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IBP and IBP Junior easily eliminate the undesireable hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. Designed as a phase problem solving device, the IBP Analong Phase Alignment Tool has quickly become popular among audio engineers as not only a “fix it” tool but as a controlling audio phase creative, tonal color tool.

  • Allows mics to be placed where they sound best individually.
  • No compromising mic place do to phase problems when using IBP technology.
  • Rack mountable, 4 units fit in a 1U space.
  • Real time all analog phase sweep between 0° and 180º
IBP (Includes the above features plus all the following
  • Internal super quality active direct box.
  • Internal “re-amplier” to convert pro-level to guitar level (w/ or w/o phase adjust).
  • Buffered instrument level output for driving long guitar cables.
  • Splitting between two instrument amps with transformer isolation + phase sweep.


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