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Hey hey! Just a quick note about what should and shouldn't go here - If you have a query/topic/thought about live RECORDING...

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Remoteness 7th October 2019
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I'm about to lose my mind trying to figure this out but it seems connecting an external compressor to Zedi 10 is ... problematic....

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pirxxx 2 hours ago
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Anyone have any issues resetting theirUI24r? I tried configuring my UI24r passwords and now I can't log in. I have tried...

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OldChico 12 hours ago
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Hey folks, I play mandolin and two different banjos in a little acoustic trio. We play small gigs and do our own sound(we're...

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Josephryanevans 20 hours ago
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I'm a solo artist — whose releases come several years apart, and who's done nearly no touring. Looking to change both of these...

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paulwall 22 hours ago
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So I have up to $75k set aside for a live console (or other audio related items) for a theater install. While I'm pretty good on...

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Huby SEA 1 day ago
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Hello, I am helping out (volunteering) with the live sound for a grammar school play where a ~dozen kids are wearing wireless...

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chris661 1 day ago
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Dear swarm, does anyone know if the 10" drivers in the Nexo Alpha tops are the same as in the Nexo Alpha e tops. Thanks.

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Dave C 1 day ago
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Re: Yamaha Stage I/O Tio1608-D vs. Rio1608-D I own a Rio1608-D and now I see a Tio1608-D both Dante Equipped. I use the Rio...

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deedeeyeah 2 days ago
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A fairly diligent search has not surfaced this question, so I guess I have to start a thread. I have a decent small PA system...

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OneEng 2 days ago
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Why are outdoor venues mixed sooooooo bottom heavy, inaudible vocals. I live in upstate ny and was at Saratoga to see SteelyDan,...

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Brent Hahn 4 days ago
Avatar for The Beatsmith

Hi all, I'm a producer and mixer but have been out of game in terms of playing live, for a number of years, and even more...

The Beatsmith
replies: 6 views: 783
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RawDepth 4 days ago
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Hi all, New here and really would appreciate recommendations for a great mic to record Crystal Bowl sessions streamed live via...

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Brent Hahn 5 days ago
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Hey all, This is my first post on the forum but I have taken several bits of knowledge away from it for years. I am hoping I...

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twecomm 5 days ago
Avatar for Guitarfinch

why would i use my power amps in parallel mode? What's the benefits & usage why would i use bridged mode? as i understand...

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kirkus 6 days ago
Avatar for pacohelix

hey there i have a samson l2000 mixer. I play in a band and we want 4 separate mixes for monitors. we only have 3 aux sends on...

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paul o 6 days ago
Avatar for Gonebytim

Hi, I noticed that there are already threads talking about this, but those threads are long and I feel that my posts will get...

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OneEng 6 days ago
Avatar for edwinhurwitz

I've been mixing and recording house concerts featuring absolutely stellar Brazilian musicians. Mostly acoustic guitar (nylon...

replies: 32 views: 1,633
Avatar for Piedpiper
Piedpiper 1 week ago
Avatar for Jayson Tuckey

Hello, I have recently installed Waves Emotion LV1. It has been working great, but when I have tried to connect my Behringer X...

Jayson Tuckey
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Avatar for Jayson Tuckey
Jayson Tuckey 1 week ago
Avatar for cpjofarrell

Any recommendations for audio interfaces for running multitracks in the background on abelton while performing? I know it has to...

replies: 13 views: 691
Avatar for hughshouse
hughshouse 1 week ago
Avatar for ArlosGuitar

I'm in the market for a new live mixer for my band. The Line6 StageScape M20D peeks my interest the most. I am not an engineer by...

replies: 32 views: 11,121
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lovemonkey3833 1 week ago
Avatar for erike123

I hear a lot of subtle pitch correcting on live vocals nowadays. Any gear of choice that the pros usually use?

replies: 15 views: 1,603
Avatar for OneEng
OneEng 1 week ago
Avatar for tayglo

Yes, it's true...all the articles, YouTube vids and most all the the pros have been incorrect all of this time about the FMR RNC...

replies: 31 views: 5,592
Avatar for andrewmoz
andrewmoz 1 week ago
Avatar for facethewolf

So I'm watching a youtube vid of Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon busking in NYC Subway. YouTube I noticed she's using a...

replies: 8 views: 1,041
Avatar for toyk0
toyk0 1 week ago
Avatar for Robsta1

Hi guys, My wife has just been made redundant so she's looking at a new venture. Many years ago she ran karaoke nights in bars...

replies: 16 views: 511
Avatar for Robsta1
Robsta1 1 week ago
Avatar for jerry123

Hi all, Looking for a robust Audio DA for a bar setup. I've used DriveRacks a bit in the past, would I be able to defeat the...

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Avatar for jetam
jetam 1 week ago
Avatar for neve1064

I’m trying to make my life easier and not upgrade equipment. I know this Yamaha board like the back of my hand. If I could get...

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Avatar for neve1064
neve1064 1 week ago
Avatar for irvined

Hi, After a happy relationship with a Soundcraft UI16 I decided to buy the new UI24R as it promised a number of features not...

replies: 104 views: 33,683
Avatar for OldChico
OldChico 1 week ago
Avatar for eljohnny22

OK OK hear me out— I've been doing a ton of digging to get to the bottom of the EXACTchain they're using for Kevin's vocal...

replies: 8 views: 5,140
Avatar for JimmyTurbo
JimmyTurbo 1 week ago
Avatar for OldChico

A fairly diligent search has not surfaced this question, so I guess I have to start a thread. I have a decent small PA system...

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Avatar for OldChico
OldChico 1 week ago
Avatar for charlieboypro

Hello everyone, 10 years ago I stopped doing dj for focusing on my work. Now years later I am close to return to do dj. Let me...

replies: 4 views: 307
Avatar for paul o
paul o 1 week ago
Avatar for Robsta1

Hi all, This is related to my previous post regarding commercial karaoke/small event DJing set-up, but I thought I'd start a...

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Avatar for Robsta1
Robsta1 1 week ago
Avatar for phil_the

I'm not a sound engineer, but usually end up twiddling the knobs on the mixing desk for our folk band gigs. Our fiddle player...

replies: 10 views: 757
Avatar for SingerSongWriter
SingerSongWriter 1 week ago
Avatar for Samc

After reading the musings of a lot of people regarding this mic and watching several promo videos, I'm left scratching my head...

replies: 44 views: 4,540
Avatar for OneEng
OneEng 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Monotrail

I know this video comes at a rough time as many people find themselves in isolation and live shows are being cancelled across the...

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Avatar for Monotrail
Monotrail 2 weeks ago
Avatar for deedeeyeah

has anyone already seen or even mixed a show on this desk? i'm wondering how much different it is from the existing sd-series and...

replies: 5 views: 570
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Padje

Couple of question for the Soundcraft vi1000 or more users. Is the vi phase coherent when using groups ? For example when...

replies: 9 views: 570
Avatar for cheu78
cheu78 2 weeks ago
Avatar for RawDepth

When we talk about handheld dynamic stage mics, it seems that the term "Feedback Rejection" is being carelessly thrown...

replies: 23 views: 967
Avatar for OneEng
OneEng 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Raybourn23

So I am attempting to connect to EAW MH660E loudspeaker, the loudspeaker has one connection which is a Neutrik NL8MPR 8-Pole...

replies: 9 views: 697
Avatar for Pro Sound Guy
Pro Sound Guy 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Heeltoeclutch

Hello all, and thank you in advance. I need some assistance understanding design and amplification of PA systems. I have...

replies: 20 views: 802
Avatar for chris661
chris661 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ronadair

Newbie alert! I've been researching the topic of using channel strips for live sound, specifically electric & acoustic...

replies: 1 views: 434
Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
Avatar for arsmusic

I have been doing live sound at my church for sometime now. We always talked about doing a live video feed. We were gonna find...

replies: 5 views: 579
Avatar for arsmusic
arsmusic 2 weeks ago
Avatar for GeorgeRPalmer

Hello everyone! New to the forum here - I'm a live sound engineer from South of England, currently run a small production...

replies: 7 views: 738
Avatar for de003
de003 2 weeks ago
Avatar for jallejulius

Hello! I’m just curious, What would be your budget, minimum PA system for a venue like...

replies: 21 views: 987
Avatar for jallejulius
jallejulius 2 weeks ago
Avatar for amblercw

Got an old set of Electrovoice TL series 3 way monitors that look pieced together from random parts. Would love to put original...

replies: 3 views: 435
Avatar for RawDepth
RawDepth 2 weeks ago
Avatar for mpapatonis

I’m in need of some feedback/advice/suggestions. I’ve been mixing a regular concert series in an extremely live room. Not an...

replies: 92 views: 3,617
Avatar for mpapatonis
mpapatonis 3 weeks ago
Avatar for kodebode

Hi, Ive been listening to a lot of live event youtube videos from the NPR Music Channel. An example is below. Especially on...

replies: 16 views: 1,557
Avatar for Marvelous D
Marvelous D 3 weeks ago
Avatar for ToneAlive

Hey everyone, I had a weird problem happen yesterday in the middle of our church service that I couldn't fix. I had a new laptop...

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Avatar for ToneAlive
ToneAlive 3 weeks ago
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Avatar for frans
frans 3 weeks ago
Avatar for jazzyfresh

boingHey Guys! Long time reader, big fan of this forum! I have a general question about what this community thinks on mic...

replies: 7 views: 1,062
Avatar for jazzyfresh
jazzyfresh 3 weeks ago
Avatar for sam.spoons

Copied from a thread I started on AGF which may be relevant to S1 pro users on here. Links at bottom of this post :-...

replies: 0 views: 323
Avatar for sam.spoons
sam.spoons 3 weeks ago


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