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OM1 - What's it about?

Here's a shootout comparison test between the Line Audio OM1 and the CM3. Stereo pair of each, 14 cm apart, 65 degree angle, same mic stand and setup, aimed 10 feet from a Clavinova playing a preset song. Signal went into a Focusrite 2i4 and Reaper, and then rendered to mp3, max resolution. Recording...

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Renaissance ensemble recording - CM3, OM1

...and six/seven instrumentalists playing some Spanish renaissance music. Main pair - Line Audio CM3 - 36cm/20*, outriggers/spots for instruments Line Audio OM1 - 1m apart mixed to taste. Audient ASP800 as pre. I can't say how much I love this tool! - as the microphones. Enjoy the listening.

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Debut recording with Schoeps MK4

Hi, I have 2 pairs of Line Audio OM1's, ordered as 2 matched pairs from JP . The matching is absolutely perfect, not sure if JP does the matching using measuring equipment or his ears, but the matching is as goood as for my Schoeps matched pair . No audible difference between microphones at all...

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