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Owning a couple of analog synths i was getting a little bored with all of them just sounding nice. Owning a bunch of circuit bent gear i was tired of them only sounding circuit bent and not reliably repeatable or controllable. Out of this combined frustration, the Ekdahl Polygamist was born. THIS is not your typical synthesizer. The Ekdahl Polygamist is mainly designed with experimental / drone / noise / improv in mind but can really take you wherever you wana go. The basic architecture is classic VCO/VCF/VCA design but all of the building blocks have been designed to allow for much more interesting / chaotic sounds then you get from your bread-and-butter synth. Highlights includes VCO1 which features a "Tilt" output which is a triangle wave that can be *tilted* from sawtooth, to triangle, to ramp. VCO2, the "Pitch multiplying oscillator" consists of a fundamental and three "sub harmonics" that mimics additative/FM synthesis for very complex waveform and chaos generation. The ADSR is loopable and can be used as an oscillator, it can also be paused in its transition. The three LFOs all go to audio range and two of them go down to about 4 minutes for one waveform period. It also features a duophonic, pressure sensitive ribbon controller which sends MIDI data. It has two independent MIDI/USB-to-CV converters which can be ganged in duophonic mode. And there is of course, much, much more.


DSI Prophet 12

...and so i gave some other synths as examples. Besides the GRP, i wrote about mutable instruments, gotharman, solaris, the ekdahl polygamist etc etc. Just to make a point - that there are a lot of innovative, original and unique synths out there today, and it's a bit too soon to give dsi this...

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FT: synths!!!

...voice) Want: Cash Elektron Analog Rytm Might be tempted by any of this list: Axe FX II, Eventide Eclipse, Thermionic Culture Rooster, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Ekdahl Polygamist In Melbourne, Australia. All gear awesome condition. Perfect ebay / forum feedback etc. Photos on request.

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New Ultra High End Gear

...etc including Simmons, Tama Starclassic Bubinga Select Made in Japan Drum kit (Marbled Green Metallic), Moog voyager select and ancillaries, Ekdahl Polygamist, Lovetone, Diamond, Roger Mayer, Analogue Systems, Serge, DSI Prophet 12, Roland Juno 60, Korg, Formula Sound, Orange, Emery Sound, Fender. No one has mentioned the Manley TNT as a hugely adaptable high quality...

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