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The Korg Poly-800 is a synthesizer released by Korg in 1983. It featured a 49 key non-velocity sensitive keyboard, two buttons for data entry, and a joystick controller, which could modulate the DCO pitch or the VCF. Though the Poly-800 had MIDI, it did not feature MIDI sysex functionality, and patches had to be backed up to cassette tape. It had 8-voice polyphony (paraphony) with one DCO per voice. It could be switched into double mode which stacks two DCOs for a fuller sound, but reduces the polyphony to 4 voices. It featured one analog resonant low-pass VCF with 24dB/oct which was shared for all voices. Like a monophonic synthesizer, the filter was switchable between single or multiple modes. In single mode, the first key pressed triggers the filter envelope, and unless all keys are released, the filter does not re-trigger. In multi mode, each key pressed in turn triggers the filter envelope, even if other keys are still pressed down. Further it had three digital envelope generators, a noise generator, an LFO, and a chorus effect. It also sported a simple built in sequencer. The Poly-800 could be run off batteries and had guitar strap pegs, allowing a performer to wear it like a guitar. It was also available with reversed-colored keys, which gave an appearance similar to a Vox Continental organ. About a year after the Poly-800 was introduced, a keyboardless, rackmount/tabletop version, called the EX-800, was released, adding limited MIDI sysex capability. After production of the original keyboard ended in 1985, the enhanced Poly-800 MkII was released. It featured a digital delay instead of a chorus effect, and included limited MIDI sysex functionality. It was produced until 1987.


Korg Poly 800 Mk II

I have an opportunity to buy a Korg Poly 800 mk2 which is in great condition, with the filter mod. Is it worth buying? I'm wanting it for basic juno-ish pads. Just wondered if anyone else had experience with it. :)

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...(76): Fatar TP/8SK PA-3x Pro (76): Fatar TP/8SK PA588 (88): Fatar TP/40, bei Korg aber als RH3 bezeichnet PA800 (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet Poly 800 (49): Matsu****a ESK-70 Poly-61 (61): Matsu****a ESK-70 Polysix (61): Matsu****a ESK-70 Prophecy (61) Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet Radias (61): Fatar TP/9S, ungewichtet RK-100 (41): Matsu****a ESK-70 SG Pro X (88): Yamaha AE2-88 SG-1D (88): Yamaha A88 SP100 (88): Fatar TP/10 SP200 (88): Fatar...

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Modern string synths

...divided square waves to approximate a sawtooth wave. This is unusual in synths (it's found in stuff like the Korg Poly 800, DCO 2 in the Poly 61, the Crumar Bit One, etc.). But some string synths (Yamaha SS30, SK20, SK30, ARP Omni, etc.) have more accurate sawtooth waveforms or approximate them in different...

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