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Relectro is a specialised effects plug-in designed for creatively modifying drum loops and samples and converting them into unique and unusual electronic-sounding drums. The key features are a unique audio engine, a wide range of possible effects, and an ability to morph between dry and wet sounds. relectro is to be primarily used in industrial, electronic, glitch, experimental, ambient, idm, noise, dub and techno, but will create unique highlights in all kinds of experimental and electronic music. relectro comes with a large number of presets, however its vast creative potential requires you to "play" it more like a conventional musical instrument. Its easy-to-use interface and numerous processing and modulation options invite you to create highly original beats. Features: A unique audio processing algorithm, specially designed for processing drum sounds and loops. The effect's sound can be continuously morphed between dry and wet output in real-time using any (MIDI or host) controller. The input section provides the ability to change the volume and frequency content of the input signal. A delay can be applied to thicken the input signal. The main processing section contains: A compressor / expander-like effect. A cut-filter with infinite edge steepness. A comprehensive pitch modulation section that enables control of relative pitch, pitch-fixing of the input, and inversion of the pitch following of the input signal. variable wave repeat. variable waveform replacement. A two-band EQ-like section. The main modulation section contains: Two LFOs. Two modulation step sequencers. A Modulation Matrix with pitch-tracking and volume-tracking. Output section with additional HP and LP Filters and Chorus. Two control wheels for dry/wet blending and dry/wet morphing. Effects presets are stored directly on disk. MIDI program change supported. MIDI Learn, settings can be saved and restored.


El capitan compatibility info

...Cronox 4 v4.0.4 LinPlug Organ 3 v3.2.1 LinPlug Spectral v1.3.0 LinPlug Alpha v3.3.0 LinPlug Cronox 3 v3.6.6 LinPlug ElementP v1.1.2 LinPlug Morphox v1.1.1 LinPlug Octopus v1.3.4 LinPlug Relectro v1.0.3 Little Endian Spectrum Worx v2.9.4 Loomer Manifold v1.7.3 Loomer Sequent v1.4.1 Meter Plugs Dynameter v1.2.0 MLVST PG8X Native Instruments Absynth 5 v5.3.1 Native Instruments Battery 4 v4.1.5 Native Instruments Driver v1.3.0 Native Instruments FM8 v1.4.1 Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 v5.2.0 Native Instruments...

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Good plugins for adding complex or atypical movement/rhythmic effects?

You said them! now what? Ok i ll add gross beat for the pitch sliding modulation (i think pitch funk does this too - ?), honorable mention the discontinued (bummer) as i see now linplug relectro , its wave replace is rather unique.

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