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What mics are YOU using to mic drums? Condenser Microphones
Old 4th July 2010
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by hipaquarius
i just use one single SM7B for the whole kit...
Originally Posted by adathead 53 View Post
This has got to be one of my all time favorite posts. Don't know if you're serious or not. Either way it makes a great statement.
Yeah. I call for a e'laboration there. Second that emotion..?
Old 5th July 2010
Gear maniac

Kick in e901
Kick out d6 or m88
snare top e905 or sm57
snare b b57 or i5
HH 451
Toms e904 or sm57
OHs c414s
Ride NT5
Old 5th July 2010
Lives for gear
Originally Posted by tampa View Post
I don't know about low end, But I use.....

ATM 25
great tom mic too, when you run out of 421s
Old 5th July 2010
Gear maniac
Acko's Avatar

AEA R88 overhead
beyer M201 snare
shure Sm7 Kick

Plus whatever is up in the room, for ambience, not fussy.
Old 5th July 2010
Lives for gear
Cody's Avatar

Ohoho, I want to play along!

Kick: D112, Sort of peeking into the port hole of my 20" kick

Snare: sm57, about 2" off the head, aimed at a 35-40 degree angle

Toms 12" & 14": md421's, whatever the newest version is. I have these about an inch into the head, almost perpendicular to the plane of the top skin.

Overheads: Josephson C42's. Spaced, pointing out towards the edges of the kit.

Most of the sound is close mic kick and snare, toms and overheads are down 20 db from the rest. Everything is currently run to an RNC on the bus (6-8 db reduction), kick and snare are running through a comp/gate made by Yamaha that I cannot find online... it is as if it was never invented. It's awesome, though... the gate is extremely smooth.

Hoping to add an sm81 or another c42 for my ride. I may throw another mic on the snare bottom soon, bus both mics and use the gate to shoot for a tight "studio" sounding 70's snare. Think Bob Seger night moves. Ha!
Old 5th July 2010
Kick - Beta52 or Blue Kickball
Snare (top and bottom) - Shure 57, Audix i5 or Sennheiser e906
RT - Sennheiser e906
FT - Shure SM7B
OH - Josephson C42MP
Mono Room - Cad e100

Sometimes ill rent 421's for toms, I want to get a good pair of LDC's for OH and move the josephsons to hh and ride duties.
Old 5th July 2010
Gear maniac
Quadrophonic73's Avatar


Snare: Shure SM57
Kick: Shure Beta 52
Toms: EV PL35 (4)
OH: Shure BG 4.1 (2)
Old 5th July 2010
Gear interested

Drum mics

Kick: akg d112 (2)
Snare top/bottom: shure sm 57 (2)
Toms: Seinheiser md 421's (2)
Floor Tom: sm57
Overheads: Rode nt5s (2)
Room: rode nt2a

not super stoked on the 57s on the snare. tried a seinheiser 609e and with the right placement I might use that more. also thinking of getting the audix d6 for certain projects. should be getting some shure ksm 137s to try out on overheads/HH/Ride.
Old 5th July 2010
Lives for gear
cjogo's Avatar
Most sessions > really depends on the kit and its player ... we track more finesse drummers than straight out loud ~~ I have played drums since the early 60's and just amazed at the really talented /schooled players, these days. At this studio > producer hints the volume -style they would like performed .... and it's like the drummer has a built-in limiter for each strike of their kit~! Saves me ~ the engineer > lots of work.

KICK ::: AKG 3600
SNARE :::AKG SE 300b
TOMS ::: 421
OH ::: U89 OMNI
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Old 5th July 2010
Apex 205 OH Pair
Behringer C2 OH Pair
Shure Beta 57 Snare
Sennheiser 421 bass drum

This works for how I play; I haven't tried it on other drummers, yet.
Old 6th July 2010
Lives for gear
jdier's Avatar

D112 + Beta 52 kick
57 + 421 snare
Oktava 012 overheads
Old 6th July 2010
Gear addict

Advanced Audio CM-414's OH
NT-5 or AT-4040 on Hats
57 and/or i5 on snare top and/or bottom
Beta 52a/D6 for kick
D2's and D4's for toms
RODE NTK and/or Shure KSM 313 for rooms, color placements!
Old 6th July 2010
Lives for gear
bitman's Avatar
Low Groveling Ender here. :-)

Snare Beyer M201tg
Toms CAD drum mics
Kick inside D112
Kick Outside Behringer truth woofer in a First Act Tom Drum thumbsup
Overheads - Rode NT4 X/Y
Old 6th July 2010
Gear Addict
moathouse's Avatar

This is a fun thread! i'll play,, current go to is:
Kick In : sm91
Kick Out : D112
Sn Top : sm57
Sn Top2 : atm25
Sn Bott : akg d1000
Rack : 421
Floor : 421
OH L/R : earthworks tc30k's
Room L/R : at 4047's
hat : sm7
mono OH : blue baby bottle
mono room : fathead
Old 6th July 2010
Gear Head

Depends on the nature of the tune.

Most basic 4-mic set-up:

1) Avant CK-1s on overheads as spaced pair, equidistant from snare (omni or cardioid capsules, depending on the tune.

2) Shure Beta 57 on snare (waaay better than SM57, IMO, worth the extra few bucks.

3) Avant AMK on kick (huge kick sound, very sensitive to positioning).

8-mic setup

1) Avant CK-1s in X/Y config (90-120 degrees, depending on width of setup).

2) Avant AMK on kick.

3) Shure Beta 57 on snare.

4) Sennheiser e604s on toms.

5) MXL 3000(!) on HH (cheap & bright Chinese condensers work remarkably well for this).

6) If I have the extra channel (only two toms, i.e.), put a second mic on snare bottom for crispness (usually an SM57 cuz that's all I've got for that app with my own locker).
Old 7th July 2010
Gear Addict

Please can we club together our SM7's and mic a whole kit with them, room mics, OH, spots etc!!

Kick in: d6
Out: AA CM47 or SM7b
Snr Top: i5 or SM7b
Snr Shell: anything really
hihat: M260.80
Toms: d2/d4/d112 or MK012's
OH: MK012s or KM184
Room: GA R1 active, Avant CR14 and/or AA CM47 (M/S)

+ a 50's tannoy ribbon over the drummers head
Old 7th July 2010
Lives for gear
Aaron Miller's Avatar
Kick: Beta 52, SM7B, R121
Snare: SM57
Toms: SM57
High Hat: SM7B, SM-81
Overhead(s): R121s, SM-81s, or single CM7GT
Old 7th July 2010
Kick AKG D30
Sn 57
Ht 451
R1 Akg 408
R2 akg 408
fL m88
oh schoeps cmc6/mk21
Old 7th July 2010
Gear maniac
dfahb44's Avatar

Rode NT5's, spaced pair more often than not
SM57 on snare,
BETA 52 on kick, 99% of the time 100% replaced
ES57's on Toms, these actually sound decent.
Old 7th July 2010
Gear interested

Toms - Heil PR-28s
Snare - Shure SM57 top and bottom.
OVHs - Rode NT5s or Heil PR-30Bs. Sometimes 2 Rode k2s in figure 8 in X format - Depends on what feels best for the music being played.
Ride and HH - Rode NT5s
Kick - Heil PR-48.
Old 7th July 2010
Lives for gear
Silent Sound's Avatar
I'm limited to 4 inputs.

Overheads - MK 012 (Scott Dorsey Mod) for more cymbals or MK 319 (Jolly Mod) for more toms in the mix. But really, placement is key (duh)

Snare - MK 012 (modded) with omni cap under the snare. (also captures some foot pedal click).

Kick - Apex 205 (modded w/Lundhal) in front near the edge.

The ribbon mic has such a clear round bottom end it almost gives the kick a techno dance beat sound. Also I use 12" Zildjan A high hats. I try to keep each drum and cymbal as far away from each other in the frequency spectrum as I can preferring an extremely deep boom from the kick and a tight bright chick from the high hats with everything else spread out evenly in between.
Old 7th July 2010
Gear nut

Overheads x/y - mxl v63
snare - unidyne 545
kick - '58 inside and 8" subkick outside
room - 2 oktava 219's about 6 feet out or so, hard left and right.

i don't bother with toms. overheads and rooms grab enough of them for me.

once the phase is in check is a pretty good sound, the smoothness of the 219s really plays well the, um, crispness of the cheap mxls.
Old 7th July 2010
Deleted User
kick - d112
snare - sm57 top/bottom
overheads - cad e100
rack toms - audio-technica pro25
floor tom - pg52
rooms - mxl v57m

pretty low end.
Old 7th July 2010
Lives for gear
johndykstra's Avatar

Kick1 - either md421 or sm7b (also own a beta 52, beta 91, audix d6, and d112... but the other two always seem to beat these)

Kick2 - home made sub kick

top snare - sm57 strapped to an sm81, phase aligned
bottom snare - sm57

toms - atm450 (sometimes add md421s on bottom)

hi hat - sm81

overheads - sm81s, atm450s, fatheads

room - u87 or c414 (gotta have one outta lowendheh)
Old 7th July 2010
Gear maniac
ScottyD's Avatar

Kick - Audix D6
Snare - Audix i5
Overheads - AT3035's
Tom's - Sennheiser e604's
Hi-Hat - Shure SM57

Old 7th July 2010
Gear interested

Kick: Beta 52
Snare Top: SM57
Snare Bottom: SM57
Toms: 3x CAD M179 (Ill use some extra 57's if I need more tom mics)
Overheads: KSM32's
Old 8th July 2010
Gear nut

What mics are YOU using to mic drums?

Kick beta 52
Snare sm57
Snare bottom sm57
GJ OHs MXL v67i's on the warm side
Spot mics various... Anything that can get attack
Old 9th July 2010
Lives for gear
kick - D6
Snare - 57
Hat - AT Pro 37
OH - KSM27
Old 9th July 2010
Gear Addict
moonpi's Avatar

The setup is always changing and I'm always experimenting. As stated earlier in the thread, the setup depends largely on the nature of the song. Regardless, here are a couple of favorites:

KICK: Heil PR48 (I don't think I'm going back to anything else after having tried this)
SNARE TOP: Beyerdynamic M201, though I might use a pencil condenser for more top end snap
SNARE BOTTOM: Sennheiser MD441 (not very original, but it really does the job)
TOMS: CAD M179 or Heil PR30
HI-HAT: AEA R92 or Oktava MK-012 (w/hypercardioid capsule)
RIDE: Oktava MK-012 (w/hypercardioid capsule)
OH: This changes in setup, but my favorite thus far was the AEA R88 - WOW
ROOM: Beyer M160

Last edited by moonpi; 4th April 2011 at 10:32 PM..
Old 9th July 2010
Gear Maniac
jazbina's Avatar

Kick: beta 52a
Snare: sm 57
Toms: e604
Over: Rode NT5

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