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EMPEROR is an analog dynamics processor, which depending on the settings can work as a compressor, limiter or harmonics distortion generator. It was designed for creating the original, vivid, analog sound for instruments, subgroups and the whole mix. EMPEROR is fitted with an intuitive, easy to operate control panel, deliberately rid of in/out meters or sound reduction indicators – so you could focus solely on the sound not the sight. EMPEROR is a creative device giving the sound a powerful, analog character. It’s not transparent. EMPEROR uniquely enhances the perceived loudness, warms up and brightens the audio signal, depending on the DRIVE settings. The very core of the EMPEROR is a FET transistor responsible for sound reduction and introduction of a small amount of low order harmonics, and it’s design is inspired by the limiters and transistor compressors from the 60-ties. Apart from that EMPEROR includes many original solutions stemmed from a long-term experience of Looptrotter in construction of dynamics processors, which guarantees unique sound. EMPEROR is equipped with two, independently working filters embedded in the control circuit. This gives the possibility to create the timbre without unwelcome phase shifting: in case of cutting the low frequencies in the control signal, the EMPEROR acts more transparent and natural with the signals rich in low frequencies like kick drum, or bass guitar. This can decrease the distortion of low frequencies and the pumping effect; while boosting the high frequencies in the control signal the EMPEROR acts like an analog de-esser, or very fast compressor for bright and dynamic instruments. EMPEROR offers three factory presets of attack/release: FAST – the fastest setting of processor’s attack and release makes the EMPEROR work as a limiter. This preset gives rich, dense input signal saturation; MED – this preset makes the EMPEROR work like a fast compressor; SLOW – this preset makes the EMPEROR work more like an analog compressor than limiter. EMPEROR has also an independent control over DRY and WET signal. This allows to decide whether the audio tracks need only slight colorization, preserving the original dynamics, or if running the signal through EMPEROR in 100% is required. The signal path of the EMPEROR is 100% analog, but all the signal switches and potentiometers are digital. The LINK option allows the control of both channels through left channel only. The 1% potentiometers used guarantee precise concurrency of both channels. EMPEROR is an analog device, accurate and reliable.


Cheap A/D appears to be "better" than high-end....

I have been in this business for 30 years and owned my own studio for about 20 of those, I have an SSL 4K with Avid, Antelope, and Burl Converters, and Yes I can hear a difference. I have another studio that I own which has a Trident A range with Prism ADA8 converters going...

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Best saturation/distortion/destruction hardware

...nice tool to destroy audio, but does not have to Standard Audio Level-Or (500 series, little beasts) Spits out straight dirt! Looptrotter Emperor - Interesting distortion unit. Little hidden gem would even be the SPL Transient designer. When you push it it sounds like a decapitator on steroids.

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500 series mixbus processing - DIY options

I love my pair of Looptrotter Emperor 500s. They're not stereo linkable, but the controls are quite easy to match and the built in saturation circuit with wet/dry knobs are textbook bus mojo. I've used them on every kind of bus and entire mixes, and really can't reccomend them enough. Shoot them...

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