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The JOEMEEK floorQ is a professional studio compressor in compact pedal format. It takes an instrument such as an electric guitar or bass guitar, amplifies it, compresses it and restores average volume after compression. floorQ give the gloss of a professional studio production to all your performances. It is equally at home both live and in the studio


Joemeek gbq

Sure it's not the floorQ? I have had the floor Q for a few months. It sounds good but I'm still not sold on the always on preamp.

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FMR Audio RNLA vs. JoeMeek MC2

...the right sound for me after a long time away from it and so tried the settings suggested in the floor Q user guide. Those are really helpful. This is one tricky compressor to get the right sound out of but I've found some nice warm sounds in there after all. It doesn't suck...

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Joemeek mc2

...the MC2 sounds more like the Old C2 when using shorter attacks, like the helpful examples you give in the floorQ manual. On minimum attack I CAN get the overshoot and squash of my old Meeks if I push it hard enough - it just sounds very different to me. It's only really when...

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