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SoundCraft 8000

hi, i got a great deal on buying a soundcraft 8000 for 750$. nothings wrong with it but i wanted to know if there are direct outs for each channel?
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If there are insert send/return jacks, these are "direct out", and are adjustable with internal jumpers to be pre/post fader, EQ, or (?).

1987-era 8000 desk would have similar internal strategy to a model 200B, just more (8-bus, more EQ) and bigger with VCA's.

Does yours have the optional 20-segment meters on each channelstrip?

Study the user manual (you got one, right?), or download the data from harmon-intl or Soundcraft web site. SC desks of this era are very fixable, and a big-frame model in good shape IS a good deal for $750.

Best of luck.
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