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Relab LX480

If the price is right I'll buy it, even if it's just for a patch sheet for my 224xl

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Just bought a Jupiter 8, first thoughts.

...(with cv), Synergy Mk1, DX7IIfd, Yamaha Sk30, Eko Stradivarius, Elka 610, RS-202, and some quality vintage effects (ie: re-101, lex 224xl, etc.). I've owned and sold the Obxa (dunno, just didn't gel with me sonically), MKS-80 rev 4 (great filter, but something about how the CEM oscillators were used made it somehow sound a...

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30k to spend on outboard, input on setup?

Oh, I should mention that I've got hardware effects covered: Lexicon 224xl and 300 Ursa Major SST-282 Dynacord DRS-78 Roland RE-101 Dynacord VRS-23 various phasing, flanging, uni-vibe type pedals. I've used various Eventide units, and they just didn't click with my music type. Orville sounded wayyyy too late 90's, and H3000 was cool, but not quite the modified 70's...

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