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Where else to go as a Gearslut!
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Where else to go as a Gearslut!

Check out our pals at these cool places!

Tape Op - The coolest little recording mag's website

Record Production for record producers, music recording studios and all involved in music industry - sound recording studio equipment for musicians band software downloads
Hundred's of video interviews with record producers and recording
studio tours

Here's a directory of LOTS of cool sites!

3dB - Powered by vBulletin
Lynn Fuston's Pro Tools adventures! 3dB Recording Forum

DUC: Viewing list of forums
Pro Tools!

digitalaudiorock.com - The Protools Plugin Preset Co-op
The Pro Tools Plugin preset Co-Op - Cool!

Discussions - rec.audio.pro | Google Groups
Perhaps the daddy of em all! rec.audio.pro!

Ear Trainer
Free Online Ear Training, Chords, Cadences, Perfect Pitch...

Headphone Reviews & Recommendations - Grado Headphones, Sennheiser, Koss, AKG, & Noisebuster Noise Reduction, Wireless xDream
Place to get reviews on headphones!

the best drum tuning website?

Taperssection.com - Index
A group focused on 2 track stereo field recording with ultra portability. Lot of resources on portable pre's etc

Pro Tools Users - www.ProToolsUsers.Org - Home of the Pro Tools Community - Home
More Pro Tools users!

H.E.A.R. | Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers | www.hearnet.com
Hearing loss advice organization

PSW Recording Forums: Klaus Heyne's Mic Lab
Klaus Heyne's Mic Lab - detailed mic tech forum

Fraunhofer IIS index
New developments in the MP3 format - worth keeping an eye on

Vintage audio history - to present day
Vintage Audio Recording History - Gramophone Phonograph Tape Reel Cartridge Wire 78

New! AUDIO FILES: Multitrack Projects For Mix Practice - Mike Senior has gathered a varied collection of audio for people wanting to practice mixing! Check it out!
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