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Kazrog KClip is the most transparent way to increase the apparent loudness of your mixes during mastering. If you’ve been envious of pro mastering studios with expensive high end converters that clip elegantly as a final mastering stage, KClip will get you as good (if not better) results 100% in the box. Whether you want to make smooth, dynamic mixes, or whether you have clients who demand you help them win the loudness wars (does anyone win?) – KClip will ensure that your mix retains clarity and musicality. KClip Features

  • Insanely high quality 16x oversampling implementation – lower aliasing noise than any competing clipper plugin we’ve tested (check out our tests here.)
  • Linear phase signal path.
  • Adjustable clipping shape (all the way from hard clipping to soft clipping, and everything in between.)
  • Guard toggle ensures that no intersample peaks exceed 0dB.
  • Not just for mastering – use KClip to fatten up synths, add warm overdrive to vocals, bass, guitar, and more!


PLUGIN OF THE YEAR - 2015!!! or TOP 3!!!

For me, MJUC is the absolute and indisputable king. TDR Kotelnikov is another stunning tool that is indispensable in my productions. Kazrog KClip would be my third plug of the year.

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Introducing VIRTUAL TUBE COLLECTION by Slate Digital - Preamps, Saturators, Consoles

...3. Most lowend bump/volume How does it match up to my top 4? Mine are 1. Plugin Alliance Blackbox HG 2. Kush 458 3. Kazrog KClip 4. PA Acme XLA-3 When matching them with volume and what they do, they all sound different of course but I don't think they match up to my top 4. I would still go to...

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Seeking clipper plugin recommendations

Kazrog KClip works so fine and cost effective. If you have a higher budget my choice would be overdriving the Softube Weiss DS1, the hw Is incredible as a clipper and the sw is pretty the same.

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