity's "Sample Format" with the options of 16, 24, and 32-bit are bit depth, and I have tried all three settings.
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anyone else have any ideas?
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Forget Audacity... It's really buggy and since they updated it... I can't even open it....

Joy of joys...

There are a few other free DAW options out there.

Look them up.
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The R-16 works just fine with Reaper or (the supplied) CuBase4LE.

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