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Following in the footsteps of its popular (and far more expensive) big brother, the K250, the Kurzweil K1000 is a sample playback instrument as well as a synthesizer. Weighed down by its 76-note keyboard, the K1000 boasts many of the same award-winning samples found in the K250 in a 24-note polyphonic multitimbral synth. The famous Kurzweil piano is here, as well as the gorgeous strings and brass too. The K1000 has emulations of almost any orchestral instrument you can think of. And they're great sounding. The popular rumor is that the samples were recorded using members of the Boston Symphony orchestra-and it shows. The K1000 also has a very sophisticated digital/wave synthesizer engine. K1000 patches start life as a digitally coded waveform that Kurzweil calls a Soundfile. A Soundfile can be a sampled waveform (coming from Kurzweil's famous samples like piano, string, wind, etc...) or a digitally produced waveform like sine, sawtooth, or square. Then, you put Soundfiles together into the layers of a program. Effects are part of each layer as well. Now, for the bad news. All of this power is extremely difficult to harness through the diminutive LCD display on the front panel. To make matters worse, the backlight on the LCD is prone to burning out, so most K1000's you find on the used market won't have a working backlight. This problem can be fixed by using one of the third party backlight replacements available on the web, but it is a relatively delicate procedure that requires some basic knowledge of electronics.


why are Romplers hated so much?

...stigma comes from. The reason is, the first batch of ROMplers like the original iconic EMU Proteus or the Kurzweil K1000 series didn't even have a filter, or in the case of Korg M1, the filter was non-resonant, hence a synthesist would instantly be dissapointed that the main synthsis tools are not available or...

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List of Synthesizers featuring rare features

...via Midi (PolyAt implemented in synth engine): Alesis Micron Ion Fusion QuadraSynth QS serie S4 / S4 plus Ensoniq ASR-88 KT-76 TS-12 Fizmo Generalmusic / GEM S2r Rhodes Chroma Polaris Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver Waldorf Blofeld Q MicroQ Wave Microwave I Microwave II Microwave XT Korg OASYS Kurzweil K150 K250 K1000 K2000 K1200 HX1000 GX1000 SX1000 PX1000 PX1000+ Mark Pro One Mark Pro Two E-MU Emax Morpheus UltraProteus Roland D-70 JV-1010 JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-2020 XV-3080 XV-5080 XV-5050 SoundCanvas SC-55 HPD-10 HPD-15 Juno-D / Di Yamaha TG500 Midi Mono mode allowing "fake" polyphonic aftertouch Sequential Circuits Prophet T-8 Oberheim Matrix-12 Matrix-1000 Matrix-6(r) Xpander Keyboards with horizontal aftertouch (ie, "wiggle keys" moves sideways and the modulation is determined by the position...

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Early-Late 80s/Early 90s sounds on a budget

...K synths! In my area, there be for sale right now 2 racks of $100 vintage - Kawai K1rII and Kurzweil K1000. If synths were Cocteau Twins albums, the K1 would be Victorialand. Cold and distant, old and delicate. Yet its choirs, strings and pads to me sound like a record - or actually a...

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