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MicroX - Compact Synth with Big Sounds Korg always seems to be coming up with the coolest new products, but that shouldn't be a surprise, since Korg has produced some of the best-selling keyboards in the industry. Anyone remember the M1? Only the best selling keyboard of all time! But we're here to talk about the microX. Don't let its small size fool you. Under the hood lies one of the most versatile synths available today. And when you consider all its features and surprisingly affordable price, it has to rank as one of the best "bang for the buck" values in the industry. There's 64MB of ROM sample data, 640 programs, 384 combinations, time-tested HI synthesis, USB connectivity, dual polyphonic arpeggiators and studio quality effects. Designed to fit into today's computer-based home and on-the-go studio, the microX is the perfect complement for any musical genre, production style or performance scene. Yeah, you're gonna want one! Korg microX Synthesizer Features at a Glance: Compact, portable design with 25 full-size keys HI Synthesis system accesses 64MB of ROM 640 programs and 384 combinations Up to four studio quality effects at a time Dual polyphonic arpeggiators Compact, portable design with 25 full-size keys The Korg microX might be compact, but there's nothing small about its sound or its feature set. So why build a synth this cool with just a two-octave keyboard? That's easy. Most keyboard players have all the big 61- or 88-note keys they need, so with a single MIDI cable, they can access all of the microX's incredible sounds. Of course, such a compact design means you can take the microX with you, wherever you go. HI Synthesis system accesses 64MB of ROM The Korg microX uses the exact same HI synthesis engine that has powered the world famous Triton line of workstations. There's a full 64MB of onboard ROM that includes Korg's best waveforms and samples. These are the same sounds that have fueled Korg's near-total domination of the synth workstation world - plus a few extra surprises. To create great music you have to have access to a great sound library that will inspire you, as well as help you fully realize your musical vision. 640 programs and 384 combinations What's the use of having the best samples and waveforms if you don't put them to use in some truly awesome programs. Korg's expert programmers have long been recognized as being among the best in the business. For the microX, they created 640 of the most inspired programs we've ever heard, along with 384 combinations which include some exceptionally useful splits and layers. Up to four studio quality effects at a time Korg has always had some stunning effects. As far back as their analog PolySix, exceptional effects have been a Korg trademark. The effects selection on the microX are as good as anything we've heard in a long time. What's really exciting is that you can use up to four effects at a time. From rich reverbs to lush chorus to spacey flanging and beyond, you won't find yourself wishing for an external processor. Yes, they're that good! Dual polyphonic arpeggiators and more Among our favorite features on the microX are the dual polyphonic arpeggiators. These are light years ahead of the old up, down and up/down arpeggiators of the past. If you don't find all the inspiration you need here, you probably shouldn't be playing music. Other great features include editing software (standalone and plug-in), USB connectivity, a four-channel audio output and much, much more. Korg microX Synthesizer Features: Compact, portable design with 25 full-size keys HI synthesis engine (as used by the Triton Series) 640 programs and 384 combinations 64MB of onboard ROM sample and waveform data Combination mode allows up to eight programs to be freely combined Studio quality effects (up to four at a time) Dual polyphonic arpeggiators USB port for interfacing with personal computers Full-featured editing software (standalone or plug-in) Multi Sets provide instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings External control setups for use with DAW software and softsynths


digital hardware synth for pads and strings

the korg micro-x crossed my mind too, how do you guys feel about that little guy?

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OTO Machines love.

Here are some BAM experiments I did: BAM and MS-20 BAM and samples (iPhone into the BAM) BAM and Korg Micro-X: (private track) BAM and TX81z:

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The most cliched (and dated) sounds on arrangers/workstations!

...their job in the accounting department. I'm also under the impression that this wasn't Korg's brightest period. I had a Micro-X for a very short while which had the Triton engine in it. Not only was it built really badly, many of the ROM waves were appalling. Hopefully the Trinity sounded better...

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