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PC3 Overview The Ultimate Performance Controller Keyboard With a sleek new look on the outside, and an arsenal of Kurzweil's latest cutting edge chip technology under its hood, the 76-note PC3 delivers 128 voices of incredible sound quality along with a host of powerful, easy to use features. The PC3 is Kurzweil's ultimate performance controller keyboard, with an enormous collection of stunning sounds combined with comprehensive real-time controller functions. In addition to our renowned Triple Strike Grand Piano, the PC3 features hundreds of new sounds; basses, drums, guitars, and synths suited for every style and taste, along with a collection of flawless vintage keyboard emulations, KB3 Mode and over 250 orchestral and string section programs. The PC3's new Dynamic V.A.S.T. architecture is a huge step forward in synthesis, the fruit of several major strides we've made in improving processing power, flexibility and user-friendliness. Good news for synth enthusiasts - we've seamlessly integrated our legendary VA-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer into the new system! For good measure we include an unlimited-track sequencer with 960 PPQ resolution and more effects processing power than our acclaimed KSP8 processor, making the PC3 a full blown music production workstation. Add in USB, flash xD card port, a newly designed keyboard action, and a new intuitive user interface, and you've got the next generation of Kurzweil instruments. It's a performance controller. It's a synthesizer. It's a workstation.


K3000 from Kurzweil in 2017 How Likely ?

...very small team (on scale of DSI, perhaps slightly larger), and that team is covering for much more than just PC3 and Forte range, so they're spread pretty thin. So any huge R&D effort for something "next level" takes much longer than it usually would. But yeah, basically their focus is making lots of...

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...TP/8Piano K2600X (88): Fatar TP/10MDF K2661 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet PC1SE (76): Fatar TP/30 PC1x (88): Fatar TP/30 PC2x (88): Fatar TP/10MDF PC88 (88): Fatar TP/10MD PC361 (61): Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte) PC3 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano PC3x (88): Fatar TP/40L PC3A6: Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte) PC3A7: Fatar TP/8Piano PC3A8: Fatar TP/40L PC3K8 (88): Fatar TP/40L PC3K7 (76): Fatar TP/8Piano PC3K6 (61): Fatar TP/9S, voll gewichtet...

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Kurzweil VAST Appreciation

Gain staging between DSP blocks is different on PC3. There's a "Pad" parameter after every block that helps here, but it has quite crude steps (usually 6 dB).

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