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Low End Gold Awards Condenser Microphones
Old 31st December 2006
Lives for gear
Coyoteous's Avatar

Here's mine in terms of have, getting and might get.


Onyx 1220 (a little over $500)
RME ADI-2 (a little over $500 used)
Eliosound AirEQ
Wave Arts Plugs
Inspector XL
PT MP / M-Audio Transit (cheap pro tools!)
M-Audio FW1814 (honorable mention - not great, but lots of PT connectivity)


Dorsey/Oktava MK 012 omni pair (and/or Avenson) @ $500
DMP3 and/or MS 1b(s)


JoeMeek MC2 (could be an FMR RNx killer?)
Speck ASC (over $500 now?)
Old 31st December 2006
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Originally Posted by Arsene View Post
My votes are in:


Oktava mk 012
Oktava mk 319 (particulary OktavaMod 319)
MXL 990
Sennheiser e606
Behr ECM8000


Rane MS1b
JoeMeek 3q

Epiphone Valve Jr (especially when modded & tubes upgraded!)

I never read how you like the Mic, maybe I missed it.

You like it?
Old 1st January 2007
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Presonus Eureka


A-T 4050

Tascam US-2400
Old 1st January 2007
Gear Head

Just to say - some folks are commenting "I don't think this has been mentioned yet . . . " --- but surely the point is that everybody submits what they think regardless of repetitions?? The only way to get a sense of what everyone thinks is by the number of times gear gets the vote . . . no?

As for me I'm here to read and learn !!
Old 1st January 2007
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Let it run for a week or so and then I'll tally up the responses and forward that info to the moderator Delta and/or any other experienced Head who has interest to settle on a consensus.

You could have a Gold Award then runners up Highly Recommended.

Also it can be changed or updated as new products appear on the market. These aren't rules, just a quick reference so anyone can look at what we here regard as the absolute first rate 'value for money' Gear. Price is not the final factor but that it represents value for money. An $2K 8 channel mic pre might be alot of money but value for money for instance.

I for one would be interested in the Best Monitor. Having not heard alot of monitors I have no experience in this field, thus we need the big wigs here to help sort it out if they are willing?? Thanks!
Old 1st January 2007
Lives for gear
I'm surprised that some folks are listing esoteric gear that only they own.

With that said I can't believe no one is putting up the best low end deal...the UAD-1

I paid less than 500 bucks for my original mackie version (with the 1176, LA-2A, pultec included) and I just copped a second flexi card with $600 in plugin vouchers for only $595 (you gotta love the hookup).

Also add another vote for mxl v67 and v69.
Old 1st January 2007
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RusRant's Avatar

The original Rode NT-1 is a decent mic. I've gotten really good results with it back when it's the best I had. Heres my list:

Rode NT-1
Rode NT-4
Behringer ECM 8000
EMU PM5 monitors
EMU 1212m ( they are discontinued, but can be had for $150 new while supplies last)
Blue Sky Media Desk
Mackie Onyx Mixers
Any of the Audio Damage plugins
Old 1st January 2007
Gear Head

Hey folks... First - I do think this thread has great promise so I encourage folks to accept differences of opinion and keep the ideas rolling! I also think catagories are helpful so I'll present my list in general catagory terms. Also, while there's little disagreement in listing something like an SM-57, there's limited use since most of us have them. If you're in this field for longer than fifteen minutes and you don't know
what an SM-57 is you might think about a career in government. In view of that I'm going to try to list some things that I have or have done which are slightly unusual since one of the things this site does for me is getting me to think about solutions that are completely outside the box. And by the way, cudos to the several who have stressed how completely underrated Owens Corning 703 is.

Here are some of my favs... hope people find them useful. One catagory at a time here. Ill start with everyones favorite obsession,


NADY CM-100 measurement mic - also badged as Behringer, dbx, and Apex among
others. Can be had for $49.00 each (rarely even $10.00 cheaper).
Want a totally inexpensive pair of killer omni mics for ambience or
spaced live classical recording or upright bass? Something to
consider if you're not quite ready to shell out for Earthworks or
B&Ks. Not bad for measurement either!

NADY RSM-2 Bought my first one as a gift for someone else, but could not resist
trying it out first (protecting my rep you know). Set it up
opposite my Wes Dooley restored RCA 44BX. I don't want to go on
record saying just how favorably it performed against that
benchmark for fear of incurring the rath of every RCA freak out
there... but WOW! I sent the gift off with pride and promptly
purchased a pair for myself. Piano, horns, vocals, & the beat goes on
As low as $179 each. Cautionary note: build quality varies and
NADY does NOT warranty the ribbon past an initial 48 hour grace
period during which you can return a defective or shipping
damaged unit. It's a traditional ribbon, thus very fragile. Google for
additional mods.

Stedman N-90 This cardiod dynamic mic is no longer made as Stedman mostly
makes pop filters and mic accessories now. If you can snag a couple
on ebay for < $100.00 US, you'll be glad you did. Big, warm, crisp,
clean - you'd swear it was a large diaphram condenser.

NADY TC 1150 If you can't afford a C-12 or even a Peluso Clone thereof, then pick
yourself up one of these babies and ship it off to Dave Thomas at
Advanced Audio in Canada. You'll pay $189.00 for the mic and
about $450.00 for the mods (and my experience was it took 6
weeks for the turn around). Dave replaces a few of the componants,
upgrades the tube, and replaces the capsules and transformer with
different ones designed and manufactured for Peluso. The result is
equal to or better than ANY attempt AKG has made at re-issues of
the C-12 starting with the C-12a.

Oktava 219 With mods this is a great mic. Google for info MC 101s are great also
especially with capsule options. BEWARE OF THE CHINESE FAKES.
Be certain to check out some of the capsule options for the 101s
from OTHER manufacturers ... I believe that blue/violet/T.H.E. make
capsules that will work with the 101 body.

RadioShack PZM You can find these occasionally for $20.00. Great as is, bit
noisy;even better with mods... google for info. Try for N.O.S.

Oktava ML 17 Vintage russian ribbon... 17 is uni. Can be had on ebay
for <$500 and is spectacular, but perhaps no longer such a great
value given the new crop of chinese ribbons.

Neuman-Gefell The MV 691/692 can be found with a small cardiod capsule for $399
on ebay. These are tube mics. They accept phantom power but that
requires changing the original tuchal connector - which most sellers
already do. Pick yourself up a UM-70 large diaphram capsule & you
have yourself a VERY nice vintage east german Neumann.

LOMO 19a-19 OK... this one is DEFINITELY outside the criteria of Low End but
before someone has my head for including it, here is the rational:
Even though these have become scarce and have doubled in price on
eBay in the last two years, they can be had for a LOT less than a
vintage U-47. If you're looking for a really nice mic which - while
not identical to the 47 - will hold it's own against the best of them,
this is a really good choice. Good source is Mikael Vladimirsky at $1400.00±

This concludes the microphone segment of my entries... Gonna post other catagories
later since I do actually have a life!

Enjoy. Rack gear next.
Old 2nd January 2007
Gear interested

Well I decided to jump in here for my first post.

Please don't buy an Art Pro Channel that is a complete piece of trash. It is so loud that it will ruin your recording. The tone also changes over time if the unit is left on for more than an hour, so you never know how much noise or what your tone will be like.

If you see a Rode NT1, (The orginal) on ebay buy it. That is a great mic. The guy that started this thread sounds like he was fired from Rode or something. He obviously has some sort of vendetta against the company.

Buy a Shure SM7, that is the best mic purchase you'll ever make.

Buy the new MBox 2, that is the best bit of money you can spend on a sound card.

Buy the necessary materials to deaden the reflections in your room if you are at home recording in your room.

Buy the UAD emt plate, that is the best sounding digital plate I've ever heard!

That's all for now folks, now go and record on some cheap gear and make it sound huge!

Old 2nd January 2007
Gear addict
drycounty's Avatar

Welcome soundmasterjedi! Thought I'd follow up your post with some of my own, and argue against a few of those, and praise one of them.

Originally Posted by soundmasterjedi View Post
Buy a Shure SM7, that is the best mic purchase you'll ever make.
I disagree, and think that a simple 57 is way more useful on way more things. It's not colored in any way, and will ultimately help you move toward more expensive mics later on once you know what it can and can't do. It's not an end-all mic, but it is used a lot more than many others in my collection. I'm also fond of the "no name" ribbon mics being made out of China. There is an Apex (105?) available at Full Compass for like $80 right now. Amazing deal.

If anyone here can recommend some low end omni pairs I'd enjoy reading that.

Originally Posted by soundmasterjedi View Post
Buy the new MBox 2, that is the best bit of money you can spend on a sound card.
Again, I have to disagree and think that some of the recent MOTU and Presonus stuff out there offers way more than the MBox for the price. Even the M-Audio "M-Powered" stuff is great if you are going the ProTools way. Heck, even a used Firepod ($350 or so) would offer way more. In my opinion, proprietary hardware/software is never a good thing either. Then again, I'm on a Mac!

Originally Posted by soundmasterjedi View Post
Buy the necessary materials to deaden the reflections in your room if you are at home recording in your room.
This is a critical must! And way more important than any mic, amp, guitar, pre, compressor or plug in -- you MUST start with this. Then you'll be able to adequately record and mix. With this said, I hereby nominate Ethan Winer's library of posts here at Gearslutz as a cheap (read: free) solution for this info. I've learned way more than I really need to reading his stuff here than my studio or brain needs.

I also nominate those completely cheap lowend Vox Pathfinder amps (15R and below). A great value and the things crank! Good for getting that trashy 60s guitar sound cheap.
Old 2nd January 2007
Gear Head
incongru's Avatar

- E-mu 1616M
- Violet design black finger and dolly
- Sennheiser HD 650
Old 2nd January 2007
Gear maniac
SRR's Avatar

Shiny Box Ribbon/nady/apex/blah blah
AT 4033
MoreMe headphones
Wharfedale diamonds
Dual 19Inch LCD displays (hanns-g 19" was $100 after rebates several places, I only have one now, but intend to get a matching one asap)
AEA TRP (I know $700, but that is only $350 a channel, cast me to the lions if that is to high for low end qualifications )
Behringer PX3000 patchbay (the one with switches)
Lexicon MX200 (although it seems some people prefer the TC M350, but the introduction of VST control of low end effects processors is GOLDEN)
Old 2nd January 2007
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Timothy Lawler's Avatar

Yeah, I second the More Me headphones.

I bought the Deluxe model so I could, for $10 more, feel superior. Plus, I needed the big blue and red dots that the Deluxe model has on the earpieces, to tell left from right.

They sound good and are practical for tracking work.
Old 3rd January 2007
Gear interested

Another First-Timer Chimes In

Hi all,

Another first-time poster, but not exactly a noob to audio production. My nominees:

Preamp: Allen & Heath MixWizard3 16:2
Yeah, it is a mixing board, but at $62 per preamp channel with 4 band EQ & direct out, it absolutely cannot be beaten. Seriously.

Mic: SM-57. Hands-down most versatile mic in the world. If you have $100 to spend on your first mic, buy a 57. If you have $200, buy 2. Honorable mention goes to the Audio-Technica 2020. Bulletproof great condenser for less than $100 is another stupid deal.

Rack effects: Alesis 3630 comp. 2 channels, less than $100. I've used 'em more times over the years on more recordings than I can count. Have a couple of 'em in my project studio right now, matter of fact. Not the best in the world, but what a handy bargain.

BBE: BBE Sonic Maximizer, hardware or plug-in. We call it the "un-suck" knob. Makes every damned thing in the world sound better. So good, in fact, that it gets its own catagory.

Interface: Dirt cheap - M-Audio 1010LT Pretty Cheap: PreSonus Firepod
The 1010LT is the most ridiculous deal in audio recording. $200, 8 analog inputs (don't bother with the onboard pres unless you don't have any other!), but the 24/96 sound quality ain't half bad. Not an Apogee, but not bad. The Firepod is a sweet deal - 8 good pre's, 24/96 audio, and firewire flexibility. Tough to beat, either one of them.

Cables: The Mu*****'* Fr**** deal, 10 20-foot XLR mic cables for $50. I've gotten a couple of these bundles, and unless you're taking them on the road, the cables are just fine for most any application. $5 each is another stupid deal. Runner up: ProCo StageMaster 16/4 snake. How can you live without one?

DAW software: Mackie TRACKTION 2. Sounds great, stupidly cheap, and the only downfall is the really weird layout & workflow. I'm a Cubase guy myself, but I have to respect the bang-for-the-buck.

Do-Everything-Gadget: Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro mixer. Mix a band, record a record, hell, build a whole home studio around it. Most versatile piece of gear out there. Add some SM-57's and cables, and you've got good sound.

Other Rack Gear: Behringer HA-4700 headphone amp. Yeah, I know, Behringer. It ain't in the signal chain, tho, and tell me another $120 headphone amp that'll drive 12 pairs of headphones with 4 separate channels, aux inputs on each channel to tailor the mixes (more ME!), and bass & treble controls for each channel. One more bang-for-the-buck winner, and yes, I've got one in my control room.

Headphones: Sony 7506. They're an industry standard for a reason. They're great for tracking, casual listening, and mix-checking. I've got various JVC & AKG headphones as well, plus Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors, but the 7506's are always my "go-to" cans. $99 well spent.

Monitors: The KRK Rockit Powered (RP) series. Such great monitors for such a low price. I've A/B tested them against most all other "budget" monitors such as M-Audio, Yamaha, Event, etc. The KRK's are the only ones that aren't "hyped" in either the high or low end, if not both (ahem, M-AUDIO!) heh

Sound Treatment: acoustic drop-ceiling tiles. For about 20 bux a pack, the 2x4 panels will do a helluva job of taming the high-end reflections in a room. Bass frequencies are another story...

And (drum roll, please... wait, I'M THE DRUMMER!!!???), the absolute best bargain item:

Having a little brother who is Ops Manager at Guitar Center!!!! That has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. Nothing else has saved me more money.

Okay, that's more than enough rambling for my first post here!!!! I figured I should join this forum, as I'm a long, long time gear slut, for sure.
Old 3rd January 2007
Gear nut

First post on the forum. Hopefully everything can relate to a recording environment. Coming from a live sound engineer:

Sub $100 mic
Audix i5 - Good on snare, great on toms, stellar on brass, especially bone. Travel with a couple.

The MXL V67 is pretty bitchin', good for the money. Rocks the guitars, vocals, and sax.

About $300 range mics... most mics in this range are going to be versatile and sound great doing it, I have one each of M88, SM-81, RE-20, C535, MD421, and would recommend any of them in a heartbeat. When I do small gigs, I reach into the mic pack without looking and take a random one or two.

At the top of the range, if I had $500 to spend on a single mic, it would be hands down the KSM 32. Fantastic fantastic overhead mic.

Art Pro VLA - Own 1. If this was a single rack space unit you can bet I'd have 2 or 3.
Symetrix 501 - Own 1, it has props however, like the Art, I wish it were not 1channel:1rackspace. Eats up a little too much real estate. And hell, the part that bugs me is it's only a couple inches deep! $125 used.
dbx 160x - Own 1, Can't go wrong. $400 new (A model), way cheaper used.
Effects? Lexicon MPX-1s go used on Ebay for <$400 all the time.

Do not own, but the RNC, and Behringer ADA8000 get lots of praise in the live world.

EWI cable, trinkets, and racks from
DR Pro mic stands from GC.
Old 3rd January 2007
Gear maniac
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How can I forget Reaper, $40 for hobby, $200 for commercial, updated on average two to four times a week!!!

Oh and used UAD-1s, if you can get one that comes with the LA-2A, 1176LN, Pultec Pro, and Cambridge EQ, you are well on your way to having some of the best plugs money can buy, IMHO. If you can find a used one with a Neve EQ all the better assuming costs stay under $500~
Old 3rd January 2007
Lives for gear
Timothy Lawler's Avatar

OK, if the survey includes software:

Reaper definitely. Easy editing, practical and intuitve at every turn.
The included majortom compression plug is worth the $40 registration cost by itself.

Voxengo Soniformer (MB compressor)
Voxengo Elephant (limiter)

None of these are "low end" in performance.
Old 3rd January 2007
Gear Addict
Lee Knight's Avatar

Octava 012
Massey (all of them)
Groove Tubes GT-33 (Great on toms)
The Berh test omni mic someone already mentioned (I've got 2)
Sen e609. When the 57 is too harsh...
Sony 7506 phones

Item I liked at first but have grown tired of: SP C1. The RE-20 always wins as a vocal mic.
Old 3rd January 2007
Lives for gear
Acoustic Cloud's Avatar

Originally Posted by Lee Knight View Post
Massey (all of them)

I wish he would cross pollinate......
Old 3rd January 2007
Lives for gear
mrbowes's Avatar

Shure SM57, SM7, Beta 58
Beyer M500
Cubase SX3
UAD-1 Mackie
Kurzweil Mangler
Sony DPS-V77
Behringer ADA8000
MSH-1O and MSH-1C
Yamaha NS-10M
Vintage Aria guitars
Rane MS-1b
Yamaha i88x
Old 3rd January 2007
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emkay's Avatar

did anyone catch the.......

high end thread on GS asking to list the worst high end gear (or something like that). Pretty much every piece of gear "lusted after" was listed as the worst by somebody. So if it happens in the High End it'll definitely happen on this thread. What's important is what works for you! For your music! So here's my little list-

-agree with the AT 4040
-agree with the Brick
-M Audio BX 5's as second set of monitors for A/B'ing
-M Audio Keystation 88
-Auralex Mopads
-Auralex Wall System (great quick way to "tame" a room) until you can afford the real deal
-Rode NT 5's ( sometimes definitely OKAY sometimes amazing)
-Boss Dr. Beat metronome
-Plastic chopsticks used for drum tracks (sometimes just nuts)
-Trader Joe's "Yellow Tail" wines (any red, good value under $5)
Old 3rd January 2007
Gear Head

Need to chime in again briefly to give a thumbs up to Vacuous Sounds for his
mention of the KSM 32. Didn't include it in my list and should have. I bought one of
the first ones out there and it has NEVER dissapointed. A great and flexible workhorse
that I have come to prefer over the AKG 414 (that'll get someone's knickers in a twist I'm sure!). One interesting note: I like it enough to have been looking for another one used on eBay. Any time one comes up it goes for top dollar with a lot of competitive bidding and last minute automated program buyers. I think that speaks for itself.

Also, to Tim Lawler, Arsene, and Moon_unit: Yes to the Behringer ECM 8000; but it's
the same mic made in the same factory by the same children and political prisoners as the NADY CM-100 (that was humor btw). Save yourselves some bucks, buy the NADY at $49.00 or less!

Here's my list of favorite outboard gear in the <500USD range ±:

DBX 900 rack.
Pick one up for a c-note or two and fill it with your personal favs. I like
the 902 de-esser and the 903, 904 and 905 modules. Their single ended noise reduction modules are worthless except as fillers. These racks were made to be
compatible with the Aphex 9000 racks (or vice versa) so you have a wealth of products to choose from for endless hours of knob twiddling pleasure.

Aphex 106 4 channel compressor/limiter.
This is a good one for folks who want EZ
gentle straightforward un-effected compression. It's almost impossible to get these
to misbehave. On the downside, if you WANT them to misbehave, radical pumping
and other artifacts of goink, then this is NOT the unit for you.

Behringer T-1954 tube ultrafex:
Dual band exciter with tube warming. Quirky but
capable of really vitalizing mixes or tracks that have suffered from bad engineering
choices. The spacializing option is especially useful (watch out for mono-compatability). As with any of these boxes, too much is, well, too much.

Behringer 2496 V-verb pro.
Despite some clumsy design features involving gain structure and parameter editing, this is the nicest sounding inexpensive verb I've found. As usual with one space digital fx boxes, too may choices, too much scrolling. Presets
are real workable tho.

Behringer Pro XL 4 channel headphone amp.
Someone else covered it well... "remember, it's NOT in the signal chain". I like that you can boost bass/treble independantly on all four channels as well as select from mono/stereo option.

Rolls PM50s personal monitor boxes:
9V battery or wall wart powered, these little guys let singers or session players plug in mics or axes through the 3" square 1" deep box which mults the mic/instrument input and allows the unaffected signal to pass through the box and plug into your CR or studio input panel. The tapped signal can be blended with the headphone mix to individual taste with 2 pots. No more cries of "more me" or "less track". Best of all, no more enormous 8+ channel individual cue mix boxes so endless time doesn't get wasted while some schmuck struggles to get his own special perfect cue mix! Pair with the Pro XL for a cue system that's inexpensive, flexible, and FAST! (Note: for critical recording I don't completely trust these boxes to be 100% neutral ... any techs out there care to weigh in?) I believe Furman makes a similar box called the "More Me" cuebox.

Phonic T-8200 Tube Optimizer:
This is a stereo dual band compressor with a tube warming circuit and individual controls for low and high bands. Variable shelving and frequency selection. It works really well for what it is designed to do although the "tube essence" circuit is pretty much a waste of time. Minimal coloration to my ears, and it certainly trounces most
2 and 3 band plugs in compressors I've used. I've seen them for as low as
$250 from ebay merchants. List is $359 as I recall. Discontinued, so get 'em while
they last. Great looks, nice sound, downside is really poor build quality. Bulbs burn out
fast and the power switch on mine failed within 2 weeks.

Electrix Trio:
For the goink lovers who can't afford a Sherman Filterbank 2, this is a nice option.
3 daisy chainable midi controllable 2 space rack mount units - the Mofex, the Warp Factory, and the Filter Factory. They were inexpensive new and regularly appear on
ebay for reasonable sums. FIVE STAR WOW FACTOR on the visuals! Great blinking
lights and glowing neon colored surrounds on the controls.

Sony DPS V-55
This was originally intended as a live sound re-inforcement piece (long out of production so ebay and other used sources only). Snag one if you can for $400 or
well under. You won't be dissapointed, and the routing flexibility is really impressive.

Lexicon 200:
A classic distinctive easy to use verb. It has a sound all it's own - slightly grainy - that
lots of people love. Lowest price I've seen one go for in the last year is just under
$500. Truthfully more often sells between 8 and 12. Ofen need new batteries and some pot cleaning/cap replacement - they are REALLY old machines. But great! No
relationship whatsoever to the current Lexicon MX200. Don't confuse them!

Alesis Nano Synth
Although only 16 bit and pre-usb, this is at cute lil boxe that will fit in your
laptop case along with your roll out vinal plastic keyboard. Some really great
patches and sooooo easy to use. There are some good companion pieces. The
nano-bass is great. The nano piano only adequate (I think they only made them
so they could use the name).

These are my low cost gold star contenders in outboard category.
Stay tuned for the final installment: materials/sound treatment/misc.
Old 3rd January 2007
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Originally Posted by tINY View Post

Sounds like most folks are looking at mics. I think that's resonable. But does anybody have nominees for pre-amps, converters, software, or storage media?


I have been really really pleased with the following items which did not break the bank for me:

EMU1212 (PC Recording Interface) - When I needed to set up a small overdub rig away from my proper recording room I grabbed one of these. It took me a god awful amount of time to figure out the routing software but once set up it has been 110% rock solid and done a great job for overdubs for me.

FMR RNP Really Nice Preamp (Microphone Preamp) $450 for 2 channels. It is really a nice unit.

FMR RNLA Really Nice Leveling Amp (Outboard Compressor) $200 - I have a couple RNC's which I kinda like because they really were my only compressors for some time, but now that I have the RNLA I am less in love with the RNC's (not meant to be a dig on the RNC's more of an endorsement of the RNLA) The RNLA just seems to provide a more pleasant sounding effect (for me and my applications)

SM7 (Microphone) Great, great mic. Never had much luck on guitar cabs with it, but it has been great on vocals. Also did a great job on snare for me. I know not everyone agrees, but I would strongly suggest that this is a must have microphone. If I could have all of my Chinese LDC mic money back I would spend it over and over again on mics like the SM7.

I like my SM57's and RE20 and 421 just fine but the items listed above are my favorites (or my gold items)
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Originally Posted by emkay View Post
-Trader Joe's "Yellow Tail" wines (any red, good value under $5)
Just so you know, Yellow Tail (not a Trader Joe's-only product, by the way) only makes 1/3 of their own wine. The other 2/3 they just buy whatever happens to be the cheapest juice on the market, bottle it, and slap their label on it. Next time you buy their "Merlot" or "Cab Sav" or "Shiraz" or whatever, save some of it (using an air lock,) and buy the same thing a few months later. Taste different? 2 out of 3 times, it will (and not because of aging!)
Old 3rd January 2007
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emkay's Avatar

Originally Posted by AlexLakis View Post
Just so you know, Yellow Tail (not a Trader Joe's-only product, by the way) only makes 1/3 of their own wine. The other 2/3 they just buy whatever happens to be the cheapest juice on the market, bottle it, and slap their label on it. Next time you buy their "Merlot" or "Cab Sav" or "Shiraz" or whatever, save some of it (using an air lock,) and buy the same thing a few months later. Taste different? 2 out of 3 times, it will (and not because of aging!)

Wow that's nuts! I'll keep a heads up on that...........
Old 3rd January 2007
High Fidelity

My understanding of low end is lowest cost for a good quality pro audio product (sound/design/built).

- Digital mixing console: Yamaha 01V96
- Analog mixing console: Crest XR-20*, Amek Big* and DDA QII*
- Digital recorder: Otari Radar II*
- Analog recorder: Otari MX-80*
- Studio monitor: Tannoy System* NFMII and DMTII series, Amphion Helium+*, Linn Kan* (latest series from 1999)
- Room acoustics: illbrück Sonex mini and valueline (damping panels and DIY acoustic partitions), DIY QRD diffusors and RPG Omniffusor
- Condenser microphone: Rode NT2-A large diaphragm, dual membrane, multiple pattern (HF2 capsule, designed and built by Rode) and Neumann KMS-105
- Dynamic microphone: Beyerdynamic M201TG and M88TG
- Ribbon microphone: Beyerdynamic M-160
- Cables: DIY Canare Starquad with Neutrik XLR
- Amplifier: Carver PM-125* and Bryston B60*
- Entry level dynamics: dbx 160A, Aphex 661* and dbx 900* series
- Entry level delay: TC Electronic D2
- Entry level multi-effects: TC Electronic M-One XL and Lexicon MPX-1
- Entry level reverb: Roland SRV-330* (1993, 2nd hand, 400 comprehensive presets from short to long)
- Studio reverb: Lexicon PCM-80* with preset cards and Roland R-880* with GC-8 remote (1988, modular reverb with a relatively easy remote logic)

Note: (*) indicates products not manufactured any more, 2nd hand market only

Old 4th January 2007
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Just to note on the NT1 (not the NT1A)-
There were apparently two different versions of this mic. I bought one of the very first ones and it sounded great (and I have plenty of good mics to compare it to).
A friend of mine bought one a couple of years later and the two did not sound the same. The later one sounded thinner, cheaper, wierdly hyped. I wouldn't say it
was terrible but it wasn't anywhere near as good as the first one.
I subsequently borrowed another one form the same era as the later one -same thing, not the same as the early one.
But the early one was a nice mic- I'm kinda sorry I got rid of it.
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Originally Posted by gregl View Post
Just to note on the NT1 (not the NT1A)-
There were apparently two different versions of this mic. I bought one of the very first ones and it sounded great (and I have plenty of good mics to compare it to).
A friend of mine bought one a couple of years later and the two did not sound the same. The later one sounded thinner, cheaper, wierdly hyped. I wouldn't say it
was terrible but it wasn't anywhere near as good as the first one.
I subsequently borrowed another one form the same era as the later one -same thing, not the same as the early one.
But the early one was a nice mic- I'm kinda sorry I got rid of it.
Your the 3rd one to mention it.
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Another first-time poster, a perpetual newbie.... and all I have is low-cost stuff. My nominations:

* The Brick - nice sound, not too colored. not a ton of gain, so you have to crank it on quieter sources and with some dynamics. But a good alternative to the DMP-2 pres in my Delta Omni mixer.

* RNC. Echoing prior comments.....

* New-design Joemeek MC-2. As an earlier poster said, this is a GREAT alternative to the transparent RNC. Sounds great with bass, IMHO, a weak area for the RNC.

* AT 4047SV. My best vocal mic. (Which tells you something about my budget!).

* MXL V77. Now discontinued, a cleaner-sounding tube mic from Marshall Electronics.

* Shure 545 SD Unidyne III. Precurser to the vaunted SM57, and available used for cheap.

* MXL 603s. Bright but tolerable small diaphram condensers.
Old 11th January 2007

How about some low-end monitor comments!
I'm looking to replace a pair of older but nice active Audio-Technica's that my girls knocked of the stands that now hummm like crazy.
Looking in the $350-$450 (street) range.
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