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A Virtual Analog Synth for the 21st Century! The Korg RADIAS is the keyboard that synth fanatics have been waiting for! Nobody does keyboards quite like Korg, and their RADIAS synthesizer represents a big step forward in the design and functionality. The sound module can be used independently or coupled with the dedicated keyboard allowing you to customize your RADIAS to suit your working style. It offers 256 programs based on Korg's cutting-edge MMT engine, each with up to four timbres, which you can split, layer, or run independently on separate MIDI channels. Borrowing the low-aliasing design from Korg's OASYS, each timbre has two oscillators delivering a wide variety of modulation options. The vocoder allows you to record up to 7.5 seconds of incoming information, which can be stored for instant recall. The RADIAS also includes a headset microphone for use with the vocoder, plus a free accessory shelf (keyboard version) to hold a laptop, small mixer, or a KAOSS pad. The RADIAS comes in two versions; 49-note, velocity-sensing keyboard or rackmount. Comes with editing software for Mac and PC. Korg Radias At-a-Glance: Wave Shaping, Drive, and Punch Built-in Vocoder Bold, Innovative Design Wave Shaping, Drive, and Punch Every aspect of the RADIAS voice architecture is enhanced with bold new features. The oscillators borrow the ultra low-aliasing modeling techniques from its bigger brethren OASYS, and feature Variable Phase Modulation to create complex waves. Filter 1 is continuously variable from LP to BP to HP and new treatments in between. The filters can be run in parallel, series, or individually per oscillator. The EGs feature five curves for each stage for precise articulation. Eleven types of Wave Shaping are provided, including features like modeling an electromagnetic pick-up. Drive can be added to each voice as it enters the mixer, creating effect impossible from an external effect unit. Punch delivers hard edge to the beginning of a note for added emphasis. Modulation sequencing and virtual patches extend beyond normal modulation routings. Built-in Vocoder More than just a "Virtual Analog" machine, the RADIAS offers an entire synthesis suite for the serious performer and sound designer. The voice structure includes four timbres per program. Each timbre is a full functioning synthesizer with dual effects, EQ, modulation sequencing and AMS routing/control. The Program provides a master effect; the two step sequencers and the arpeggiator can be assigned to any timbre, allowing complete musical ideas to be realized. The 16-band vocoder is instantly accessible. The level and pan of each band can be set individually. Formant Motion records over 7 seconds of incoming formant data that can be used to create vocoder effects without any audio input. Sixteen sets of Formant Motion data can be saved and used in sound creation. Bold, Innovative Design The "Future/Retro" design pays homage to famous synths of the past (the tilt-up panel is reminiscent of the original Mini-Moog) yet the illuminated knobs, pad keys, and blue-on-black display are definitely modern, and provides excellent visibility. Sliding the panel to one side allows the accessory shelf to be installed, accommodating a laptop, KAOSS Pad, small mixer, etc. A live front panel, LCD screen, and illuminated controls provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface in any environment! The RADIAS features two individual outputs, in addition to the main Left/Right outputs. To access the vocoder, envelope follower, and other processing, two audio inputs are provided, plus a special input jack for the headset vocoder mic. USB connects the RADIAS directly to a computer, with no MIDI interface required. Even with all this sonic firepower, it's easy to tame this audio arsenal. Template data is provided as starting points to help in your programming efforts, greatly speeding up the sound creation process. Four timbres can be combined into a single program. These can be zoned on a single channel, or operate on independent MIDI channels for true multi-timbral operation. Any timbre can be set to a drum kit. Any timbre can be assigned to played by a step sequencer or by the arpeggiator. The on/off status and gate time, can be set for each step, and the swing amount and octave range can also be specified. Korg RADIAS Synthesizer Features: Two oscillators per timbre, which share the low-aliasing design of Korg's OASYS Modeled analog, formant and Korg's classic DWGS waveforms, PCM playback, as well as ring modulation and sync Dual multimode filters, three envelopes, two LFOs, three modulation sequencers Six virtual patches (for freely connecting any of 11 modulation sources to any of 15 destinations) 2-band EQ, Drive, 11 types of Wave Shaping Punch parameter emphasizes the attack portion of the sound Each Program contains an arpeggiator with six pattern types and two Step Sequencers 16-band vocoder section, each with level and pan controls Formant Motion function records up to 7.5 seconds of incoming formant information per Program so users can recreate vocoder effects even when no microphone is present Headset microphone included Two insert effects for each timbre, plus a program-wide master effect. 30 included effects types range from delay, chorus and reverb, to compressor and talking modulator


Korg Radias

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