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Organ 3 is a software organ emulation with all controls found on the original Hammond B3 as well as a sophisticated rotary speaker simulation. Key features: Authentic emulation of many classic organs and the rotary speaker, get the sound of the original. Each emulated aspect is individually switchable or adjustable. 3 manuals, individually adjustable and playable on separate MIDI channels or in split or layer mode. Dual effects section with fully syncable rotary, reverb, delay and chorus, and new: Gator and LoFi crusher. 64 voice polyphonic (CPU dependent). Individually adjustable Percussion for upper and lower manual. Adjustable Keyclick and Motor noise from off to authentic or even up to overemphasized. Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) can be used to control the LinPlug Organ 3 parameters using the LinPlug ECS. Switchable Portamento / Glide. Adjustable age from factory new to trashy. Spread (Unison) for each manual. ADSR envelope for each manual. Microtuning support (TUN files) for different scales. Including 11 alternative tonewheels. Fully recognized velocity, adjustable pitch bend. Rotary simulation with full sync to song tempo (even tempo changes can be synced). Sample accurate timing. Full parameter automation. Settings are saved with your song.


New analog from Roland, JDXi?

... 90 15 Organ 2 1 120 16 Organ 3 1 132 17 Organ 4 1 ...

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"8 Bit Synths" for Plogue ChipSounds. 130+ Presets

...E Piano KB Organ 1 KB Organ 2 KB Organ 3 KB Processed VL-1 Chords: CH Arp Stabs 1 CH Arp Stabs 2 CH Quard Chord CH Slow Chords Drums: BD ColecoVision Kick BD N Square BD POKEY BD SID Kick 1 BD SID Kick 2 BD Speccy Kick 1 BD Speccy Kick 2 BD Speccy Kick...

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Are physical amps done?

Supported by Scala Scala References:

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