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Code is a compact flexible control surface for computer music creation and performance. Code provides: 32 endless encoders with --LED Rings --Built in Push Buttons --Push-Button Indicator LEDs 13 Additional function buttons with indicator LEDs. This provides a compact but versatile arrangement of controls for triggering events and altering continuous parameters. Code sends and receives MIDI, providing endless possibilities for use with software such as: -- Ableton Live, -- Max/MSP, -- Properllerhead's Reason and Record, and -- NI Traktor to name a few. Class complaint, bus powered, and completely reprogrammable, Code is an ideal companion to hardware and software for music production. Open source firmware (licenced under GPL v3) provides developers with new avenues of exploration, and the potential for users to try out different configurations.


What is your favorite softsynth control surface?

Of course. The ideal controller I'm looking at right now is the Livid Code. No frills, no bull****. Just a bunch of encoders and few buttons. Unfortunately it's over $500 ****ing dollars for no reason. I just want to assign the basic **** to the knobs. All of the wavetable editing and stuff like that is...

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Yamaha TX81z - let's talk about it

The TX81z has a pretty bad gag reflex. I had trouble with Lemur and gave it up as a bad joke. I have a Livid Code on the way so will have a go at programming something for that. Fingers-crossed.

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MPC live

as i mentioned above, USB or midi 5 pin. midi learn supports relative CC offset type endless pots, and relative CC 2's complement.

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