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Korg MS-10 is an analogue synthesizer created by Korg in 1978. Unlike its bigger brother, the MS-20, the MS-10 only has one VCO. It is monophonic and has 32 keys. The MS-10 is well known for its electro bass sounds. Oscillator The MS-10 has one VCO with 4 waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and white noise. Filter The MS-10 has the same low pass filter as the MS-20. Output There is a simple single transistor VCA. The amplitude of the VCA can be controlled by the envelope generator. Modulation Modulation generator The MS-10 has one LFO, labelled "modulation generator". It has two controls (rate and shape) and two outputs (pulse and sloped). The shape control affects the pulse width and the shape of the sloped output. At midway, the pulse width is 50% and the output is a triangle wave. Both outputs are available through the patch panel and can be used for triggering the envelope generators - the pulse wave with a key held down, and the sloped without. The depth of LFO modulation of the VCO frequency and the filter cut-off can be controlled from knobs in the respective sections of the control panel. Envelope There is one envelope generator with controls for Hold, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. Patching Although the MS-10 has normalized connections, they can be modified with patch cables. This allows the LFO to modulate the pulse width (which is called pulse width modulation, or PWM) of the VCO or the amplitude of the VCA. It also has a noise generator with white and pink noise outputs, CV in and out, and an external signal input (not to be confused with the "External Signal Processor" of the MS-20).


What's in your analog synth collection??????

mine is.... Yamaha cs-10 moog source TB303 korg ms-10 once i owned a juno106, arp2500 ...but it's gone.

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Lovekrafty's new album...

...Prophecy Juno 1 Casio CZ3000 Roland SH-101 Novation BS-2 SE1x Emu 4XT Ultra Oberheim Matrix 1000 Yamaha G10 Guitar synth V-Synth XT TG33 SY-35 MKS-80 Alesis Andromeda Sequential Pro6 SE Omega 8 Roland VP-9000 Waldorf XTK Virus TI Korg MS-10 Korg MS-20 Logan String Melody II Jupiter 4 Teisco synth ??? Korg DS-8 Waldorf Blofeld That is my OTB synths I do mix and Master myself utilizing several tape machines A couple of Revox B 77s Custom German tape unit I picked up in...

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My thoughts on the Minimoog and Boog

This is why I held off on trading anything in for a Moog One. Fantastic synth, but I prefer that amount of money allocated across a wider variety of synths, no matter how great the One is. Same thing with the Minimoog reissue. Fortunately or unfortunately, I neither have a personal sentiment around the instrument nor...

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