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The Korg DSS-1 is a 12-bit polyphonic sampling synthesizer released in September 1986. It came out at a time when many of the popular synthesizer companies were beginning to get into sampling, an area of sound design that had previously been left to a handful of fledgling companies such as Fairlight, E-mu, and Ensoniq. Like Yamaha and Casio, however, Korg did not stay long in the sampling arena. The DSS-1 (along with the rackmount DSM-1) was the company's only sampler until 1998 when Korg introduced sampling options on their Triton and Trinity series of workstations, and on their Electribe series of drum-and-phrase samplers. he DSS-1 is a 12-bit sampler with analog filters and envelopes. It can sample at 12 bit resolution, with a maximum sampling frequency of 48 kHz. The usual sample editing features are included, such as truncate, loop, crossfade, keymapping, and so on. Multisamples can contain up to 16 individual samples. A single floppy disk can hold 4 "systems", each of which stores 32 patches including all subtractive synthesis parameters and the multisamples used in those patches. The maximum internal sample memory is 256k on a factory standard unit, with some (now rare and hard-to-find) hardware upgrades that increased the memory up to 2MB. A single DSS-1 floppy disk can hold up to 512k worth of multisamples, but only a max of 256k can be loaded into the machine's internal memory.


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Korg DSS-1: Closest equivalent in 2018?

To get close to DSS-1 you'd need multisampled single-cycle oscillators into an analog filter... Not much to choose from in 2018 that fits that. Closest would probably be DSI Prophet-12, but that has generated oscillators, and quite bland filters (DSS-1 had a mofo of a filter, Korg's own NJM-2069).

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Korg DSS-1

Congrats on the DSS1! Good to know , my floppy never worked since i have had it. I use a program called DSSend to transfer floppy images over from my computer via Midi , its a lil slower but works everytime. I dont use it a ton but noticed the other day one of...

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