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What Behringer gear does not suck ?!
Old 15th August 2014
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Has anybody used the MA400?
Old 17th August 2014
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From what I looked up, the xm8500 doesn'r seem bad. It's very similar to a sm58. There's a few differences, but for a quater of the price of a new sm58, i'd at least look it up.
Old 17th August 2014
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Originally Posted by stephanjd View Post
From what I looked up, the xm8500 doesn'r seem bad.
I'm still interested to hear a Shure comparison on those if you know of one. They said the same stuff about the GLS dynamics which were less clear and more crunchy in my opinion, but many appear to like them. For the budget contenders, I think the Prodipe TT-1 knocks everything out of the box unless they've jacked the prices up.

Take Care
Old 18th August 2014
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Originally Posted by Jidis View Post
I'm still interested to hear a Shure comparison on those if you know of one. They said the same stuff about the GLS dynamics which were less clear and more crunchy in my opinion, but many appear to like them. For the budget contenders, I think the Prodipe TT-1 knocks everything out of the box unless they've jacked the prices up.

Take Care
I've read a few comparisons in the past between the Behringer XM8500 and Shure SM58, and the judgement tends to be that the XM8500 at least matches, and probably even just about exceeds, the SM58. I own the XM8500, but I've not made the comparison myself.
Old 18th August 2014
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Thanks Ian!
Old 16th September 2014
Here for the gear

Haven't got through all the posts quite yet but here is my input for what it's worth. I have a fair bit of Behringer stuff only cause it is cheap and I am slowly building a system with a mind to replace with higher end as the money comes in from gigs - doing well on that account but these things take time. So what I have and some comments:
1. Behringer EP2500 Power Amp - this is a serious brick and has ooodles of power for what it needs to do, make loud noise at gigs! - the thing is bullet proof. I actually dropped it off a 4 foot high speaker onto cement and can hardly even see a scuff where it hit. Have done a dozen gigs with it since and it is a powerful tool driving my big 18 inch Cerwin Vega Cabs with nary a glitch or skipped beat. It ain't a Mark Levinson but at the price point do you really expect it to be? The only down side is the weight and size for humping around - no lightweights or pencil arms should be using this beast!
2. Behringer inuke1000 amp - light weight (only a few pounds) and light on performance - use it as a backup amp if all is lost! If you need to resort to this toy as a backup all is really lost! Probably wouldn't buy it again if I had a do-over. Can't wait to replace it.
3. Behringer B215XL passive speakers - hate them - harsh sounding, crappy mid-range - don't waste your money. Anyone want to buy a pair?
4. Behringer DEQ2496 - just got it - played with it for a bit so far and like what I see. Need more time to really evaluate it.
5. Behringer EC8000 mic - for RTA using above unit - seems to work. I ain't a studio wizard so not sure if I will be able to add to my opinion in the future (unless it craters).
6 Behringer HD400 - a swing and a grand slam - not sure how I lived without this unit with a home built computer tied into my vintage stereo and a big screen TV for audio and video purposes. Was having all kinds of hum, ground loop and buzz problems till just recently when I added this to the audio stream between my PC DAC and the amp. What can I say - it really really works and works well. It went from unbearable to amazing - One acronym says it all, PFM = Pure Frikkin' Magic!
Can be seen in action here:
That's all I gots folks!
Old 16th September 2014
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So far I have only looked at Behringer products. One day I might 'bite the bullet' and buy something from them. However, there is always this fear that something is going to go wrong. I was thinking of buying an inexpensive ribbon microphone but quite surprised to find Behringer don't seem to sell one. A gap in their range that needs filling perhaps? I know this would be a recipe for disaster, a fragile ribbon mic from a company whose reputation for reliability could be a lot better. I bet they would sell like hot cakes though!

Old 16th September 2014
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I have a Eurorack 4 channel mixer I got when I first started making music. Still works like a charm.
Old 16th September 2014
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I have a few of the little 600 and 800 mixers. Use them to mix my keyboards when playing out. Work great. Mike.
Old 16th September 2014
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The behringer headphone splitters are okay, but apart from that, Behringer is the one name that I refuse to have in my studio.
Old 21st September 2014
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Behringer? I've never had an exceptional experience with any of their equipment. They're just alright.
Old 22nd September 2014
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I shot out the Behringer "58" vs the Shure SM57 on my vocals. I'm definitely in the "home user" ballpark so take into account.

I tried it with the ball-pop filter on and off and this is what I found.

XM8500 = Higher output and largely the same kind of sound as the 57. For live use, I think it would cut it just fine. However, I found it popped easier than the 57 both with the ball off and on, and using a pop-screen on both mics. I didn't try anything off axis and I was singing from around 6 inches away.

I preferred the 57 overall - it needed less work to sound good, however with some patience with positioning and axis, I think you could easily get a usable track from the XM5800 - I preferred it with the ball filter on, although I always preferred an SM57 to an SM58 for studio vocals. Weird.
Old 27th September 2014
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The Behringer BCR2000 is awesome. Stayed in the market for years.
Old 28th September 2014
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The eurolive B212A powered speakers are pretty good for live PA use. They daisy chain, and have XLR and 1/4" inputs and a male XLR output. Built in EQ too. I use them once in a while if a venue has a questionable sound system, or for private parties. I usually rent a Ksub to complete the setup though. The eurolive aren't too heavy and I always get really good audience response when I ask them about the sound. We have regular fans who have seen use many, many times so they aren't shy to tell us when the sound sucks or is good

I'm a fan! Besides those I haven't used much Behringer gear. My first board was a Behringer 16in 2 bus mixer. I know it's nothing special but it got the job done. I had no complaints about it! That was 15 years ago, and I was doing garage recordings of mostly pop punk bands. Would I use it now? Nah not for serious tracking, but every piece of gear has its place, and can match your experience level for the time. So kids use what gear comes your way, and learn how to make it work well. It isn't top quality, but that doesn't mean it will make you a crappy engineer. No one starts with a Neve!
Old 26th October 2014
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The only piece of Behringer equipment I own is a eurolive 212d self powered pa. I have had no problems with it and it puts out good sound. I stumbled across this forum while researching their mic preamps. Tons of good reviews on Amazon and other sites but not here. Not sure what to believe or if it is their newer stuff that is ****ty. Kind of surprised cause I always thought they had a good rep. Personally I just set up a low budget recording setup with a focusrite 6i6, mackie cr3 monitors, a Digitech vocal live FX, and an MXL 550/551 mic ensemble. (Also own Sm57 and sennheiser e835). So far it all seems fine to me. Just recording guitar and vocals though.
Old 29th October 2014
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The Cable tester is fine
Patchbays are OK
The RX1602 Linemixer is not bad at all. Don't get me wrong, it's no Ashly!
I liked the the EP2500 just fine, till i plugged in an Ashly KLR 3200 next to it. That said it's passable. The DIs are fine for live. Their gates are fine.
Old 20th November 2014
I just bought a POWERPLAY 16 P16-I and 3 Personal Mixers. It works great!

I would have bought the Aviom if it was available in Switzerland and not so damn expensive.
Old 20th November 2014
double post

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Old 8th December 2014
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So far only used the small HA400 headphone amp. Works perfectly for tracking drums and allowing the drummer to set his own volume/talkbackvolume. Oh, we also have a cheap PA which i don't know the specs on. The mixer sucks ass though. The rest of the PA works Ok for rehearsal (hardcore/grindcore/crustpunk). Only use it on vocals, so its fine
Old 9th December 2014
My Eurorack Pro RX1602 arrived yesterday Cool cheapie - so far dead simple to use & dead silent (as in no noisy output). It solved my problem my gear to PC connnecting problem I'm glad I've bought it heh
Old 9th December 2014
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I have a few pieces of Behringer gear - more through necessity than choice.

ADA8000 - was great while it worked, but mine steadily went from an 8 channel preamp to a 3 channel over the course of about 2 years. I'd still buy another though, it really was quite usable.
ULTRA-DI PRO DI800 - I wouldn't use it in the studio, but I've been gigging with one for 5 years and it's never missed a beat, I use it to DI my keyboard/backing track channels to save the engineer from trying to find a whole bunch of DIs - I can just run a loom out of it straight into the stage box. Not bad for less than £100.
FCB1010 Foot Pedal - It's amazing. Again, I've gigged with this thing for 5 years (without a case) and it's never had a problem. You cannot get a better foot pedal for less than £500 (especially with the UNO firmware chip).
Ultrabass Amp - When paired with a decent cab they can sound really good! I know a well known band who gig with one (hidden behind a vintage vox cab). Apparently the bassist got his amp stolen TWICE so he just replaced it with a Behringer, it sounded great!

Other stuff I've used:
X32 - great for the price, although I wouldn't buy one as I just couldn't trust a piece of Behringer gear in such a critical application.
The Midi controllers - great for the price, you can get motorized faders on anything anywhere near this price.
Other mixing desks - noisy and crap (I've used a few).
Ultradrive - Cant fault it, but it's hard to judge without a direct comparison.

Generally I only use Behringer live (excepting the ADA8000). I'm not sure this gear can stand up to critical listening, but it fits the bill.
Old 10th December 2014
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Originally Posted by Billster View Post
I guess we have a winner here. Gearslutz seem to like Behringer´s headphone amps ! I knew there had to be something...
I have had some things of theirs in the past. composer compressor, eurorack mixer, bass di pedal, all broke... and sounded awful.

but, the headphone amp I have had for a few years now, and it works great for what I use it for. Just need to be able to hear stuff while I jam the drums. Does its job.
Old 18th December 2014
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Oh yeah! I got the Ultra Metal 3000 guitar pedal. Clone of the Boss Hm-2. I have A/B tested them without noticing any difference. The Behringer pedal is made of plastic though. And Pinkish purple. Oh the irony in calling a pedal ULTRA METAL 3000 and then making it pink.
Old 30th December 2014
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This gear works for me.

Well, I'm certainly low end. Trying to make a live PA rig work well. I have been through a lot of gear from a lot of companies.

Stuff that is not working for me gets pulled out and replaced by stuff that meets my needs. After many cycles of this I was a little surprised to find that I had mainly Behringer gear in my cases.

My tops are ev sx200. Subs are 18" ported in ~7cu ft boxes. Mics are mainly Sennheiser (ew100g3, e935) and Shure (58, 57, pg81) but
I do have xm8500s. They were a workable and economical solution to a situation where I needed 6 identical mics. They sound good enough but have inferior handling noise compared to sm58/e935.

My amps are EPQ. EPQ2000 on subs, EPQ900 on tops, EPQ450 on monitors. I had one EPQ900 channel have a fault on arrival (it ran hot) but the distributor fixed this immediately. All the amps have since had 24 hour floggings into dummy loads with no problems. I trust them.

The speaker processor/crossover is DCX2496. I did have a driverack but I like the DCX way more. I have a transfer function interface wired into the DCX2496.

Monitor EQ is DEQ2496. I have dbx and yamaha GEQ, but PEQ seems to be such a nice match for correcting what I can see in a transfer function (2chan FFT) measurement.

Mic compressor is MDX2600. It works well for me.

Mixer is RX1202FX. I really like having everything rack mounted and pre-cabled. I have (or have had) similar size/price yamaha, shure, and soundcraft mixers. The Behringer is better than the yamaha, and the physical packaging suits my needs better than the soundcraft. I do miss sweepable mids and PFL though.

I have a DI4000 for rare situations where I need lots of DI channels.

My only failure was the one amp channel that ran hot. The Behringer gear works fine and sounds fine.
Old 1st January 2015
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Photos of the gear mentioned in the post above. The stuff I do is very "throw and go" without a lot of setup time.

Roadcase at top is deq2496 and epq450 for monitors.

Middle roadcase is the mix position. Ew100g3 receivers, antenna combiner(not visible), mdx2600, rx1202fx, dcx2496, tf interface (art dual usb pre, not visible).

Bottom roadcase is pa amps. Epq900 for tops and epq2000 for subs.
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Old 3rd January 2015
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I bough a vacuum cleaner as part of lot of objects from a studio going out of business it had a Behringer sticker on it alas it did not suck!!
Old 3rd January 2015
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Great Luck with my Behringer Gear

I have purchased various Behringer products throughout the years and have found the performance and quality to be consistent with or better than any other brand. Behringer even offers a warranty. I think most of the criticism of Behringer is sour grapes from the competition. Facts speak for themselves.
Old 3rd January 2015
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Dear all,

allow me to introduce myself. My name is Uli Behringer, CEO of the MUSIC Group, which is the umbrella company for the brands Midas, Klark Teknik, Turbosound, Behringer and Bugera.

I have personally posted and participated in conversations on many sites such as Soundforums etc., and done so openly and under my own name. The same rule applies to all of our people who are active online; they don’t post without making it clear that they are an employee of our company.

You have seen our policy of extending customer support to public forums and other places online where our users seek help. Today’s users are much more likely to seek help online through user forums and other, non-traditional channels than they are to call tech support.

The old support model of putting people on hold is rapidly becoming obsolete as users look for more immediate and impartial advice and assistance. We are truly committed to provide great customer experience.

I am the first to admit where we have stumbled or even failed in the past and after 25 years of company history we’re still far from being perfect.
But I am very proud of our 3,500 employees who are making tremendous efforts to continuously improve every aspect of our Company in order to serve you.

To be absolutely clear I am not here to sell but to listen and answer your questions in an open and honest way. As the Founder and CEO I am the first one to stand up and accept responsibility if we screwed up in any area; but I will also stand up for the Company and our people if I feel criticism is not justified. I will try to answer all questions where I can respond with facts and leave out the ones where I can’t contribute in a meaningful way.

I also understand that some people don’t like us and/or our products and I respect that, too. All I ask is that we engage one another in a polite and respectful manner and make this a useful discussion. In the meantime I will try to better explain who I am, what the Company stands for and what our future direction is.

If I can't respond immediately to your questions it's because I have a very busy schedule and travel quite a bit but I will try to find time.

Our goal is to be the very best manufacturer of professional audio equipment that people can count on possible. That is irrelevant of price or product category; we want to deliver exceptional value but also products that perform as expected.
We think that this principle combined with the best support is the right way to run our business and to win your respect. That’s what has successfully built our Company over the past 25 years and that's what we stand for.

Thanks again for the opportunity to speak with you all.

Warm regards

Old 4th January 2015
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Originally Posted by macmanmatty View Post
I bough a vacuum cleaner as part of lot of objects from a studio going out of business it had a Behringer sticker on it alas it did not suck!!
According to post # 98 Behringer vacuum cleaners have not sucked since 2005

On topic: MX 802A mixer is still alive and mostly kicking.
Old 21st February 2015
So I just purchased the X 32 Producer digital mixer. AND IT DOES NOT SUCK!
Been working on it for three days now and think I'm still only scratching the surface.
But being an enthusiastic hobbyist musician/producer/bed room style producer and having upgraded from a Zoom R 16 with this new acquisition, I'm seriously blown away by the opportunities the X 32 family of boards have to offer in my situation. I'm sure it will teach me lots and be desirable company. Devotely executing the little I know about producing, demanding to further develop my skills.
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